Microsoft to launch new Nokia 130 feature phone, may be last of its kind

Microsoft has announced plans to launch a new feature phone, the Nokia 130, later this quarter, but the phone could the the last such device the company releases as it moves forward with the roadmap previously planned by the Device and Services division that Microsoft acquired from Nokia in April.

The Nokia 130 does not have Internet access at all but it can be used as a video and MP3 player, and it also has an FM radio inside. It has a 1 .8 inch color display and comes in red, black and white colors. Buyers will be able to purchase either a single or dual SIM model, and an microSD card of up to 32GB can be put inside it.

However, don't expect Microsoft to continue to launch any more new feature phones like the Nokia 130. As the company's hardware chief Stephen Elop explained in July as part of the company's layoff plans. Microsoft plans to concentrate their efforts on new Windows Phone devices and will even move the designs of their recent Android-based Nokia X smartphones to their Windows Phone Lumia lines.

What do you think about Microsoft launching what may be the last of the feature phones with the Nokia branding?

Source: Nokia Conversations

John Callaham