Microsoft Launcher 5.7 rolls out with new Cortana conversation experience

Cortana inMicrosoft Launcher
Cortana inMicrosoft Launcher (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Launcher 5.7 is now rolling out for everyone.
  • This update brings a new conversation experience for Cortana.
  • It also movee the feed tabs to the bottom for "better navigation."

Microsoft Launcher version 5.7 is now rolling out to everyone after a few weeks of beta testing. This update adds a couple of new notable features, including a more conversational Cortana experience and some UI tweaks for the feed.

The new Cortana conversation experience switches things up by showing the extent of your conversation with Microsoft's digital assistant instead of having single queries and responses. It's a look that's spreading across all platforms that is intended to make interacting with Cortana more seamless.

This update also moves the feed tabs to the bottom of the screen so they're a little more convenient to access. In addition, you'll get improvements to the drag and drop experience on your home screen.

Here's the full release notes for Microsoft Launcher version 5.7:

  • Feed tabs are moved to the bottom for easy access
  • Cortana conversation experience updates (en_US only)
  • Improved icon drag & drop experience on home screen

Microsoft Launcher 5.7 is now available for everyone via Google Play. This update also comes alongside an update to 5.8 for the beta version of Microsoft Launcher, which adds a couple of improvements for IT administrators and the ability to have new app installs automatically add icons to your home screen.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • What does Launcher do? It rearranged my icons and that is about it... I want my Live Tiles...
  • Exactly. And Cortana is STILL a dismal failure on Android. Sure, if you are ON the home screen and if you press the button or, sometimes, if you say "Hey, Cortana", it will respond. You can't use it in the car. You can't use it RELIABLY hands-free. You can't get incoming texts announced and read to you. In other words, all the ways I use it on my Windows phone absolutely do NOT work on Android.
  • Are you still whining about Cortana? It is dead. If you want your messages read, just ask Google Assistant. It works with third party messaging apps now too. Sticking with Microsoft services in 2011 and expecting them to not die or lost features is crazy.
  • First, no. I despise Google and wish that company would disappear from the face of the earth. Second, it does NOT ANNOUNCE INCOMING TEXTS AND OFFER THE OPPORTUNITY TO INTERACT WITH THEM. So, no. Just because you're backwards and don't demand better, doesn't mean I have to.
  • I do really like MS launcher, but it tends to be a little slower and the black of access to the deep inner workings makes Cortana a secondary assistant on my phone at best. As much crap as people give Samsung, the One UI is fast and Bixby can pull the same amount of info from my MS accounts onto its landing page as Launcher can.
  • Can cortana read texts yet like it could do 3 years ago?
  • No. Cortana does NOTHING unless you START interacting. And even then, it's severely limited by comparison. Cortana will not work in your car.
  • Because Cortana is dead. It is only a matter of time before they kill the branding and use the technology in other areas. They already started winding it down.
  • Cortana is dead, mobile is dead, band is dead, browser is dead, maps is dead, no home assistant, no car, no music streaming. RIP
  • Yep, sad to see it.. I'm using the launcher on my galaxy note 9 because I can't stand Samsung one UI.. My surface pro 3, I never really use it and only got it because I was using windows phone at the time. I think I'm going to try iPhone next. Never had one, but at least everything seems to work together. Microsoft and Android seems to be turning into some sort of Frankenstein mismatch will always be cobbled together.