Microsoft reaffirms plans to retire the Control Panel in future Windows 10 builds

Microsoft drew ire for having two different applications to control system settings, but it now looks like the software maker will continue its plans to retire the Control Panel, offering Settings as the default application for changing settings in future Windows 10 builds.

From Brandon LeBlanc:

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Gabe Aul also chimed in, stating that having a single application to view and modify system settings is "leaner:"

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This isn't the first time we're hearing this, as Aul mentioned all the way back in March that the Control Panel would be making way for the newer Modern UI Settings application. Although it isn't as feature-rich as Control Panel at this stage, Microsoft has mentioned that it will continue to add functionality to bring Settings to par before retiring Control Panel.

What do you guys think of Microsoft's decision to go with the Settings application instead of Control Panel?

Source: Twitter (Brandon LeBlanc); Via: Neowin

  • I'm gonna miss you Control Panel.
  • Yeah but this is not urgent.
    Just wasting valuable coding time that could be used to speed up Mobile or even updating Media Center
  • Typical.
  • First of all I don't think you should think of programmers like raw coding force that can be thrown to any task (probably Mobile programmers work on Mobile, and PC programmers work on their stuff). Thinking like this is the same as in the joke about Project Managers - they're the ones thinking that 9 women can get a child born in a month.
  • +925
  • Oh shut up and be thankful
  • Yeah, Where's the new Media Center???
  • who suggested there would be a new media center? certainly not Microsoft
  • No, this is urgent. Its a quality issue. This should have happened a long time ago, when they shipped 8. I'm sure its easy for me sitting here as a keyboard warrior moaning, and the coding job is really hard, but if they are going to get to Apple levels of ease of use - this is one of the stand out things that needs finally mopping up. We've started calling Microsoft "the nearly people". They "nearly" make a good product. They always seem to be one revision, one thing, away from greatness. They really need to speed up and get this basic sh*t sorted. Control panel should have died a long long time ago for the settings app. All their apps should now be "modern" and "universal" apps. A clean modern design, and a clean modern runtime, on a clean modern core and kernel.  Nearly, but its always nearly. Media centre is a niche thing, Control Panel vs Settings is an everyone thing.
  • I disagree. Moving to the new setting app will mean they'll be able to eventually remove the old control panel which is a very complex and fragile part of the Windows codebase. Oh, and you DO know that Media Center is dead, right?
  • They better keep it for the sake of all the nostalgic memories. Sigh.
  • Noooooooooooooooooooo
  • I ll cry, but things move on....
  • My only issue with this is MS's habit of making a change like this, and then not mentioning it anywhere for anyone "new" to this change. No "Where is Control Panel" help like solution.
  • As long as they bring all of its functionality to Settings, it will not be missed. ;)
  • Buy you just know they won't, don't you?
  • That's the bad thing. Sooner or later Windows on the desktop will be like iOS, a locked down walled garden. If they do, then it will slow down development because they'd have to implement the vast amount of features in the current control panel, and Microsoft probably doesn't want that. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • But one thing MS need to keep in mind is the latest should be more user friendly like the control panel which we are used to.
  • Yup
  • this
  • It's the start menu all over again
  • Yep, I see the triumphant cp return just like the start menu.
  • Yeah most IT probably are raging over this. Sure group policy is usually all thats needed but some of the hidden cpl stuff is what makes it better. Considering tablet sales are slowing its time they rethink the tablet strategy.
    Id hate to think there reinventing the w3.1 wheel.
  • The Control Panel isn't any more user friendly than Settings. We just have been using control Panel for the past 10 years. MS needs to give Settings the same amount of Utility as the Control Panel.
  • Unlike the settings app, control panel doesn't crash all the time. How's that for "user friendly"?
  • God help your device if it crashes Settings app frequently. That is not a feature of Settings app.
  • Since it launched I haven't had a single crash on anything but a game or two. And crashes were rare in the preview for me to...though I did a fresh install with each build and rtm
  • +1
  • I wasn't really a huge fan of it honestly... =\
  • I like control panel.
  • That will suck, I much prefer control panel still and always go to it first Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Control panel feels like legacy.
    I think for all non-power users settings already is sufficient.
    Settings is much cleaner and i like the layout.
  • I completely agree, I sometimes use the control panel, but only when I'm doing tiny things that don't matter. Honestly settings has all a normal user needs, and if its getting better, I'm cool with loosing cp. Although I am one of those weird people who prefers the GUI (including lack of start menu) in windows 8.1 then any other os
  • Somehow I fear that we will loose possibilities on that way...
  • Yeah, that for shure!! Many adjustments that are not there in settings
  • Gabe did say they'll be expanding the capabilities of Settings before retiring CP. So I don't see it as an issue.
  • They simply can't just 'wipe' out any options in CP. there would be an enterprise uproar over this. No matter how obscure or hidden the option bit, someone, somewhere is using it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • because they havent moved them over yet. YET being the operative word
  • As long as the new Settings app gets either as good or better.
  • Keep the Control Panel in God Mode and Bob is your uncle. Consumers will have their lean Settings, power users will have all the fine controls.
  • Yeah, but I do wonder now if Updates will kill the God Mode hack
  • I think Cortana should be the God Mode - in that say you want task manager, just type task and up it pops, click and your good to go. Saves having to go into a menu, to go into a menu. If everything were accessible through Cortana then this would be my first choice. Then settings or control panel are irrelevant. That's my take anyway :)
  • 1. Press windows button on keyboard
    2. Type 'task'
    3. Press enter To have cortana do it
    1. Say 'hey cortana'
    2. Say 'Open task manager' I don't get your point :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • #Exactly
    #Succinctly Precision Keypad:
    3 finger tap
    Type task All good to go :)
  • Terrible idea, control panel is so much easier to use and find what you need, especially since the start menu doesn't always search your pc for things when you need it to, like device manager, im starting to feel like i should have stayed on windows 8
  • things like device manager are in the contextmenu of the startbutton
  • I like the abbreviated search parameters that could be used in Windows 7. ie..... Sys info>enter would open what I want. Now it is full text or you get screwy results.
  • This isn't true, I always open control panel by typing C (space) P (enter), works since Windows 7.
  • Wow, that DOES =)
  • Now you can just hit win+x or right click the start button and get access ro most computer management settings
  • Thr irony of this is too funny. They keep saying they want only one application in Windows for settings, yet they already had that in WIndows 7 and previous versions, it was called the Control Panel and that was it.
  • Control Panel isn't touch friendly at all. Is this really that hard to understand? They want one shared location for settings that is accessible via touch or keyboard.
  • That's like saying they should have stayed on Internet Explorer version 1 Ridiculous comment Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Slow death of control panel. :/
  • As long as settings dies what control panel does, it's fine with me
  • This isn't news. Of course that is the plan. It would be news if that actually said when this will finally happen.
  • This isn't news. Of course that is the plan. It would be news if that actually said when this will finally happen.
  • It would be nice if as you used control panel in the near future, there would be indications on how to find par functionality under settings. My issue with settings is it can be tricky to find the exact setting and I would prefer some of Save or Apply button
  • As long as the replacement is fully featured in ok with this.
  • if it's not in setting it'll be in the right click start context menu
  • Control panel should not retire
  • It should be destroyed...anyone else watching Gotham? lol =p
  • What is wrong with the Control Panel? If its not broken don't fix it....
  • It doesn't fit in at all with windows 10 is what's wrong with it
    Cpanel has been around long enough... make way for new development. Open your mind :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's ugly and not touch friendly.
  • My problem is that alot of the settings in the settings app are just links to open control panel. I also don't really like the look of the app, just a bit too bland for me. I would also like it if each I could have the option to jump straight from say System to Devices settings when i'm already in the System catagory without having to back out and select Devices, It's kind of hard to explain so sorry for leaving you completely confused.
  • For people like us who know our way around the system it's ok. For people like my parents, thus will he a disaster just like the start menu.
  • No
  • Plz add update program in control panel
  • Make it an app.
    In fact, make an app that shows you all the different Control Panels since Windows 1.0... You know, for nostalgia purposes. Similar to the MS DOS one, with Cortana saying "Aww, you poor nostalgic bastard" every time you double-click something. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.... Love the settings - so much easier to use and much better layout.
  • Good :) it is rather annoying :)
  • ; _ ; I'll miss you. Nothing will replace the big void you will leave in my PC.
  • I think even explorer will once be replaced by a modern app. All for the sake of individual updating in the future without a big upgrade install.
  • Well if they fix the clutter in the new version first would be fine. And make the darn search no find what you need instead of being a total shit. Win10 is a bit of a letdown if you ask me, partially why I went back to 8.1
  • What a stupid decision. I still use control panel only because its much easier to use and much more feature rich. I don't see this one going g down well. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This is why I am still on windows 7 and will stay that way for as long as possible. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • was nice knowing ya. =)
  • And now we'll start hearing "where is my control panel now" Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well control panel was meant for windows 7 mostly but in windows 8 they launched a new PC settings so people r using them most from windows to Windows to Windows... Soo I will take settings.sure I will miss control panel.
  • That's an awful idea. The Settings screen is so dumbed down. OS X is looking better and better.
  • only because they havent moved everything yet
  • I agree that the control panel provides the user more options and is more feature rich. If they give Settings these same abilities I will be pleased. I like UI of Settings better. With that said, those of you who don't like Control Panel going away, do you plan to provide feedback to MS and the Windows team as to why you don't like it? Don't expect MS to know if you don't submit feedback.
  • Yes, setting app should replaced control panel, but only if all of control panel features available there.
  • Bye, and don't come back
  • I'd rather they keep the control panel and get rid of the laggy settings page which is a disaster. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree lag is a problem but I don't seem to have that in my settings app, it's pretty much insta-settings. =p
  • It's only logical to rid of redundancy as long as functionality doesn't go with it.
  • From a technical perspective the problem seems to be that not all control panel items are Microsoft's. Third parties can have things in there and there is about zero chance those would be converted over.
  • Thank you!! That was my thought too. I am surprised that I had to scroll this far to find an this important piece of information. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Those 3rd parties will need to release a Windows 10 App to replace their "legacy" control panel app. Seriously, Control Panel is supposed to be for system settings, not for every Tom Dick and Harry. 3rd Pary items like graphic control panel should be an app anyway. That way it is easier to keep it up to date. Make a Windows 10 app on the store and stay up to date without having to constantly check the manufacturer's website.
  • Good news! Clean it up! Its a mess now with two different places. Confuses new users.
  • Setting default apps to open file types is a JOKE I the new settings menu. Slow, and ridiculous to do. If this is a sign of things to come its gonna suck major donkey balls.
  • Haven't had any major issues with Win 10 apart from the Start menu not responding. It's not really good enough for general release though, it's just not finished in alot of ways.
  • I prefer the legacy control panel to the settings app Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Many people preferred XP as well. Before long, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 will be gone as well. If you plan on sticking around on the planet for another 20 years (or any planet I suppose, in case you're one planning to colonize somewhere else within 20 years), then we'll all have to get used to it eventually. Perhaps by then it will be finished, or at least more complete.
  • If people started using the system as intended things would always be fast to find instead of digging through control panel or settings to find what they need.  Just click (or touch) that little cortana box and start typing (or say) what you are looking for.  I can find just about anything in 3 letters.  It isn't hard.  Where that setting sits shouldn't matter.    
  • I feel like a lot of options will be left behind when they do this. Take the printer settings for example. The modern print setting are laughable. You can not customize anything. There are hundreds of settings in the original printer settings compared to like 12 in the modern. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android because I am unfortunately with Sprint
  • Noooooo
  • Good riddance! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This is a very bad idea, especially for people with older hardware, if it's only removed from newer hardware then it'll probably be ok, but on older hardware, ms doesn't even have all of the drivers installed correctly for windows 10, & if you ever tried to fix a driver issue in windows 10 without using control panel. I honestly don't think you can. Removing control panel would be like removing file explorer or the start menu. & we all know how that worked out for them.
  • I've always fixed driver issues without Control Panel. Bypassed it and went straight to what I was needing. The Device Manager is what is still needed for that. The Control Panel can be dropped off a cliff for all I care.