Microsoft lauches a site to measure your mustache

Earlier this year, Microsoft launched a new facial detection API called Project Oxford, and it has since been incorporated into its Bing search engine to give users a way to estimate how old a person is in a photo. Now the company has launched a new site that uses the same API to measure the amount of mustache is seen in photos as well.

The site,, was created by a number of Microsoft team members as a Garage project to "show what a healthy imagination and a Project Oxford API can build." More importantly, the site was built to help the Movember Foundation, which launched a number of years ago to raise awareness of men's health by asking men to grow mustaches during the month of November.

Donate to the Movember Foundation via the page{.cta .large}

Source:; Via: h0x0d (Twitter)

John Callaham
  • Well only for November? We grow our beard and mushtache for lifetime B|
  • Bring it back old school bro
  • Stop wasting time on this shit. Give us Cortana in Dutch. Give us Band 2 in The Netherlands and the Surface Book.
  • Firstly shut the hell up. Secondly, this was created as a garage project in people's spare time so what the fuck does it have to do with Cortana not being available in Dutch or the availability of anything for that matter?
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  • If you don't care then don't waste your own time writing shitty ignorant comments.
  • Just like everyone else on this site he believes the person that works the front desk should be coding for Cortana and not taking phone calls ;)
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  • I wonder what age it would give to an image my mother?
  • Would depend on whether the pic was with or without the five o'clock shadow.. ;-P
  • What kind of dumb shitt is this Windows Phone is suffering in their spending time on shitt like this lol
  • You sir, are a mega douche.
  • I'm just being honest I wanna see windows phone conquer but noooooo
  • What has a garage project made in peoples spare time have to do with the success of Windows Phone? Not only that but this is a project to help promote an awesome charity and you just call it shit and complain like a little bitch. Come back to the community when you're old enough to actually grow a moustache.
  • What success? Windows Phone isn"t a success, fool. Not many compagnies care about Windows Phone. If is was a success we could buy a band 2 and Surface Book in every country. What a success it is with US carriers. Dream on.
  • Why is everyone so upset today?
    :'D Posted via the WC App for Galaxy S6
  • My question exactly
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  • Then you should have been more dedicated to the mission of actively attacking android and iPhone users, harassing lame-duck devs and blitzing the carrier stores for this very purpose, but what were you doing for the past 5 years? Absolutely Nothing. Dismissed!
  • Chrome?
  • It's a common web browser.
  • yes its chrome. is there any religious reason not to use it?
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  • I don't care about my moustache, where is the new mobile build?
  • Nobody cares about your moustache or if you get a new mobile build.
  • I care
  • Congratulations, you're misandry is to be commended...I mean, who gives a rip about "Men's Health" amirite? =\
  • The wrong People got fired at MS. Who needs this?
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  • Men around the world that benefit from the work this charity does. Seriously if you ever get sick I really hope you don't get any benefit from those guys.
  • Let me guess, you were fired, right? Is that where all the bitterness stems from?
  • Thank you, Microsoft.
    Thank you for waiting 3 hours after I shaved to reveal this site.
  • Use this site to keep track of you mustache recovery!
  • U guys do know that garage projects are done by MS employees during off hours and on their own time as fun projects right? Has nothing to do with and doesn't affect any official product timelines!
  • As long as they can complain about something on every post, they don't care.
  • Yeah starting to see that pattern, really wish there was a button to ban these people from life itself.
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  • So is it fun for them to work on useless things like this and make iOS and Android apps every now and then and NOT fun for them to make WP apps?
  • Is it fun for you to work all day then work on the same thing in your own time? Not only that but a lot of the people involved in these projects don't work in development the whole point of the garage is to bring together people who don't usually work together and let them create whatever they want.
  • Wow, some of peeps here lol. Then again I guess majority of them haven't done a day's work in their entire life.
  • ... And I can't even find a programmer to help me at school for money making projects. Lol. Good show. The world does need more fun stupid shit as proven by the above posters lack of funny bone and/or childhood naivety.
  • Good Grief people.  It's only Monday!  Relax already....there's plenty of time in the week to moan and complain about Windows mobile not getting here fast enough for you.  Have some fun with this and donate to a worthy cause... 
  • why is everyone in a bad mood today?
  • You have to start sometime, why not monday? And december all will be fine when we receive W10M.
  • I guess Gerard can't grow facial hair
  • This is business as usual for the comments on this site anymore.... can't go a post with out someone unnecessarily complaining.
  • Yes, I remember when the comments on this site were more oriented towards discussion rather than snide comments and derogatory statements. Back when Windows Phone 7 and 8 were all the rage around here and we looked forward to when an article would reveal when the next update would be live. People were constantly pestering Dan about any news from his contacts. Who knew Windows Phone 7 or 8 could be remembered with such fondness? Now we have a lot of vitriol and immaturity. I wish those people would crawl back under the tattered couch in their basements and stay hidden.
  • The reason why because many seen the potential
  • Haha, this should be very popular in South Asia. :P
  • Launches*
  • I got 90%! #Movember
  • My Mushtache was too long that my two friends without mushtache sitting both sides of me got mushtaches too..
  • Lol!
  • I guess people can't see that these kind of web pages are research projects to improve the accuracy of facial recognition software. It's junk like this that'll make Windows Hello/Hololens/whatever so awesome. That kind of software need data, it doesn't just get invented by some hairy bloke in a dark room one night.
  • Anyone who has facial hair is not a trustworthy person, this is 21st century time look like a you are from one.
  • Do you live under a mat? Facial hair has been in style for quite some time. Also, there has been recent research that has shown women perceive men with facial hair to be better providers and more masculine.
  • Huh?
  • I hear ya,'s hard when the stuff doesn't grow in. Look though, jealousy never helped anyone in these types of situations, it's okay...not everyone can grow the stuff, you just need to display your goods some other way. ;)
  • From all the butthurt comments on here you'd think the ones that actually developed it were on here getting their feelings hurt.
  • it still bugs me anytime ppl use the phrase "butthurt" is the act not enjoyable for everyone? =s
  • Hahaha!
  • Depends which end you are at I guess.
  • YEAH! Movember!
  • Good news for my ex girlfriend!!!!
  • Man... There's hundreds and hundreds of people complaining about many of their apps and they actually spending time on stuff like this?
  • I think it's a nice little (Garage Project) thing to bring awareness to Men's Health issues with the foundation. What gets me is these people that complain that 'Microsoft has not given us Cortana' yet the people that did this don't work in the 'Cortana Department' (etc). There's more than one part of Microsoft and they don't all work on the same thing at once.. wake up