Microsoft ending bad phone behavior with Windows Phone 7

Microsoft hopes to end awkward momements created by smartphone with the release of Windows Phone 7. The company has released a humorous video illustrating the behavior they hope to stop.

In a press release, Microsoft's Corporate VP of Mobile Communications Todd Peters states, "We love smartphones, and as a culture we love smartphones. But for all their success, Microsoft thinks there is a better smartphone experience. We noticed people going through their day with their heads down, constantly opening and closing applications, sorting, texting and searching for things. By designing a better way to organize all that information Windows Phone 7 helps people get to the stuff that is most important to them — easier and faster."

While the commercial pokes fun at those buried in their smartphone, we've all seen similar in real life. Heck, we all have probably been in similar situations ourselves. Anything in the commercial look familiar?

via: Microsoft

George Ponder

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