We can’t help, but to love the United States Patent Office – it gives away too many good secrets. This week, a user at NeoGAF found a Microsoft patent filling for a pair of augmented reality glasses. The high-tech head mounted eye wear appears to be aimed at the gaming community and might just bring our favorite titles to the streets – literally.

The patent is titled, “Multiplayer gaming with head-mounted display” and is described as a system that allows players “to participate in a multiplayer game via a user head-mounted display device.” The device is able to receive a collection of data including voice, eye-tracking, and the position of a user’s head within 3D space. The system is also able to match potential players in the area with other users close by.

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It's not clear if the device is the same as "Project Fortaleza", which was revealed last summer in a leaked Microsoft Xbox roadmap.

Microsoft’s patent includes a collection of images and diagrams to help depict the new device. In one figure (the one we have listed below for your enjoyment), a user is viewing the world through his pair of the Microsoft Glasses; he is able to view two players engaging in a sword fighting (read: fencing) match along with a potential player standing directly in front of him.

The augmented gaming glasses show a woman known as “The Queen”, along with a list of games she might be available to play and her level within said games. Video game examples within the figure include: Dance, Search and Find, and Tennis.

According to the patent, the glasses include a semi-transparent display that sits in front of the user’s eyes to display content; the two particular displays are said to be OLED.

Another figure (also provided below for your enjoyment) shows a full layout of how the system interacts with a user along with backend computing, server, and network details.

As with most patent filings, we ask you to take the information with a grain of salt as it may never appear. But if it does, we can’t wait to get our hands on a pair.

What do you think about Microsoft’s latest patent filing?

Bonus Question: What would you name these new High-Tech Glasses?

Source: GameSpot, United States Patent and Trademark Office