Microsoft Garage releases free Xbox One game, Voice Commander

In addition to all the Windows Phone and Android apps that Microsoft Garage launched today, the division has also released a free game for owners of the Xbox One called Voice Commander, which, as the title suggests, uses the human voice as its main way to interact with the game.

While not listed as a requirement, we would imagine that Voice Commander does need the Xbox One's Kinect sensor to work. Here's a quick description of the game:

"Voice Commander, a Microsoft Garage project, is a fast paced, space themed, RTS and top-down shooter combo. Pick up a controller and work with Vox using voice commands to try to stop relentless attacks. Voice Commander can be played with up to eight controllers, and anyone in the room can issue voice commands."

Since this is a Microsoft Garage project that's being offered for free, we don't expect this to be a extremely polished game but it's still cool that Microsoft is offering this experimental title to Xbox One owners to check out. What is your opinion of Voice Commander?

Source: Xbox website

John Callaham