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Microsoft invested millions in GPS-social network Waze?

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For those who were on Windows Mobile, you may remember a little app called 'Waze' (see here). The app combined GPS, traffic and a social network for voice-guided turn-by-turn directions as well as user-submitted reports on traffic, accidents, etc. A neat idea that has resulted in 4.5 million users (see iPhone, Android and yet something we haven't seen on Windows Phone.

That may all change though as Microsoft (and others) have reportedly invested $25 million into the company back in December of 2010--yeah, that's quite awhile ago. It's not clear how much of that $25 million came from Microsoft, but it is possible that it's a significant chunk. [Skepticism alert: Waze announced this on their blog back in December too and no one noticed because Microsoft was not named. Take that as you will.]

Assuming this is true, we've seen Microsoft do this a lot recently (see Skype, Nokia, Canesta and GeoVector) and it makes sense that Microsoft could want to license Waze's data and network for Windows Phone. But lets not get ahead of ourselves as that hasn't been announced. But like the say in the movies....follow the money.

Source: The Marker, via BGR, Thanks, Vanessa

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  • It would be nice to get Waze on WP7. I just wish it was already here.
  • Ugh. I tried this on Symbian and they sure hadn't spent more than a few minutes designing the UI. Real piece of **** compared to Ovi Maps. Perhaps they have spent more time with writing apps for other platforms?
  • I loved Waze on my Blackberry, and it would be a big improvement over any of the GPS apps I have tried on my Windows Phone.
  • I LOVED Waze on my WM6.5 phone and was really upset that they decided to completely ignore WP7. I invested a lot of time improving the area I live in and got the cold shoulder. So its even more upsetting that Microsoft is an investor and they STILL don't have a WP7 app. Real **** I say.