Microsoft adds yet another lobbying firm to its double-digit roster

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has hired a firm to help with its lobbying efforts on information technology, innovation, and research funding.
  • The company already works with more than 24 lobbying firms.
  • Some of Microsoft's competitors believe that the company is able to avoid legal scrutiny due to its lobbying capabilities.

Microsoft hired another lobbying firm, according to a report by Politico. A team from King & Spalding will lobby on behalf of Microsoft on information technology, innovation, and research funding. The team includes former Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.).

Microsoft and its higher-ups are no stranger to legal issues and lobbying. In July 2021, Microsoft CEO discussed how Microsoft has largely avoided legal scrutiny when compared to companies like Google and Apple. Bloomberg's Emily Chang said to Nadella that Microsoft's competitors point to Microsoft's lobbying efforts. Nadella credited Microsoft with being on the "right side of history."

"The fundamental thing that I think is being litigated ... Two sides to it: What technologies, as they scale — what are the unintended consequences for the broader society. [...] The second one is competition. Where is there rigorous competition or lack thereof," said Nadella.

The CEO continued, stating, "Frankly, on both those fronts, Microsoft is on the right side of history." Nadella then highlighted that Microsoft invests in privacy, security, AI ethics, internet safety, and related topics.

In January 2021, Microsoft paused contributions to its controversial Microsoft Political Action Committee (MSPAC). The company was criticized for donating to politicians that voted against the certification of President Joe Biden's election. At the time, the company mentioned that it normally pauses donations in the first quarter of a new Congress.

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