Microsoft gets creative - launches four stellar Windows 8.1 apps

Windows 8.1 is right around the corner, and with Microsoft’s latest operating system upgrade comes a plethora of new features and even a few new apps. A collection of new multimedia applications are set to bring out the creative soul in everyone. They cover everything from photographs, to movies, to paint drawings - let’s check them out.

Microsoft’s powerful team of multimedia power composes four apps – Camera, Movie Moments, Photos, and Fresh Paint.


The new camera application from Microsoft allows users to capture videos or photos – or both at the same time! Recording a video, but want to snap a picture? No problem. Simply tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture without interrupting your recording.

A new panorama feature built into the application is based on Microsoft’s advanced Photosynth technology, which analyzes pixel patterns to line up the perfect shot. If you aren’t trying to lineup a shot, but instead trying to capture a fast action moment – the new “photo loop” feature will be your friend. You’ll be able to capture a collection of photos one second before and one second after you click the shutter button – don’t miss that great smile.

And of course, don’t forget that photos taken with the built in Camera will automatically be uploaded to SkyDrive, so say goodbye to worries.


The new Photo app from Microsoft ties into the Camera application, allowing you to easily snap a shot then auto-fix or tweak it (some Instagram like effects are included). The Photo app is not only an editing tool though, you’ll be able to easily organize your photo gallery and ensure what you need is backed up in the cloud.

If those two multimedia applications aren’t enough – two more can be downloaded from the Windows 8 app store to complete your experience.

Movie Moments

The new movie maker app, officially called “Movie Moments”, will allow users to edit footage easily on their Windows 8 tablets or PCs. Features include the ability to trim the video, add short, captions, infuse music, and more.

Microsoft shows off two videos of the features that Movie Moments can pull off, including freezing a skateboarder’s moment of high flying action in time (see the video above) and turning the average family moment into a meme (see the source link below).

Fresh Paint

If you prefer to dig into art, the old fashion way, check out the newly updated (and extremely popular) Fresh Paint app (also found on Windows Phone). If you haven’t heard of this awesome replacement from Microsoft’s old school Paint application, then you have been living under a rock.

New FreshPaint

The new version of Fresh Paint will provide even more drawing capabilities including new features such as watercolors, a new graphite pencil set, an interface redesign, and new brushes. Microsoft has also teamed up with CanvasPop, a company that allows you to easily turn your digital art into master canvas prints.

The update for Windows 8.1 is right around the corner and we sure are excited. The above multimedia apps are just one reason to get your hand on the new release.

What is your favorite creative app that Microsoft is showing off for Windows 8.1?

Source: Microsoft

Michael Archambault