Microsoft Edge starts testing visual search with iOS beta users

Microsoft Edge is picking up a few interesting new features for iOS beta testers to check out starting today. The main draw is the addition of visual search, which initially hit the Android version of the app in June. But there are some other tidbits tagging along as well, including paste-and-search and the ability to choose from more default search engines (via OnMSFT).

Visual search allows you to either snap a photo or choose one from your camera roll, then search the web for information contained within it. For example, you could use visual search to get more information on landmarks or to shop for jackets and other items in your pictures. The camera also includes a built-in barcode scanner, so you can perform a search for an item that way as well.

The other features included are much smaller in nature, but are still handy. Paste-and-search is a simple tool that lets you search whatever is on your clipboard with one action, rather than having to paste text and then press the search button. More default search engine options are also a welcome addition for those who may not want to stick with Bing.

Lastly, if you're signed in with a Microsoft work or school account, you'll now be able to access your organizations home page, intranet websites, and see mobile browser activity on Windows 10's timeline feature.

Unlike the Android beta, the Microsoft Edge beta is limited only to those who are enrolled via Apple's TestFlight program. However, should testing go well, we should see these features hit the release version of Edge on iOS relatively soon.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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