Microsoft holding HoloLens-focused WinHec event this fall

Microsoft is said to be planning a new WinHec event for this fall, centered around the HoloLens headset, along with the Windows Holographic platform. The event, apparently called WinHec Mixed, would allow Microsoft to discuss holographic and mixed reality applications with its various hardware partners.

A registration listing for the event, now archived, was spotted by FraWin with the following event description:

Welcome! This is a pre-registration page for the WinHEC Mixed coming Fall 2016. This event will provide presentations and hands on labs to enable partners to fully utilize the Windows Mixed.

Microsoft recently held a WinHec event in China. These events are a way for Microsoft to discuss the future of Windows with a number of its hardware partners. This would be the first such event dedicated to Microsoft's mixed-reality headset and platform.

Joseph Keller