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Microsoft files patent application for notebook trackpoint with fingerprint ID

Microsoft has filed an application for a patent that shows a concept for a notebook trackpoint that has features such as a fingerprint ID that could be used with the Windows Hello security feature in Windows 10.

Microsoft patent

As shown on Free Patents Online (via: Frawin), the application was filed by Microsoft in December 2015. It also shows that this new trackpoint could also incorporate different types of finger pressure levels. In theory, this kind of technology could allow the trackpoint to open up files and menus in apps depending on the level of force placed on it.

It's important to note that a patent application does not mean Microsoft is actively developing such a trackpoint as a real commercial device, but it does show that the company at least has some ideas on where this type of feature could be used in the future.

  • It's raining innovation these days. First the Pipo foldable keyboard PC and now this. Nice!!!
  • it's going to be windows goodbye
  • @brorim, Old folks like you hate innovation, but the future of technology is inevitable. I always love to see innovation of new features, it shows that we are growing people who can only be stop by Devine intervention.
  • "Devine intervention"? Poor Richard, I don't think he wants the power to stop innovation. ;-)
  • @ladydias, maybe i am interpreting your mood wrong but you mist the point. Only the coming of the Lord will cease innovation, but my main point is that people like brorim is against innovation, because he thinks windows will fail because of it. but that will never happen. What will happen is that old folks like him who don't evolve with time will be left behind. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Lol, I was making a joke because you said "Devine" instead of divine and Richard Devine is one of the writers on Windows Central. :-)
  • lol oh my that was done by auto correct ;-) Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Innovation from everyone besides Apple
  • Uh, didn't they put a fingerprint sensor into a button before Microsoft?
  • That's actually pretty awesome :)
  • I don't particularly are the need for it. But ok.
  • *see (word flow)
  • I'm a Trackpoint (Eraserhead) fan.  Started using one on a Lenovo about five years ago, and now it's either that or a full-on mouse.  Trackpads now feel terribly imprecuse.  This kind of innovation could expand the capabilities of the Trackpoint in all sorts of good ways.
  • Waw! Good news!
  • Looks more xb1 then windows box 10
  • Your comment gives me a good idea.  Implement the finger print scanning technology into the thumbsticks of the Xbox One controller so that it can work with Windows Hello on the Xbox.  After all, Kinect can be used to log into Windows 10 through Windows Hello. The Xbox One controller with biometric authentication could be used to "log into" Xbox One or, when paired, it could also be used to log into a regular Windows 10 PC, laptop, or even smartphone.
  • (continued) - Admittedly, i do not know much about Xbox One and i am assuming that Windows Hello is or will soon be a feature on Xbox One.