Microsoft files patent for augmented reality gaming glasses - surgeon simulator just got real

We can’t help, but to love the United States Patent Office – it gives away too many good secrets. This week, a user at NeoGAF found a Microsoft patent filling for a pair of augmented reality glasses. The high-tech head mounted eye wear appears to be aimed at the gaming community and might just bring our favorite titles to the streets – literally.

The patent is titled, “Multiplayer gaming with head-mounted display” and is described as a system that allows players “to participate in a multiplayer game via a user head-mounted display device.” The device is able to receive a collection of data including voice, eye-tracking, and the position of a user’s head within 3D space. The system is also able to match potential players in the area with other users close by.

It's not clear if the device is the same as "Project Fortaleza", which was revealed last summer in a leaked Microsoft Xbox roadmap.

Microsoft’s patent includes a collection of images and diagrams to help depict the new device. In one figure (the one we have listed below for your enjoyment), a user is viewing the world through his pair of the Microsoft Glasses; he is able to view two players engaging in a sword fighting (read: fencing) match along with a potential player standing directly in front of him.

The augmented gaming glasses show a woman known as “The Queen”, along with a list of games she might be available to play and her level within said games. Video game examples within the figure include: Dance, Search and Find, and Tennis.

According to the patent, the glasses include a semi-transparent display that sits in front of the user’s eyes to display content; the two particular displays are said to be OLED.

Another figure (also provided below for your enjoyment) shows a full layout of how the system interacts with a user along with backend computing, server, and network details.

As with most patent filings, we ask you to take the information with a grain of salt as it may never appear. But if it does, we can’t wait to get our hands on a pair.

What do you think about Microsoft’s latest patent filing?

Bonus Question: What would you name these new High-Tech Glasses?

Source: GameSpot, United States Patent and Trademark Office

Michael Archambault