Microsoft Garage launches a suite of new Windows Phone apps and games

Microsoft has opened the flood gates today and released a bunch of new Windows Phone apps from their Microsoft Garage division. This part of the company allows employees to work on their own projects in their spare time and today Microsoft is allowing some of those internal efforts to be released to the public.

In a blog post, Jeff Ramos, Manager of The Garage, stated, "Now the idea behind The Garage is to connect our engineers and engineering projects with real customers to evaluate how technologies are being received. From a customer's point of view, it's a really great way to get first access to emerging technologies. And from Microsoft's point of view, it's really a great way to get real feedback from real customers on how people are using things."

We have already spotlighted two apps that have been released for Windows Phone devices, Tetra Lockscreen and Collaborate, but there's numerous other apps the company has launched today.

Nova Bacon - Here's a simple game that puts you in charge of a space restaurant that needs pigs for a particular ingredient. Microsoft says:

So you do what any sensible alien would do. Armed with a gigantic claw, you must go down to Earth and fetch a pig while defending yourself from humans that aren't happy about contributing to your business. Experience a variety of pigs while earning money to upgrade the various weapons available to you.

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Floatz windows phone

Floatz This is a new social interaction app. Microsoft says:

Join in on any nearby Floatz conversation, or start a new one with a question, idea or image that you share anonymously with people nearby.

Share your team spirit at a sporting event or your awesome picture of the band at a rock concert. Ask the locals where to get a good meal when visiting an unfamiliar neighborhood. Speak your mind, express your feelings, and find out if there are others around you who feel the same way—all from the safety of an anonymous screen name in Floatz.

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lost turtle windows phone

Lost Turtle - Yet another simple game from the Microsoft Garage division. Here is what this game is all about:

"Help navigate Walter through different levels and collect stars to unlock more levels and worlds! Walter wears a trusty jetpack that helps him fly, swim, and dodge obstacles, in the hope of finding his friend."

QR: Lost Turle

reach Me windows phone

Reach Me - Want to get to a friend but don't know where he or she is? This app may be for you. Microsoft says

"Reach me guides them to your home, work, or any other favorite place. If you share your live location, your friends can see where you are in real time, with easy-to-follow directions that update as you move from place to place. Location tracking expires at the time you set, so you control how long they can follow you."

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sound stack windows phone

Sound Stack - Here's a way to create music quickly from your Windows Phone device. Microsoft says:

"Use your phone like a drumstick to hit virtual drums. Use your finger to press and drag across our synth pad to create masterful melodies. Use your surrounding environments with our chord camera to play beautiful chords. Use all three to layer chords, rhythms, and melodies on top of one another to create loop-based compositions! Use basic settings to ensure every layer you play sounds amazing, or change the key and tempo to create something completely different."

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work item studio Windows phone

Work Item Studio - This app is made specifically for users of Microsoft's Visual Studio Online. It states:

"This app allows you to view, create and edit work items from your projects on Visual Studio Online. You can also see a list of all your queries, along with the number of results in each of them. Quickly run your queries to see detailed results."

QR: Work Item Studio

What do you think of this explosion of new Windows Phone apps from Microsoft Garage?

Source: Microsoft Garage

John Callaham