Microsoft Garage's latest project is a Chrome extension for shopping

The Microsoft Garage division has released an extension for Google's Chrome browser called Personal Shopping Assistant. It's designed to keep track of data from different retail sites for better price comparisons.

In a blog post, Anand Sampathkumaran, a member of the Personal Shopping Assistant team, describes how it came up with the extension:

"The Eureka moment is when we realized people have a basket of about 10 products in their head and we could help them make better decisions," Sampathkumaran says. "We didn't want them to leave the browser, so we gave them a comparison tool across sellers to see product pages side by side."

The Chrome web store listing for the extension states:

Your personal assistant for a smart, productive and enjoyable shopping experience. Automatically organize the various product pages you visit. Add to favorites and get notified on price changes. Make smart choices by comparing products across sellers. Get back to your shopping flow, on the web and on your phone.

There's no word yet on if Personal Shopping Assistant will be released as an extension for the Microsoft Edge browser.

Download Personal Shopping Assistant for Chrome

John Callaham