Microsoft has updated Skype for desktop to fix the message crashing bug

A bug that was found to cause Skype to keep crashing endlessly thanks to a specific eight-character message being sent has now been fixed by Microsoft.

In a post on the company's Skype support forums, a Microsoft rep stated:

"Our engineering teams worked hard to resolve this issue, and have released updates for all impacted Skype platforms."

The original bug was found on Tuesday by users. Before today's update, sending "http://:" without the quotes caused Skype to crash, and it kept crashing the client every time a user tried to sign in again, due to the message being stored in the chat history.

Only the desktop version of the app has been updated so far, as that was the one crashing for users.

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Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • Thanx for the info
  • Windows Phone was never affected by this bug, so there won't be an update.
  • Actually WC has uploaded the screenshot from mobile initially, that confused me
  • That was fast
  • Yeah, seems faster actually.
  • Wow, that was quick
  • Indeed quick
  • Nice, considering the fact that they (by they I mean Apple) haven't yet resolved iPhone messaging bug.
  • Iphone messaging bug has to be fixed by apple
  • Pretty sure he knows that. He's pointing out that MS fixed it much faster than Appl fixed their bug.
  • Now... Was that reply satire?
  • And the iPhone's messing bug also appeared before Skype's right?
    I mean I read that news before Skype's one.
  • Yes, it surfaced before Skype's.
  • That means MS was really faster ;)
  • Just updated the comment.
  • because Apple cant access the message history like Skype did and removed the message
  • Took Microsoft a day. Still taking Apple weeks? Granted, Skype is easier, they just update the app. Where Apple's is at an OS level, I assume. So it's more difficult, but still!
  • Like yazen said.. This is not the first time that the messaging bug appears on the iPhone..
  • Bug has been around for a few years lol.  Must be a complicated fix
  • Believe it centres around how the backend infrastructure for imessage was designed. I could be wrong though and the error could be linked to something else entirely.
  • iOS actually can't parse that string of text so it just crashes the phone that way, nothing to do with the backend
  • At last Microsoft is proving they are software companies and are best at it
  • Done.
  • Wow
  • That means no more crashing game :(
  • Nice
  • I have no friend on Skype.
    Don't know why they don't uses it.
  • It doesn't do mobile well. Very unstable in the background.
  • I use Skype, but I understand why people don't like to. There are a lot of little things that are kind of frustrating about it, and those little things build up to the point where I don't even bother opening it on my desktop anymore.
  • Take that Apple! lol
  • Desktop version still cannot scale with a DPI so still looks like a 1985 console game app with blurry text & pictures. Embarrassing for such a major product when Microsoft cannot even ensure their own app can't work properly with their own OS on high def screens.
  • only the desk version? then why the link for the wp and metro version?
  • Quick
  • Now just needs to fix Skype on mobile?
  • Skype for linux must be immediately updated as well
  • they really need to work on skype for windows phone and push notifications as when someone calls me.... nothing shows up on windows phone but android tablet starts ringging.... that makes me really sad.   Most of the time I don't get Skype Calls on Windows Phone and people complains that they called me Skype but I didn't responded.