Xbox Music Web

Microsoft has today unveiled and launched a new client for Xbox Music. Subscribers to the service can now enjoy music through the web interface. The new client (found at shares a similar look and feel to the Windows 8.1 Xbox Music app we recently looked at, which isn't a negative. Keeping it all familiar is a bonus for those who utilise multiple platforms.

Functionality featured by the web client includes the ability to manipulate and configure collections and playlists already stored on a Microsoft account. As noted above, this is open to subscribers with the Xbox Music Pass. Unfortunately there's no support for free streaming, but there's the option of a 30-day free trial. To see what's playing right this very second, a now playing area is situated at the bottom of the screen, sporting the array of playback controls.

Xbox Music Screen

It's clear how Microsoft is starting to look at opening up the service to other platforms and reach out to as many consumers as possible. We've got to remember that Microsoft is in the midst of restructuring to a device and services company. Being a service, it makes sense for Redmond to release similar apps on competitor platforms. The only question is how would the company go about it?

You can try out the new web interface over on the Microsoft website.