Hands on with Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro for Windows

We used footage from the Lumia 930 while driving in the woods. It's all handheld. No special rigs or tripods were used. We've imported the clip into the Surface 3 to see what Hyperlapse Pro for Windows can do with it. Check out our hands-on video.

It's very easy to use Hyperlapse Pro. When you open the app, there are two buttons on top. You can create a new project or open an existing project. You can add .mp4 or .mov files.

Once a new project has been created, there are four steps to go through: Import, Settings, Process, and Finish. In the import screen, you set the starting and end points for the video. Tap or click next to go to Settings.

In the Settings page, you can change the speed for the clip from 2x to 25x. You can also change the video resolution and frame rate. The smoothing process is standard unless you have a GoPro or a Sony HDR camera. Having one of these cameras lets you use the advanced smoothing option. The video stats at the bottom let you know the estimated output length and processing time. For example, a 2-minute 1080p clip from the Lumia 930 sped up 3x gives an estimated processing time of less than a minute on our Surface 3. Tap or click next to start processing.

The fourth and final step is the Finish section. It shows the output folder and the final video. If you're not happy with the clip, there's a button to go back and change some settings.

Like we said, it's really easy to use Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro. We like that the steps are broken down for the users within the app. We're also pretty happy with the results. The clips come out smoother compared to just simply speeding them up. Go download it now and import some of your videos! Let us know if you're happy with your sample videos.

At the time of writing only the free, preview version of this app is available.

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Noice
  • I was psyched... Then I saw it doesn't work on the 820 or 1020... but it does on the garbagey 635? Guess getting a 635 paid off, I'll have to wait til I get home to try it.
  • this runs on windows not windows phone.
  • Think you may have misread, this certainly does work on Windows Phone. Installing it on my 635 and 930 right now.
  • That is hyperlapse, this article is about hyperlapse pro.
  • Why did Windows Central edit the processing portion of the video when they could've Hyperlapsed it?
  • Good one!!
  • Not for Lumia 1020
  • I read "We used footage from the GOLD Lumia 930 while driving in the woods." lol
  • Well done MS!!!
  • Available on Windows Phone and Android, but not iOS? Why couldn't they just at least go exclusive for at least a little while? Just a little while so the other folks could at least want WP for a moment, then release it. Anyways, I'm bummed it doesn't work for my 920. Guess I'll be using the desktop software...
  • That's why I straight up went and got an android. What exclusivity exists on windows? None, I guess. Posted via the WC App for Galaxy S6
  • Not available for 1520. :(
  • Nor the Lumia Icon, which is really odd since it's basically the Verizon version of the 930.
  • Well, at least it's available on Android. #irony
  • You guys realize Hyperlapse is not a phone App, right? He just took video off the 930 and used it on his tablet.
  • I don't think they read the article
  • Yes it is a phone app, but this is hyperlapse pro.
  • It works on my 1520.
  • No Icon bummer
  • This is the DESKTOP version everyone.
  • I don't know why people don't read.....
  • They do read, but they don't understand what they are reading.
  • Well, given the marketing confusion, with Microsoft early on pushing One Windows and such, some are assuming that Windows is Windows across all devices.
    It's kinda the bed they made.
  • Seriously?  The marketing confusion for products that aren't even out yet (Windows 10)?  People on a tech website called "Windows Central" don't know that there are different versions of Windows because it's so confusing?  Someone that owns a Lumia 1520 still hasn't figured out that it's not the same version of Windows that is running on their laptop? No, it's not anything MS did.  People really are just too lazy to read the articles (or look at the pictures apparently).  Some people will blame MS for anything. 
  • Awesome. Been waiting for this.
  • Looks like You were speeding. No police lasergun? ;)
  • Not for my lumia 1320
  • This is the desktop app, read it like....
  • It says it supports 830 in the release note. But the install button is not enabled.
  • Realy? You must be the only one then. Zjeeeees.
  • Nice work Mark.  In watching your video, I keep expecting to see a deer run out into the road. lol.  My flashbacks again.
  • I'm scared driving here at night. I never know if I'll see a deer around the corner
  • Tried to download however it says "This app is no longer published", in UK on Lumia 930. At this stage assuming again another US only app!
  • Looks like a great road to carve up with a motorcycle!
  • You've just got to love microsoft research. They have made some wonderful programs over the years. I can also reccommend their ICE app (Image Composite Editor). I've used it over 5 years and its still amazing to use today. It's used to stich images mainly for panorama's and some subtle tricks with panorma photos. Hyperlapse is a very nice app. Good review. I just tested it. It is good to know there will be frame issue with videos <720 p. Just tried it with an older video of walking across a glacier with an 840x480 video (4:3 aspect ratio). You can actually see the frame edges in the edited video in hyperlapse moving about to create a smooth video. Unfortunately the program doesnt support cropping, so I think that could perhaps be an improvement feature for a future update. So its important that the video be probably > 720 p and in 16:9 ratio to work properly would be my advice to look out for. A second wish for me would be that image composite editor and hyperlapse were real apps. They're both currently desktop programs. But both are perfect for touch and pen UI and would work as good in a tablet mode enivroment. Currently both programs have got a design upgrade compared to their previous versions. ICE has also a major update in the last few months. Ultimately it would be awsome to see a app package of windows movie maker, ICE and hyperlapse. All three are amazing apps for daily use in photography and basic movie editing. Perhaps an all-in-one app?  
  • I'll wait until it's available on phones. Also I thought the purpose of hyperlapse was to create time-lapse videos that were more fluid. I didn't realise you used a standard speed clip and then worked from that, or am I missing something?
  • You have to start with the orginal standard speed video because Hyperlapse needs all the frames that would be missing from a time lapse version.  It uses those frames to build composite images (like Photosynth technology) so that it can crop a new frame out of the composite image that is somewhere between the previous and next frame.  That is how it smooths things out.
  • Bummer, so really awesome two hour smooth time-lapse videos probably won't be doable. I think I was expecting the tech to be a lot more advanced that it is. Basically the ability for it to create frames based on the information provided. Which, in hindsight, wouldn't work unless it was landscape only without any characters in scene.
  • It sounds like you are wanting to take a video that has been converted to time lapse (or started as time lapse based on still frames) and then convert it to normal speed video.  This won't do that.  Honestly, you would be better off just recording normal video in the first place though.  Unless I'm not understanding you correctly.
  • Are those Windows Central stickers in the video?? Sorry if I'm behind; I need one! ;D
  • This linked works. https://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=35781f83-3495-4204-b994-e939c0b29000
  • Not working in Lumia Icon, phone not supported.
  • This is the desktop app, pro version...
  • That's nonsense when Microsoft try to do very compatible Windows OS on every platforms but... Still not compatible for every class devices nonsense.
  • Your comment makes no sense whatsoever :P.
  • If I want to ask the kid that I enter the waiting list. The lecture me answer confirming your personal nonsense kid: D
  • Not sure what ur talkin bout guya, but just installed on my 1520
  • Am I the only one here that was excited to see a video of the new lower-end Surface 3 doing some real-world tasks that most people may not have considered doing on a low-end tablet/notebook? I am curious to know how long the actual processing took and whether you could perform the same task on something like the Surface Pro 3 Core i3 as a real-world bang-for-buck comparison. I am sure this will be helpful for a number of readers who are on the fence about whether to go Surface 3 or low-end Surface Pro 3
  • Probably took awhile, it's running on an atom after all. However it is not that bad, just if your used to a incredibly nippy machine with overkill specs then it will feel incredibly slow. The surface 3 128gb model can be had for $700 dollars (with the student discount) including the keyboard and pen.
  • I don't get why the Lumia 930 is supported but the Lumia Icon is not? WTH?
  • The desktop app looks pretty simple to use, which should help adoption. Hope the phone app supports the older models sooner than later.
  • Must it speed through the entire video or can you have it play at normal for say three minutes, then have it speed through five minutes, then have it go back to normal speed for the rest of the video?
  • What does this Hyperlapse do?
  • http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/redmond/projects/hyperlapse/ This video explains it pretty well.  The first 60 seconds or so makes the concept pretty clear.
  • What does this Hyperlapse do?
  • Not 8X friendly ftw
  • Ok, but you can still process the video from your 8X or whatever on your Windows desktop with this software.  It will be faster too.
  • Sadly Hyperlapse Pro Preview for PC requires 64-bit and atleast 4GB RAM. Oh i hope the final release will support low spec PCs. :(
  • I'm glad they called it Hyperlapse Pro instead of Prolapse Hyper.  
  • Awesome. that looks great, and easy to do. thank you.