Microsoft Launcher now supports 'live date update' for icons

Microsoft Launcher cards
Microsoft Launcher cards (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Launcher received a small update for the beta and public versions of the app.
  • The update brings support for "live date update" for calendar icons.
  • The feature works with the Microsoft Launcher calendar icon and some other calendar app icons.

A small update is rolling out for Microsoft Launcher. Both the beta and publicly released versions of the app have a changelog for version 5.9.0. In addition to bug fixes, the update brings support for live date updates for calendar icons. The feature is supported by the Microsoft Launcher calendar icon as well as some other calendar icons.

Live date update changes the date that's displayed on your calendar application. For example, I applied the new feature to my phone today, and the icon shows today's date. It's a handy way to check what day it is quickly.

The update rolled out over the weekend and should be available to all Microsoft Launcher users. Microsoft Launcher gets new features on a regular basis. Last month, Microsoft rolled out a new Cortana experience to Microsoft Launcher users.

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  • I don't get it, and I don't think the included image is representative of the update.
    How about a graphic that actually indicates what this is doing?
  • It just changes your calendar icon to say the number of the day on it. Pretty minor update.
  • I have the mentioned version and I don't have neither that nor the new Cortana experience.
  • Dude, you write confusing stuff like "Live date update changes the date that's displayed on your calendar application" and readers are going to be confused. Half the commenters here don't get what you're talking about.
  • Definitely could have made his layman terms explanation part of the article.
  • And of course there's no mention of any of this over in the Microsoft tech community or any kinda updates for that matter.. Once Google + shut down, they moved over there, made a couple of half hearted attempts of interactions, and now it's basically just there for the sake of it....
  • I'm finding that the new Cortana experience doesn't really work much at all. In fact, it seems to be much less capable than it was before, which is to say that it was barely capable compared to the Windows phone version. They seem to be going backwards.
  • What "live update icon" are they talking about?
  • I do not see any changes.
  • Look at your calendar icon, it use to have a 31 all the time. Now each day you will notice the date changes to match today's date. Plain and simple. if you don't see it then update the Launcher.
  • Beyond that there isn't much you can do with icons lol...
  • so... a little bit like a live tile ?
  • Too bad that Outlook doesn't have a calendar icon so I can see it. The one issue I have with Outlook is that I can't have multiple windows.
  • Slow news day or something? TOMMOROW: Microsoft Launcher now supports 'live time update' for clocks
  • I still don't get it. On the glance screen there is no calendar icon and on the home screen I have the Outlook shortcut which shows no dates. Does it matter because I use Outlook as my calendar?
  • Hah! The calender live tile is more functional lol.
  • Use Launcher 10 and you get an actual working Outlook Live Tile!
  • I only use the Microsoft Launcher for one thing, that it fixes the god awful stock Android app list.
  • Wow! "live" branding and "app icon" in the same sentence. Feeling warm fuzz in me. Potentially the return of LIVE TILES! Sparkles in my eyes and tearing up with potential joy, just thinking about this, for Microsoft Launcher, oh my!