Microsoft increases Windows Store device limit from 10 to 2,000

When Microsoft first launched the Windows Store back in 2012, it imposed a limit on the number of devices a single Microsoft account could install Store apps on. Originally, this number was a measly five, but that was increased to 81 a year later before being decreased to ten with the launch of Windows 10. Now, it seems Microsoft has had yet another change of heart, as the device limit has increased to 2,000.

If you're wondering how many devices you have signed into the Windows Store, you can head to the Microsoft Account website{.nofollow} to check. You will now see the limit has increased from 10 to 2,000 devices per account, which should mean most people no longer have to worry about the device limit, especially if you're someone who has more than ten devices signed into your account.

Microsoft is yet to make any official announcement about this change, so at this point, this increase may just be an error. You can check to see if your account has been increased to 2000 at this link (opens in new tab), and should look like it does in the screenshot above. From this page, you can remove any devices you no longer have that may still be linked to the Windows Store too, which is handy.

What are your thoughts on this change? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for the tip, Andre Grindstaff!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Nice .That increase was specificaly for Zac and Daniel :P    edit : my device limit is still 10.
  • Exactly what I needed! I was just about to buy myself a 2000th Windows device so I won't have any issues now. Thank you Microsoft, you're the best!
  • But that makes the target almost impossible to reach now! Darn it, now I'll never get the achievement. MS store is not going to compete with Steam if they act like this.
  • awesome..more devices for me!  I am at my 10 device limit right now,  with 3 more not connected because of the limit!
  • Mine hasn't changed yet, I hope this will go out to everyone.
  • 6/10 for me.
  • On the plus side, this may be a boon for IoT apps.
  • I suspect you've pinpointed the reason for the change right here.
  • Oddly enough I was removing all my old windows phones from the list yesterday, limit was still 10 then.
  • I'm already at 10 devices so I hope this increase isn't just an error. But maybe it's an error and the increase was supposed to be to 20! Mine shows 10/2000.  
  • now that crazy good I'm already at 9 
  • nice now I can look poor with 1/2000 :D
  • Zurface Laptop, nice name right there!
  • Shoulda been Zbox One Z as well. :D
  • Haha, it would be 20 but not 2000!!!
  • I show 2000 and using 9.  I had just removed two (tablet/dekstop) so I could add a new laptop. Great I can now add them back and add the X when it gets here. Bad news is Groove still shows it is limited to 10 devices installations (and still no family plan :( ).
  • Mine still shows 10, and apps in the Microsoft Store still displays "Get this app while signed in to your Microsoft account and install on up to ten Windows 10 devices"
  • Mine is still 10... and it appears I am at 10
  • Thank Bob!
  • Whatever. Meh. Though I really like the name "Zurface Laptop" very much
  • I was holding off on buying my 2,000th Windows phone, but no longer!
  • Increased for schools etc.?
  • Probably designed for companies, assuming it's not a bug.   I don't mind if it's 2000. No, I'm never gonna get anywhere near that, but what do I care.
  • Nice, 2/10, I have forgotten that I have my account set up in my father's laptop and my current laptop that doesn't have Windows anymore. It should be 1/10
  • Zac, don't smoke that weed anymore. It is still 10 devices.
  • It's a typo Zac!
  • I am still at 10/10, bummer.
  • More devices than actual apps....
  • Only 2,000?! Come on, Microsoft, I have 10,000 family members with computers, phones, tablets, TVs, cars, and IoT devices that I need hooked up. What am I supposed to tell the other 8,000 members of my family??  It's still 10 for me.
  • Lol☺
  • I have a Windows PC and.... That's it. I doubt I'll ever need to install apps on 2 devices let alone 2000
  • Mine is still 10/10. I hope it hits my account soon. I'd love to add my other devices back.  (my phones, computers, tablets, my family's, and my test systems)
  • 10/10. No special status for me. :-(  
  • Nice one.  Good find!
  • Wonder why it is only Zac...
  • 10/10 for me too
  • Mine still shows 10
  • my device limit is just 10 like befor
  • So, this could be a great thing. What some don't realize from reading the above comments is that this rule also applied to Windows 10 upgrades. That is, if you purchased a computer with Windows 10 Home and then upgraded it to Pro, you could only do this ten times before you couldn't upgrade any more PCs. Think about how idiotic that is - you have a customer who wants to give you $100 and you refuse to take their money more than 10 times. When does this situation arise? Well, small businesses for one. MS wanted you to purchase the upgrades differently than just upgrading the device on your own. If you support friends/family, you can also run out of the ability to upgrade to Pro in a hurry. Now the other idiotic thing MS needs to fix is that you can't install an Edge extension for every user of the computer. For example, say you want an ad blocker - each user has to install that on their own from their own account. Perhaps the family account coming in future versions of Windows 10 will be the solution...
  • This has nothing to do with upgrades. Barring some sort of bulk arrangement, you pay for each upgrade individually. If you have 50 PCs, nothing stops you from paying $100 for each one to go from Home to Pro. This is about apps. If I buy Super Calculator from the store for $1.99, how many devices can I install that on? 10 was the answer. The authrr essentially got 19.9 cents per copy if you did that. My issue was there was no way to go get another 10 for another $1.99 if I needed more. I honestly wouldn't mind supporting developers in this way if you could stack licenses on a MSA.
  • Happy to see this is being increased as I've bumped against the limit especially after the Xbox One was included in this count. Unfortunately, at the moment it's still showing 10 max for me though.
  • Seems to me to be a mistake, under what conditions would you ever even come close as a normal consumer? If you're hitting above 10 you're probably doing something illegal anyways. I tossed 10 our as a made up number, but hopefully you get the point. 2000 is just an extremely large value that is not logical IMHO.
  • BS. Just because technology is my hobby, that doesn't imply I'm a criminal. I have at least a dozen Windows phones, bought over the years, plus desktops, laptops and tablets. Some I just use to test things on, and so don't install many of the apps I own (license). Some apps just need to be installed everywhere. Some devices aren't in active use, but you do need to go into the dashboard and delete them when you run up against the limit on a new device.  Then when you pick one up to try something, you have to go back and drop something else. Yea, probably not a problem for average consumer's but it's an irritant to devotees, which are the ones supporting Windows to the masses. If they let me, I'd pay for the app twice to stack the license count, but they don't offer that. 
  • I'd be more impressed if Microsoft hadn't lowered the limit from 81 (Windows 8.1 launch) to 10 to begin with. And making the limit 2000 makes it feel like a very superficial change that they will change at any moment. Remember OneDrive?
  • Don't you mean my formally "UNLIMITED" OneDrive? 
  • I'm at 8/10 at the moment. no love for me but Zac... not great reporting unless Microsoft announces it and/or everyone gets it. 
  • Only 10 for me. I actually hit my device limit this week and had to remove some old devices
  • I have 5/10.  Could it be location, since Zac, I believe he is in the UK?  Maybe he is running on Redstone 4 build (using skip ahead).  Just throwing ideas out there to we as a community figure it out. 😎  it maybe tied to Windows 10 S and educational institutions.
  • I hope this rolls out to all soon. Still seeing 10 as the limit.
  • It would be nice as I reached the limit long time ago but it's still at 10 for me
  • I have not seen any changes on my account page,why?
  • If you have connected over 10 devices, the limited number will increase to 2000. mine is 42/2000
  • Mine is still at 10.
  • 7/10 for me
  • All they need now is family sharing of apps.
  • Looks like an increase just for professionals that test a lot of different devices, so they don't have to delete them afterwards.
  • Meh...pointless is still blue, giants still suck.....