Control Panel

Microsoft drew ire for having two different applications to control system settings, but it now looks like the software maker will continue its plans to retire the Control Panel, offering Settings as the default application for changing settings in future Windows 10 builds.

From Brandon LeBlanc:

Gabe Aul also chimed in, stating that having a single application to view and modify system settings is "leaner:"

This isn't the first time we're hearing this, as Aul mentioned all the way back in March that the Control Panel would be making way for the newer Modern UI Settings application. Although it isn't as feature-rich as Control Panel at this stage, Microsoft has mentioned that it will continue to add functionality to bring Settings to par before retiring Control Panel.

What do you guys think of Microsoft's decision to go with the Settings application instead of Control Panel?

Source: Twitter (Brandon LeBlanc); Via: Neowin