Microsoft launches Scrapbook powered by Bing and Windows Phone to keep track of your memories

This is a bit out of the blue with the Mango news, but it looks like Microsoft has launched a new service called "Scrapbook" that utilizes the Windows Phone Live checkins (found on Mango phones, so we guess it does tie in). Brought to our attention by Long Zheng of iStartedSomething, what happens is your checkins are saved to this digital Scrapbook which is just Bing Maps with your history saved--you click on a number and it zooms over to where it was, getting the location info, a picture and anything else associated with that entry.

And yes, you can even delete your checkins, which is good because when I did the one above two weeks ago, I didn't get the location correct. Overall, it's a pretty simple yet smart tie in from Microsoft and for some odd reason, we expect a mobile app to appear any moment...

Source: Scrapbook; via @longzheng

Daniel Rubino

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  • lol this actually came from that failed phone Kin. took the name re-made it.
  • Would rather have an app pinned to my WP7 start screen. =)
  • Integrating the pictures you take and location tags all in one layered map over time would be kind of cool..