Microsoft getting ready to rock Danbury, Connecticut tomorrow for new Store opening

The new Microsoft Store in Danbury Fair mall, Danbury, CT

Microsoft is really on a roll with these official Store openings, no doubt they are in a rush to get them open in time for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 this fall. 

The latest is the Danbury Fair mall in Danbury, Connecticut. The store has been under construction since May and now not only are they throwing their doors open at 9:30am tomorrow but at 6pm, they're hosting a concert in the parking lot with an expected 2,000 people in attendance.

Who's playing? Young the Giant with "reggae-flavored rock group" O.A.R. headlining. Not bad, not bad at all.

Microsoft is also donating $1 million in software to the local chapter of Junior Achievement which adds a nice touch. The store is on the 2nd floor of the Danbury Fair mall, located between Lady Footlocker and, we're not kidding, MetroPark. Booya.

​If you feel like going, may we suggest you get there early in the morning to get your wristbands. The first 200 in line on the grand opening morning will receive two premiere viewing tickets/wristbands for the concert later that night. 

We've been promised some photos and report from reader Nicholas R. (who also sent the above shot back in May), so hopefully we can show that this weekend sometime. Either way, this is hands down one of the biggest store openings for Microsoft yet. Feels good, man. Feels good.

Click here to see the unofficial/official list of upcoming Microsoft Stores. Edit: Looks like they're also opening in Toronto, Canada, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Core Madera, CA too. (Thanks, Travis)

Source: NewsTimes, Nicholas R.

Daniel Rubino

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  • Sounds like fun! Does anyone know if these stores will be coming to the UK? There are too many 'fruit' shops here :-(
  • A Microsoft store here in the UK would be great!
  • How long does it take to build these stores, does anyone know? They've got about 4 months until the launch of Windows 8.
  • OMG I live so close been waiting for this for a while :-) OAR is a good band.
  • I broke my leg and am on a wheelchair. But I still want to go tonight. I live east of Hartford, so it is over an hour commute. How can I miss a Microsoft event?
  • Although this is good news the U.S already has some 25 stores. The great news is that Canada is getting their FIRST Microsoft Store this year at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. It looks like I'll be lining up to get my surface after all.
  • Actually this will be store #19.
  • Omg yesssssss! Im so happy that Microsoft store will be in Toronto. This is incredible!!!! Made my day.
  • I live a half-hour away. Now I know where to get my gear!
  • Can someone post pictures of the place?
  • Damn. I'm only an hour less away. I want to go. Good to know.
  • Microsoft stores are designed so much better than apple stores
  • hahaha what a funny comment, too many fruits store lol
  • I had a chance to visit the Tyson's Store. I was rather impressed, there seemed to be a good amount of foot traffic. Freehold is the closest store to me, I'll have to visit that one when the surface is released.
  • New York City needs one!!! :O
  • Microsoft must build a store in New York. I think it's critical.
  • Figured there'd definitely be one on NY. I also figured there'd be one in Dallas too.
  • Can't make it there this morning, but I'd love to check out the store anyway. Nice to see one in CT.
  • Can't make it there until Monday.. I live about 45 mins away. Girlfriend and I already have it planned for Monday lol
  • Hell yeah! That's really close to me :D
  • Damn I live a bit too far from Danbury, come on Mickey-Soft make a store in or around Boston.
  • Mentioned on here a few times, there is one planned for the Prudential Center. Don't know the expected date of opening
  • Will definitely check out MS store when I visit my Mom in Mass. MS seems to be making all the right moves lately
  • Now all they need to add one on Broadway if they plan on competing with Apple! The Yale students is loving the apple store and it'll be nice to have both stores in New Haven.
  • I was just happy to get 2 places in NJ, but now in Huntington AND White Plains is amazing. I also just LOVE how people think it would be simple to snatch up a spot in the city, as if tons of space were available and without requiring a significant sacrifice in wealth. Bigger picture...
  • About 2 hours from me, I used to live in that area too...
  • Put one in Arlington parks mall by the cowboys stadium and rangers stadium next to six flags :D and since at&t is the exclusive sponsor of the Dallas Cowboys they could have a cowboys themed part for AT&Ts windows phones :P they would sell like crazzy
  • What about NYC?? That's where they should have started to begin with
  • I would love a location near Birmingham, AL
  • Bout time, only 15 minutes away from me...
  • My friend texted me and said he had OAR tickets for tonight. Didn't realize it was for this. Maybe I shoulda went... Only 15 minutes away for me too