Microsoft gains slight market share with both Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 8

November has been a decent month for Microsoft in terms of market share; the company’s internet browser software, Internet Explorer 11, and latest operating system, Windows 8/8.1, have both grown in popularity since the previous month of October.

While Windows 7 still remains as the world’s top operating system with 46.64%, Windows 8/8.1 has seen a slight increase in its holdings and now occupies 9.3% of the market. For those keeping track, Windows 8/8.1 holds almost four times more market share than Apple’s latest operating system, Max OS X 10.9.

Internet Explorer 11 has seen some growth itself, the browser holds 3.27% of the worldwide browser market share for the Desktop. Just as Windows XP seems to cling on to the OS market share, the highest version of Internet Explorer with the largest market share remains IE8 with 21.74%. Overall, Microsoft’s internet browser still holds the majority of the market with all of its combined versions claiming 58.36%. The closest competitor are Mozilla’s Firefox at 18.54% and Google’s Chrome at 15.44%.

While Microsoft may be inching forward with its Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 8/8.1 market share, the statistics are not where the company wants them. Windows 8 launched over a year ago in October and then was accompanied by the free 8.1 update less than two months ago.

While one may criticize the growth rate of Microsoft’s operating system adoption compared to Apples, it must be made clear that Apple has always made small updates available to users for low prices, while Microsoft chose to deliver large updates for higher prices. The majority of Microsoft users update their Windows operating system at the same time they buy a new PC.

As more users pickup and become comfortable with Windows 8, we will see this change - Microsoft has now switched to the “Apple model” of distributing smaller updates more frequently to their user base.

Are you still in the majority running Windows 7, or are you running Windows 8/8.1?

Source: NetMarketShare

Michael Archambault
  • I'm pretty sure Windows 8 later on will become the norm. Those that still cling on to Windows XP just don't want to change. I don't deny the fact that it is one of the best Windows OS's out there, though. :)
  • XP one of the best OS's out there? This comment is about as ridiculous as it gets, XP was released nearly 15 years ago! Its actually dangerous to be using this ancient OS.
  • Iv used it enough to say frankly its a bit poo windows 8.1 all the way
  • That it's still being used 15 years after its initial release should be a testament to how good it was.
  • Don't confuse 'greatness' with 'it was what was available'.  XP was a mainstream OS for 6 years, on top of that Vista did not work for most industries, so there was an additional 3 years of many groups who stayed with XP.  That is a product that was on the shelf for 9 years as the defacto OS! There is little wonder why it has such a huge following. It is a testiment to how behind industries are in updating their software (especially hospitals, banks retail POS, etc.).  It is a testimant to how easy XP is to hack and install freely.  It is a testimant to just how rarely joe public update their computers. XP was great in it's time, but it's time was now almost 15 years ago.  Running XP today is nothing short of dangerous and irresponcible if it is on a computer connected to the internet. Everyone should be at least on win7 which is a much better OS.  Win8 is also great and my personal favorite, but I understand why a lot of people don't like it still, and disliking win8 is no reason to stick with XP.
  • Just because a lot of people used it doesn't mean it is great.   AOL    
  • There are still over 8000 of us on XP in my company and we are slowly phasing over to 7 at the moment but we have lots of unsupported apps on 7 that are preventing us doing so wholesale. Dangerous? Melodramatic.
  • it's dangerous because microsoft will end support soon. any new vulnerabilities will not be patched anymore. plus it was never as secure as windows 7. it is much easier to get infected through xp and the old version of ie it runs.
  • BTW, you might find that some of those apps that don't run on Win7 run just fine on Win8. That is what I found.
  • Iv a few friends like that they think windows 8.1 its confusing and hard wtf much lol
  • That's an understatement. W8 by far is the best OS so far. Its easy to use. You got to get use to it. Using windows 7 makes it much easier. XP to W8 may be a big leap that's why people is having difficulty. But it's not good to say. "I'll stay with XP" Your like saying, "i'll stay in the cave". LOL
  • LOL! I bet there's a big portion of those XP users, mostly in China and Asia, who are on pirated versions of XP - nothing to do with it being the best OS out there but more because the pirated versions cost only about $2 to $5. Had those in my machines for a decade until I bought my first licensed W7 two years ago! And yes, I'm from Asia. Best OS indeed! LOL!
  • Not true, pirated software users always have latest tech.. Most xp users are definitely in company machines and us/europe personal ones.. We should see a spike drop in xp users in April, all IT companies at the very least will make switch to win 7. I doubt if they'll move to win8, while i love the os it seems inclined towards rather than work..
  • W8 has 6.66%?? Suspicious....
  • My thoughts exactly! 
  • I'm curious to see how well they execute, "One Microsoft." There is so much potential.
  • Very much agreed, this is why I stay around. I love all of the services (Windows 8, Xbox One, Windows Phone), and can not wait to seem them tied together as one ultimate bundle.
  • Same here apart from xbox one its kinda sold out everywhere want one buuut i don't mind a wile longer
  • Oh look, the marketshare of W8 outpaced the Vista. Now W8 trolls need to find another thing to start their troll :3
  • Have the same thoughts! LOL!
  • I'm running 8.1 on my non-touch gaming desktop and my touch tablet. I'm loving both. Honestly, if you spend no more than 2 minutes to learn the OS, it's much easier to use than anything before it. Also, I used to need to over clock my PC for some games like Skyrim on Windows 7, but now I don't need to anymore with Windows 8. Windows 8 uses the resources much better, I find.
  • +1
  • +2520
  • I have 8.1 on a touchscreen laptop (Acer Aspire V5) and it seamless. Best of both worlds. Desktop with keyboard, Metro UI for Fruity Loops Groove and um Candy Crush ;-)
  • I use 8.1 on my tablet, desktop (with a Logitech touchpad), my touch screen ultrabook, two windows phones, and of course Xbox One.
  • I always find the OSX market share hilarious. For a system that so many people tout as 'god's gift to computers', and even Windows Phone itself has a larger market share.
  • Let's not be silly. Macs RULE the market segment they are in (computers that are $1,000 and up). Windows marketshare far outpaces that largely for the same reasons the Nokia 52x series is the dominant Windows Phone.  There are no Windows PCs competing on a price-by-price basis with Macs. The vast majority people for whom price is not a factor choose Macs. Apple is perfectly happy reaping that reward. They should be.
  • No they don't, Mac OSX market share has been stagnant and for being on the market as long as they have shows that most people, rich or not, are either sticking with Windows or just buying the iPad or tablets in general for consumption.
  • Actually, Mac sales have been flat quarter over quarter, but many PC OEMs have have their shipments in significant decline. "Most people" - myself included - will stick with Windows because cost does matter, but if money was no object, it'd be a different story. I work with a Windows 7 Thinkpad T510 AND a 2011 Macbook Pro 13-inch. There's no question as to which is better-made, more responsive, has a better keyboard/trackpad and less troublesome, plus far superior battery life. Crazily enough, I even like the lower res screen on the Mac because the color pops way better than the 1600x900 panel on the Thinkpad. I only keep the Thinkpad around because our main CMS runs like pure crap on Apple for whatever reason (it's ancient software that is rarely updated). Otherwise, all of our team - execs, creatives, whhatever have you - use Macs. Now at home, I have a Thinkpad with a 1920x1280 screen that rocks with Windows 8, and I'm pretty happy with it. Still, my Macbook pro is a better machine. I've not seen a Windows laptop under $1,000 that has a better design, trackpad, and overall build quality. I'd love to see some.
  • FYI, the larger PC OEMs (Dell, Lenovo) are seeing sales increases, but it's not enough to make up for the declines of the smaller OEMs. So the low-end PC market is being eaten by tablets, but the mid to high end is still in decent shape.
  • No denying that the Mac hardware is great -- I'd love to run Windows on a Mac if I could afford the hardware -- but OSX is pretty rubbish. It's lacking very basic features that other OSes have, has very little software support, and in many areas is just unintuitive and locked down. None of your arguments change the fact that you and your team are in the 7.5%.
  • ehmm then I will reply just as you   "lets not be silly" you didnt provide any proof of your "macs dominate the $1000+ market"  but lets pretend they do... its not a secret windows latops are cheaper and have better specs. so spending $700 for a windows laptop, gives you a better computer than a $1000 mac, so why would people spend $1000 for a windows computer if they can spend less and get still a better spec latop than a mac? $1000 windows computer are nice, and $2000 are even better. but not everyone would see them and need them, because $500-700 windows computers are good and enough, maybe sometimes they dont come in "pretty boxes" like macs, but they are faster and cheaper... end. 
  • Pretty much exactly what I was going to say. The only reason no PCs compete in the high end market is because no PCs cost that exhuberant amount of money. You get the same thing (and more, because Windows is more open) for much less. Now it's no secret that Apple have a huge market share in portable devices. Just not with their desktop OS. Which doesn't even support touch, only just got a 'maximise' feature a couple of years ago (which didn't work with dual monitors until last month), etc etc. It's pretty embarassing on Apple's part. My source? I work in a company where I have to administrate Mac, Windows and Linux computers. Windows by far is the easiest to get working, and usually with the most software available (sometimes trumped by Linux when it comes to technical software). Macs consistently fail, lack general features that exist on other systems, have issues with open and standardised software and protocols, and just don't fit in well with the rest.
  • OSX doesn't need to "support touch". Using a Magic Mouse or Trackpad gives you a nice hybrid experience where you can swipe, pinch/zoom, and do all sorts of tablet-esque interaction while still having a mouse.  My company's (and it is a HUGE retailer) anecdotal experience with Macs is just the opposite of yours. Our Windows laptops are the problem children, and they're tossed to contractors and interns to grapple with. Anybody with any sort of tenure gets a Mac and a Cinema Display. It's a great combo. To the point about price....I'm sorry, but you do NOT get the same thing for less money. I've never seen a PC trackpad that competes with the MacBook one. Not one Lenovo. Not on HP. Not one Samsung. Not one Asus. That goes for computers under AND over $1,000. Also, Mac displays - regardless of actual resolution - look better than all 1366x768 PC displays as well as some of the 1600x900 ones too. And try using Windows at ultra-hogh resolutions across large displays like the Cinema display. It scales HORRIBLY.  That being said, I have more Windows machines than Macs. In fact, I've never bought a Mac. I've been using and loving the MacBook pro my job gave me for quite some time. While I appreciate the areas in which it is superior, that's not enough for me personally to get one at the moment with my current budget. Doesn't mean it's not a kickass computer. There's a reason (and no it's no "brainwashing") why Macs hold their value SO MUCH BETTER than any PC in any price range. I can buy a refurbished Surface Pro for the same price as a new Macbook Air right now. 
  • yeah, most people wont spend $1500 for a 8-16gb ram computer 109238 gb harddrive, a super gpu highend mobile nvidia or amd that adds alot to the price, a resolution of 10000x12384..etc just to write couple school works and play facebook games, especially people who dont know about specs and stuff. I know alot of people who get expensive windows laptops, but usually $500-700 is the range i see, because again, even if they are cheaper, the specs are better than macs ones in alot of cases. intel gpu has improved you dont even worry so much unless you want to game on a laptop, but I saw $700 laptops with touch and all. maybe some people just want to make an excuse for Apple not to have big marketshare, making up numbers? and not understanding there are already cheaper and better specs windows laptops, well, even $500 laptops have nice specs sometimes.
  • Drop the microphone, get out of that b*tch.
  • I don't know who the fuck thought packing the 8.1 update into the Store was a good idea. Probably the same fuckheads that decided to actively HIDE the differences between Windows 8 and RT. I've seen multiple people that don't know about the 8.1 update, because there's no system notification and desktop-only users DO NOT USE THE APP STORE.   Sometimes it feels like Microsoft is actively sabotaging itself.
  • You need more fiber in your diet.
  • ah ahh lol now that was a clever one ;)
  • It's always nice to read such refined lexical in here.
  • should just be a windows update. and yes, microsoft does sabotage themselves, again and again for years and years. maybe they will start putting the pieces back together.
  • To be honest I think it's because the Windows Store already has monetisation set up. If they move the large-scale updates there, then they can charge for some updates (either to everyone, or possibly to people who started out with an earlier version; eg maybe 8.3 is free to people who bought 8.1 or 8.2, but costs $10 for people who bought 8.0). Just my own assumption, but I think this is the most logical reason.
  • You mean HIDE the differences of RT and Pro with pretty clear font on the Surface RT box packaging that says "DOES NOT RUN LEGACY APPLICATIONS, ONLY APPS FROM THE WINDOWS STORE". Yea, I can see how its Microsoft's problem that there are so many illiterate people in this world.
  • It's why Bill Gates donates so much to education.
  • Have you looked at the official website? Instead of saying "This runs full software and this one only apps" it goes rambling around marketing tangents that simply avoid the point. The part about the Surface RT just bumbles around and talks about how awesome the apps are, instead of simply saying that the fucking thing doesn't run legacy software and needs the app store.   Seriously, how hard is it to do that? I can kind of understand not specifying that the Surface RT has a standard micro (or is it mini?) HDMI port, due to the ridiculously expensive adapter that they sell, but there's no point in hiding the most important aspect of a version of your operating system.
  • Uh, even Microsoft admits they did a bad job at labeling and informing consumers on the differences. Kind of like how they keep running Surface commercials with the keyboard alkl over the place, then hide the face that it comes separately in small writing for two seconds at the end of the commercial.......
  • they dont know about the update because they dont update their systems.... if they updated their systems they would get a HUGE thing saying something like "get Windows 8.1 from store now. and 2 buttons "upgrade now" and "remind me later" so in other words, you dont know what you are talking about and i will say you are just another idiot on internet that talks without even knowing. because again, I have a windows 8 pc that hasnt been updated to 8.1 because my dad uses it for his important business stuff so i have to wait a while to update it but i have seen that two times and my dad once. so again, you dont know what you are talking about. if people updated their systems they would get the notification of going to store, and if they dont update their systems, even if its for security updates, it means they wont even care about updating to 8.1. stop talking like if you were the smart here you did know what you are talking. actually you just seem stupid.
    and just to explain you better what i meant by "banner" its like that, but instead of saying "see whats new" it has 2 buttons, because i can click "remind me later" and it has reminded me twice after that.
    isnt this notification big enoug for your "multiple people"? oh yeah... they dont update their systems thats why they dont know about it. first teach them how to update their systems and then, learn how to research a little before talking please.
  • These guys are so rude, calm down! What the heck is the problem to call somebody idiot because explains his opinion? Stop to believe you are the master @Emi...
  • 1. I never mentioned you in the reply. 2. someone who says "Probably the same fuckheads that decided to actively".... doesnt deserve any respect. 3. the guy hasnt even researched a little to know if people updated their systems they would get a HUGE notification about windows 8.1 upgrade, so people who dont care about the updates... wont care about 8.1 4. he isnt explaining anything... again, he is complaining and he doesnt even know what he is talking about. he is ignorant, something was easy to research and he didnt, end. but yeah he is another smart person on internet /s 5. again, I didnt mention you in the post, so why dont you go and continue your life?
  • Windows 8.1 for me. It's on my tablet, desktop and Steam Multimedia PC I keep attached to my HDTV. I know a lot of people who don't understand it criticize it...but knowing all that I know about 8/8.1, you couldn't pay me to downgrade to W7. It works JUST FINE on non touch computers. It boots faster, manages resources better, the Xbox Live experience is integrated, it's significantly more secure...and THE FREAKIN WINDOWS STORE!
  • I have a mix. 8.1 at work and the wife's Surface RT. My Windows Media Center still runs 7 because MS is trying to kill WMC. The 8 version doesn't support non-MS extenders and now the One doesn't have WMC client. I also hate the differences in user experience between the superior Windows Phone and Windows 8. I hate having to highlight something, then hold to copy. On the phone, it just pops up a copy button. /rant I do enjoy 8 for the most part, but the touch interface sucks on a desktop. Music playing for example is extremely inefficient. Having access to play / pause in the tray would be nice, so I didn't have to switch to a full screen app just to pause or skip. But that's not what keeps people from buying it I suppose, that's what makes them angry after they have it.
  • Windows 7. Windows 8 is too expensive to install on my laptop. When i buy a new laptop, then i will move on to windows 8.
  • This is a key point so often ignored. W8 is ok on a non-touch machine, but really not much if any improvement over W7. Only on a touch enabled machine foes all its goodness come through, so most people won't "upgrade" their OS until they replace their hardware. Even then, a touch screen adds $100 to the price of a laptop so there is a significant barrier to overcome.
  • you could always crack windows 8 if you want it... anyway, nobody would know but you what you did. not even Microsoft because you can update windows 8 and it would think you are legally owner of a kms activated windows.   thats one thing Windows 8 hasnt taken more marketshare though, its harder to crack than Win7. and then people would rather go the more known start menu with an easy crack, than the recent cool windows 8 with new nice UI but with no easy to get cracking method.   oh yeah I give the best advices! /s but I wont be silly and pretend piracy windows doesnt exist, and how you could do it if you wanted to. again, nobody would even know it, just you. and the people you tell about it. 
  • 8.1 all the way. Those small updates from 8 make a noticeable difference.
  • 8.1 for me! 
  • 8.1 right here!
  • Win 8.1 for me ,i love it !
  • Proud W8.1 user.
  • Win 8.1 for me , i never used IE before but the IE11 version is just amazing i love it .
  • Say it loud and say it proud. EIGHT POINT ONE!
  • A proud owner of Windows 8.1. It's designed the way to get things revolutionized. ;) Waiting for the One Microsoft vision.
  • 8.1 on three machines
  • 8.1 & Modern IE rocks. Have on both desktop and Asus t100. Adobe on tablet for PDF books is awesome. Looking forward to touch screen mounted on arm for easy repositioning to add to my desktop
  • 8.1 is an awesome OS, heck even my 69 yo father loves it.
  • Stuck on Windows 8, the 8.1 upgrade keeps failing.
  • Many people hate Windows 8.x and refuse to change because of the Start screen with the tiles. Many people just don't like it, period. And so they won't adopt it over W7.
    With Windows 8.1, Microsoft solved that and made it again more friendly to PC users (although I still want the complete Start Button back). But they completely FAILED to EXPLAIN that to people.
    They had that one ad that I never saw on TV nor anywhere else apart from WPC, and that's it. If the consumers are "scared" by the complete change of look that the Start Screen represents, it's Microsoft's job to reach to the consumer and explain them not only how it works but also that it doesn't need to work only like that. That they have options.
    If Windows 8.1 isn't growing at a faster rate, the fault lies entirely with Microsoft's PR teams. Noone else. Personally I've only updated from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 (without buying a new PC, something I've never done) for four reasons:
    1 - I got the full W8.1Pro for a ridiculously low price, courtesy of a friend of mine at Microsoft;
    2 - W8.1 is miles better than W8 with minor changes as simple as the ability of booting directly to desktop and the Windows Button with access to the advanced control panel by right-clicking on it
    3 - I have a touch screen monitor.
    4 - I needed to upgrade from Office 2003 to Office 2013 so that I could have all my documents and texts in cross-platform between my PC and my Surface.
  • I upgraded to Windows 8/8.1 because I wanted to get the full Microsoft experience and 'go legit' since I was bootlegging Windows 7 between bouts with Linux distros.   Good things have come out of Windows 8/8.1, but the Start Screen is "busy".  Look at other operating systems and you'll see that the traditional desktop is usually uncluttered with icons or is cluttered as it is treated as a "folder".  If you could create folder tiles and move documents, shortcuts, etc seemlessly back and forth you would gain some traction. If Windows didn't switch back and forth between Metro and Fallback interfaces, that would be even better    
  • I loved W8 and I love W8.1 even more.
  • I bought my wife a new laptop with Windows 8 on it.  It came as a bit of a surprise because my wife and I had only discussed it once, however I knew she really needed one for work and personal use. First question she asked me: Can you make this not look like Windows 8? Now my wife is no slouch when it comes to technology.  She does, however, like things to work a certain way. She's been using Windows for years with the traditional taskbar layout and a tile-free screen, so the change (even with a touchscreen) is not wanted.  Nor is it needed, in her opinion.   I installed Start8 and she hasn't looked back.   Can you make this not look like Windows 8? Only this time it was from a friend of hers.  Sure, I gave her the same info and instructions on how to install the program.  Look, I know there are free options out there but Start8 was the simplest approach to this problem without applying too many (read - not any) extras to the layout.   My father-in-law: Can you make this not look like Windows 8? My co-workers: Can you make this not look like Windows 8? Our IT staff: Can you make this not look like Windows 8? In terms of usability and performance, Microsoft may have received some high marks, but overall they need to reconsider adding some "classic" functionality to provide people with a more familiar interface.  But hey, what do I know?  I'm just reporting back what I'm hearing.   Can you make this not look like Windows 8?  
  • Windows 8.1. Wow, haven't used XP in years. Surprised by the percentage of users who haven't moved on from XP...
  • I dont like using windows 7 anymore now that I have windows 8, i can imagine why people believe windows xp is still good....
  • I still have two Win 7 machines. HTPC must remain Win 7 because frickin extenders don't work with Win 8. And my wife's will stay Win 7 until she upgrades her wp7.8 L900 - though I'm jealous she can do Zune wireless sync!
  • I Will switch to Linux Ubuntu from Windows. 8.1
  • want a prize or claps or something? good luck dealing with terminal and commands and no updated flash plugin and to install Chrome because its the only one with updated flash, with command to get skype and good luck to make the sound work fine without terminal. good luck getting a "1 click setup" for everything, 1 click remove. good luck with driver support and worth it app support, and of course the amazing new unity thing that searches internet stuff so the search is slower than previous versions. or how to forget the "sudo killall udisks?" maybe you will need it as well, or useful resizing of windows and of course have to go to the top of the screen to get the options of the apps, which of course arent visible until you hover the bar... and etc etc.   I dont even believe you had Windows 8 and less windows 8.1. but congratulations I guess
  • Windows 8.1 for me. I simply love it ! Initially I was on XP, then gradually moved to Windows 7 and they when I bought my new lappy I got Windows 8 which was then upgraded to Windows 8.1 when it got released. After using Windows 8.1, I would never look going back to Windows 7 or any other earlier version. Windows 8.1 is very much stable and I'm a very much satisfied customer.
  • I don't agree Windows 8(.0) is a milestone. It will not gain much more share. Most people updated to 8.1. Probably 8.1 will not last long too, because MS will inevitably release a bigger update which will be more user acceptable. Hope it is 8.2, but more likeley it will be the next major version which will make it more compatible with the mobile version(s).