Microsoft Launcher beta gets support for Intune managed devices

Microsoft Launcher cards
Microsoft Launcher cards (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Launcher beta version 5.8 is now available.
  • The update gives IT administrators the ability to fully manage devices with Microsoft Intune.
  • For phones on Android 8.0, Launcher will now automatically add icons to the home screen for new app installs.

A fresh update is now rolling out to the Microsoft Launcher beta for Android. Ticking the version number up to 5.8, this update adds a couple of handy new features related to app installs and IT administration (via Neowin).

The first change most people will notice is that Launcher can now automatically add icons for new app installs to the homescreen on phones with Android version 8.0 or higher. It's a small, but useful improvement that should come in handy.

Next up is added integration with Microsoft Intune for IT administrators. Launcher 5.8 now works with Intune Fully Managed Devices. This allows administrators to have control over the configuration of a phone's home screen, including everything from wallpapers to app placement.

Here's a rundown of the full release notes:

  • Newly installed apps can be added to home screen automatically for devices running Android 8.0 and above.
  • Microsoft Intune Fully Managed Devices Support- IT pros now can configure home screen experiences for managed devices, including wallpaper, home screen apps, app icons placement, and feed availability.

Microsoft Launcher version 5.8 is now available for beta testers to check out via Google Play. If you haven't opted in to the beta test, you can do so from the app's store page to get started. These features should make their way to the release version of Microsoft Launcher once they've been fully tested in the beta channel.

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