Microsoft EdgeSource: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge now uses Windows Spellcheck.
  • It improves upon the built-in Chromium spellcheck.
  • Works with all Chromium browsers.

Microsoft is highlighting a new spellcheck feature available in Microsoft Edge 83 that uses Windows Spellcheck to correct words typed inside the browser. Microsoft Edge was previously using Chromium's own spellcheck feature but moving over to Windows Spellcheck improves things in several areas.

This feature was developed as a collaboration between Google and Microsoft engineers in the Chromium project, enabling all Chromium-based browsers to benefit from Windows Spellcheck integration.

Using Windows Spellcheck instead of Chromium's own spellcheck system improves additional language and dialect support, has a shared custom directory, and better support for URLs, acronyms, and email addresses.

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Windows Spellcheck is managed through Windows Settings, where the user can configure which languages are installed and what language is used by the OS. Microsoft Edge users can revert back to the Chromium spell-check if they wish, but early feedback suggests the new Windows Spellcheck integration is much better.

The new spellcheck features are available using Microsoft Edge on Windows 8.1 and above and is enabled with the latest stable release of Edge.

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