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Microsoft looking to bring back the Start Menu to Windows 8 in future update

Microsoft made some radical changes to the Windows platform with the launch of Windows 8. Some consumers adapted to the new Modern user interface, while others struggled to move on from the Start menu, not effectively utilising the Start screen with Live Tiles and other functionality. According to latest reports, the company is looking to return the Start menu in a coming update.

Rum: 9

We've previously looked at the upcoming Windows 8 update to succeed 8.1, codenamed "Threshold." It's believed that Microsoft will release said updates to bring Xbox One, Windows and Windows Phone closer together. Now, according to Mary Jo Foley over at ZDNet, Microsoft will ship three product SKUs:

  • ​Consumer-focused release, running on phones and ARM-based tablets/PCs (think a revised Windows RT)
  • Traditional consumer release on x86 architecture, aimed at the PC market with mice and keyboards (just like full-blown Windows 8 today)
  • Traditional enterprise SKU for volume licensees

Parallels Start Menu

​​Start menu in Parallels 9

Big changes coming to Windows

As well as the above, Paul Thurrott has included a few changes that may be planned for a future version of Windows - note that no codename or version has been confirmed. If you've been craving the full Start menu, or have desired the ability to run Modern apps in desktop mode alongside each other, prepare yourself for a rather large smile.

Both these features are believed to be on the way. Currently, there are still many complaints about the start menu, or lack of. Some utilities have been released (and even included by OEMs), but to have an official menu return to Windows would be a blessing for those who simply can't live without the feature.

Running Modern apps in desktop mode would also be a massive improvement for those using a mouse and keyboard. The ability to have Modern apps as windows (much like traditional x86 Windows software) in the desktop would remove the requirement to switch between the desktop and Modern UI. This could potentially increase productivity.

But that's not all as Thurrott teases that there's the possibility for more features to be included in the next major update for Windows and we find it difficult to disagree. Microsoft is certainly listening to consumers on all platforms (be it Windows, Xbox or Windows Phone) so these changes (and more) make perfect sense.

It's worth noting that while this is all rumour for the time being, both Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott are usually spot on when it comes to these types of stories. Would these two features alone make a difference to the Windows user experience for you?

Source: ZDNet, via: Winsupersite

Rich Edmonds is a word conjurer at Windows Central, covering everything related to Windows, gaming, and hardware. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a device chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • 1st!
  • Could have added something relative...
  • haha you're right but i was feeling lazy. lol. anyways i could not care less cause i love the metro and even if i dont use or click on the tiles much i most often just type to search the program that i need to open. dunno why people complain so much when its easier to just type and search >.<
  • It's all about context switching. It can be jarring to have a spreadsheet open, press the windows key and then have everything you were looking at disappear for tiles instead of having just a small menu pop up. I don't mind it, but plenty do and there's plenty of evidence that context switching is annoying and bad for productivity. (And it's stupid on windows phone - context switching to toggle rotation lock, really?)   Microsoft, please don't screw this up. Make this an *option.* Windows 8 Live tiles work WAY better on touchscreens and smaller devices, so please don't make it so you are stuck with the start menu. Give us the best of both worlds. It can't be that hard.
  • /thread
  • Agreed!
  • But that's exactly the same with the old start menu, when you're in the desktop, just click on Start (or press the Windows key) and start typing to search
  • I thought they blocked comments like this. Congrats on beating the system?   More importantly, congrats on being first.
  • They blocked 'first' not '1st'... :D
  • But what about the devices like convertibles or touch-notebooks or high-end tablets now. Do they have to use the improved RT then instead of the full system?
  • I do not think so; worst case scenario, and as long as you have an 86 processor, you can install Win 8.1 Pro.
  • Bring back Clippy!
  • +1.
  • Before remove something they should ask - Start Menu, Radio, Zune, Xbox Live Games ...
  • Ask the who, what?..huh?
  • +1
  • So there will be an option? I like options.
  • Yeah, I am thinking I would like to turn this off, especially on my tablet.
  • Yea. Hopefully they have the settings set so that you don't have to change it yourself. Like if you have a tablet, then the system knows you have a tablet and won't put this start menu as the default option. But on another note, wouldn't this "studder" make MS look bad?
  • On my surface RT I would like the option to completely remove the desktop. The start button and the desktop evironment are more of a hassel than anything. People need to let the start button go.
  • Oh well, guess they have to make the people that just can't get it happy.
  • Yeah, cuz God forbid they stop crying and actually try something new.
  • Preach it Sean D!
  • Like they won't find something else to complain about. 
  • +1
  • "New" does not automatically translate in "Better". "Words like "Change" and "New" could good or bad.
  • Very true. However, there are certain people in this world that are extremely conservative and they tend to perceive all change as bad.
  • Reminds me of when the Wii came out. All I read were comments like: "Why do I have to use motion controls? Give me a traditional controller with 2 joysticks!" The same thing is happening with the Wii U: "Why do I need a screen on the controller?! It's too big!" Haters gonna hate.
  • The thing is sure the start screen is nice or what have you, but, its not practical in a real world sense. Say I am doing something while following instructions on the screen now I have to the start screen guess what I just lost what in was supposed to do. Why should I have to print it out...if I even have a printer at that computer. Or what if I am programming I have visual studio up now I have to bring up SSSMS to look at some data or to modify a stored procedure, the start screen could be the difference of me getting something some or me losing my train of thought which statistically takes about a half hour to an hour to get back into. What's even worse is they actually put the start screen on Server 2012. Smh.
  • If it's in the consumer's best interest, why not?
  • It's all about choice. Windows 8 is lovely for tablets and even small notebooks, and fine for the mainstream user tbh, but business users (a big part of what MS wants) need to be productive, and a small menu is better than a giant screen displayed over everything you were just working on, even if only just for a few seconds. It may be *fine* for users (and it is for me, I don't really care honestly) but why settle when you can have both? As long as it's an option, and I don't see Microsoft removing live tiles anytime soon, give us both. It's like choosing a CPU was - only blind fanboys (or a specific niche of users, in this case tablets) would have picked an FX-8100 over a similarly priced i5-2500k that performed better while using less power in nearly every scenario. Sure, an FX-8100 is good enough, but there's no reason to settle when you can do much better. Windows 8 on my desktop is fine, and I would take it given the under the hood improvements and other things over Windows 7, but given the option of Windows 8 or Windows 8 and the Windows 7 style start bar for the same price on my desktop, I'd definitely take the latter.
  • Exactly. Most people don't understand the challenge with managing end users in enterprise.
  • The start screen doesn't effect productivity at all. How often during the day does someone go into a start menu or start screen to launch an app? It can't be that often. Most people launch the important apps at the start of the day and just switch between them. The start screen is exactly the same as the desktop. You can pin apps and files to the start screen just as you would pin shortcuts on the desktop. The only real difference is that it uses grouping instead of folders and you can scroll it. The only time you would access the start menu is when you search for an app and it is easier to find something in a full screen than a small menu with shortcuts buried in folders. That's why they added pinning of shortcuts to the start menu. However, I can organize my most used apps better on the start screen than I can on the start menu. I use windows 7 at work and windows 8 at home on a non-touchscreen PC and Windows 7 isn't more productive in any way. The key is to organize the start screen. When windows 8 shipped, it pinned all newly installed apps on the start screen. The only apps that should be on the start screen are those you will access often. All teh other apps should be access through the all apps screen, just like how the all programs in the start menu works. 
  • The difference is that you can organise all the apps in W7. IIRC the only way to do that in W8 is to pin them... Otherwise you have to look at a screen-full of apps
  • You did not really use W8.1, did you? But let's the bashing start! :-]
  • I must be one of a few people who never use the start menu in Win7, I have links in my taskbar to everything I need. To be honest my setup is more akin to OSX's dock. Although I also chuck less important stuff like games on the desktop (as they tend to chop and change so when I am done with one I ditch it).
  • @txDrum totally agree
  • When consumers stubbornly demand to live in the past, it hinders creativity. I see and hear a lot of people complaining about losing the Start Menu at work, but when I watch them on a Win7 device they all use the Start Menu like it is Windows 95. They don't pin often used apps, they don't use search and they say "where was that" while they hunt and peck. These are the people I encounter who say MS has lost touch with their customer and these are the people I offend when I tell them to learn how to make Windows work for them and to stop using Windows 95.
  • Totally agree and search is much easier than a start menu imho. People dont like change, I remember when win95 came out there was uproar about the new start button. An option to enable or disable is a better option than bringing the start back full stop.  
  • Yes but this is exactly why people are switching over to apple and android. Because apple creates things that look beautiful and makes things simpler and faster for people to use. Why should I have to exit an app, open another app, tap twice on a button to change a setting from off to on, when i can just swipe up or down and tap the relevant button on apple or android products? For an operating system that claims great productivity and business use, not having a week view in calendar is *criminal*. Also, live tiles are NOT live. They rarely work as they should, and are not a patch on widgets on android. Ive had problems with these on Lumia 800, 920, 1020 and 625. Ive tried all the things to remedy them, but its not working. I bought a 2520 last week after thinking long and hard about Lumia vs Ipad air. I am thinking about returning it because despite putting my best efforts into wanting to like WP and Windows 8, it just doesn't cut it any more. These features are 'coming' is not an excuse. Ive waited over two years since I bought my Lumia 800 and STILL they have not added basic functionality.
  • If you live tiles are not working check your apps, because some apps are poorly written and it will block updates, at the same time will eat up your battery.
  • Beg to differ on the week view in the calendar. You have a choice of day, work week, week or month if you just click on the top of the screen when using a mouse or swipe down if using a touch based device. As far as the live tiles go we have 2 Lumia 920s in the house, a Surface 2, Surface RT and Surface Pro 2 as well as several Windows 8 desktop computers and have never had any problem on any of them. They all work just as they should, updates, e-mails, telephone messages/missed calls, calendar appointments, all work perfectly. Toast notifictions work just fine on our phones. We love that the calendar also sends an e-mail notification of an upcoming appointment. I have to say that we are loving what Microsoft is doing with everything all being synced and never having to worry about whether we are using our phones, Surfaces or computers, we know that the same information will be on all of them.
  • First, there is nothing simple and easy about android. Apple just added the command center to ios. Before that you had to exit an app, go to settings, search for the setting, and tap the button. You make it sould like apple always had this feature. Android has had setting shortcuts for a long time, but the os overall isn't simple and easy to use. Most of the tiles on my phone and PC do update. Even if they don't, you can make them small and they will become just like the ipad air, static icons. The devices do have basic functionality. They are missing a few features. If those features are really that important to you, then by all means return teh tablet. I, personally, have gotten by easily without a notification center and rotation lock.
  • My Windows 8 devices openly mock my Macbook (OSX now looks like something from the 1970s)
  • My friend has a Macbook Air and I genuinely want to cry every time I see it. It has such gorgeous hardware, a truly beautiful aluminum shell. But then when my friend boots it up, I see it running stale old boring OS X, and I weep that such a gorgeous body and being ruined by such a horrible OS. I've never understood why people love OS X, it's so bland stale and boring. It's main color scheme is GREY for Pete's sake! Sure, it supposedly runs fast, but then again, running a UI fresh out of the 90s can't be too intensive on the processor.
  • Umm, iOS devices literally /just/ got Command Center, like, no joke, just this past September... And Windows 8 already has it's own way of quickly switching frequently accessed settings, thanks to the nifty Charms bar. The problem is that the Windows team and the Windows Phone team aren't very unified at the moment. Hopefully, Microsoft will deliver on their promise of true unity when they release Windows Phone 8.1, then it should be smooth sailing from there. So while I lust for something similar to the Charms bar on my Lumia 1020, Windows Phone still isn't as far behind as people make it out to be. Does it need to catch up? Hell yes, and fast, but my point stands: it's not as dreadfully far behind as people like to think it is. As for the live tiles: are you sure your apps aren't at fault?
  • I don't think this is about living in the past. It's about productivity in a traditional desktop setup. Though is using a keyboard and mouse living while multitasking multiple apps on the same screen (or multiscreen) in the past? Perhaps it is, but it's hard to beat that efficiency. And we don't need to give that up in the process.
  • Win8.0 is my primary workstation for work. I have my mouse, keyboard, laptop display, 2 external monitors and a nightmare of USB devices. Multitasking has not been impacted at all. To be honest, I have no need for modern apps at the office; but I do enjoy the stability and speed of Win8 and I look forward to getting Win8.1 on my work device. I get my experience does not define everyones, but people complaining without even trying is just sad. As I mentioned earlier, most folks I encounter are using a "pretty version of Windows 95".
  • Thankfully its just an option and not a requirement. I'd much rather have touch based on a laptop and mice and keyboard for a desktop.
  • I'd much rather have touch, mouse/trackpad/trackball, and keyboard for desktop. I use all three in combination on my Surface Pro.
  • + SP2
  • Me too! Just tell logitech to keep making those trackballs because my left click is slowly going. Oh and don't forget stylus input!!
  • They have the new start menu. No need to backpedal when the new UI works as good if not better than before.
  • You can already run Modern UI apps next to desktop. You just can't run desktop apps next to Modern UI apps.
  • ^THIS
  • Agreed. That and the functionality to run metro apps in windowed mode exists in one of the 8 tweak programs.
  • Windows 8 doesn't need the start button!!!!!!! AAARRTRGFJFJHGGHH People are just too damn stupid
  • I agree, sort of, it is nice to have when I need to find something lol, but there was another announcement to this - playing Apps on the desktop, which does sound neat haha. :D
  • If you need to find something you can start typing in the letters and boom there it is. Way fast than navigating through sub menus.
  • That's how it currently works- which is why people are stupid and Ms should just ignore them and move on. THEY DONT KNOW THAT IT WORKS EXACTLY THE SAME WAY- all complaints are unfounded. The only legitimate complaint , "I don't like full screen app launching" was addressed in 8.1.
  • Yeah, but that's identical on W7. Press Start - begin typing and it returns apps, games and file matches
  • For me, running apps on desktop is more important. I don't care about the start menu.
  • Why not get programs instead of apps on the desktop? Apps are halfass... We might as well go back to Windows 7.
  • Programs are already on desktop, I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Apps and programs are basically the same thing when put on a desktop environment... That's my point.
  • I think people mean mimicking what a currently available program does, where it takes a Metro App and places it inside a traditional desktop Window, which you can then resize and adjust to your leisure. Likely a good option for people who need to run more than two apps side by side, but don't have a big enough resolution display for Windows 8.1 to permit such action.
  • How many of those apps will look good and work well in a windowed environment? Microsoft went full screen because most people were running their apps maximized on windows 7 and prior. Snap view is generally more than enough when you need to see 2 things at the same time and you don't have dual monitors. The people who open apps in many small windows are really a small minority. Microsoft telemetry data shows that.
  • "Sinofsky stated that telemetry data shows that."
    Fixed for you.
  • Plus, some people want it, so more people would come to windows. Its not about you remember, not everyone is you. People want it as an option, so you don't have to use it, do you? Its a good feature for many.
  • Yet Apple gives no options and it is doing well... Hmmm that would indicate too many options cause too much confusion and fragmentation.
  • Funny now android, with many many choices is now top, and Apple is going down fir having no choices....because people are realising choices are good.
  • +8
  • This is the news a lot of people who haven't switched to Windows 8 yet have been waiting to hear. I frankly can't be any happier to know that Microsoft is finally beginning to take initiatives to demonstrate to even their staunchest critics that they will not accept criticism without making changes as necessary. I look forward to the long term fruits of this exciting development.
  • Interesting to use an SS of Start8, which I believe is one of the best start buttons out there for Windows 8 (granted, it costs a little, but you only have to buy it once for it to be on every PC/ laptop you own ;) ).
  • You know what the best start button is for windows 8? The start menu.
  • Or you can use classic shell for free and comes with better options imo also I believe there is a third party program already to launch modern apps in desktop mode but I forget the name.
  • No!!!, there is a start menu..people need to learn to deal with change...we have people still using XP!!. The start button addition was just stupid..the hot corner was so much better. 
  • People are usually extra resistant to change when it's completely useless.
  • +1
  • Thank the heavens!!!
  • BREAKING NEWS: "More features coming to future version of Windows." Earth-shattering news there guys. It's not like every other version of Windows hasn't come with new features; this has never happened before. Wow. Don't get too excited, though, it's just a rumor.
  • I usually like choices. And this is going to make me sound kind of like a purist but I think this is why we can't have nice things. People often refuse to adopt new ways to interact with technology so Microsoft seems to be in need of catering to everyone.
    I guess with great power comes great responsibility. But I will say that lately they have surprised me with their ability to deliver something nice. So, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Yeah, and unfortunately, unlike Apple, people aren't willing to trust Microsoft. So where as Steve Jobs literally could've made a device that only turned on, displayed and Apple logo and then turned off, he could've pitched it as the future and people would've lined up around the corner to buy one launch day. Still, choice is good, just so long as Microsoft doesn't overwhelm us with so many buttons, toggles and options that it becomes overwhelming (*cough* Android *cough*).
  • BOOO!
  • Won't make any difference to me, but if it makes other people happ, go for it. Personally, I have adapted to the Modern UI and don't miss the Start menu at all.
  • Nice features. If would they just make a desktop app market for windows 8 rt now would be even more awesome.
  • Hopefully they don't bring back the old start menu, the new one is better. But the feature using Metro-Apps on Desktop would be great.
  • Thank god they are bringing it back, productivity in 8/8.1 isn't near as good as Win 7 IMO. The OS needs to know what type of product its being installed on and adjust itself accordingly. For instance a PC that is non touch interface should have a GUI that fits that vs. A tablet where touch is central to it's use. MS needs to let the OS installer select the appropriate layout for the hardware it is being installed on. I say let the user decide if they want a start menu or just a touch style interface. Its all about options for the end user and having the best productivity layout possible regardless of hardware type.
  • Makes sense. Problem is that half of the users won't understand how to make that decision, they'll get frustrated, return it and trash windows while buying an MacBook or an iPad. Sad but true.
  • You have no idea what are you talking about.. "to let the OS Installer select the appropriate layout" - let's assume you are referring to the MSI - Microsoft Software Installer, this is just an engine, what it installs and for what and where to place the shortcuts it's up to the dev. Btw productivity on 8.1 is sky rocket in comparison to 7, it brings so many new features, better powershell implementation, better memory management, improved accessing applications and much more.
  •  Lets first not assume anything... I'm talking about people who install their own OS's. If I were given the option to boot directly to a desktop mode vs. a touch screen interface in 8, I would have selected that since I use a mouse and keyboard for my desktop workstation. All I said is it would be nice to have the option at install to select what type of UI I get. I now have that option in 8.1 but only post install.. I have been using 8.1 since it's beta. I have adapted fine, I just don't like it as much as Windows 7 and I'm entitled to my opinion. I can get things done faster in 7. I didn't say Windows 8 was trash and inferior to 7 nor that it didn't bring new enhancements.. It is considerably better at a lot of things, but not everything. I am sure I will adapt as time goes on but a start menu would be nice. Especially after using it for so many years. I find myself clicking it out of habbit and getting the start screen of metro I wan't expecting. You can't tell me that hasn't happend to you a few times? Everyone uses Windows differently I just think that options are a good thing for everyone.    
  • The fact that you insist on calling Metro/Modern a "touch screen interface" seriously harms your credibility. It works just fine with a mouse & keyboard and is easier to use and more productive than the old start menu. "I can get things done faster in Windows 7" is another way of saying "I haven't tried to use Windows 8 properly" -- A man who doesn't know how to drive a car can get somewhere faster by walking -- it doesn't mean that walking is inherently faster.  
  • I didn't, nor have I said it doesn't work with a Keyboard and Mouse. I'm doing that right now. I am glad you find it more useful for how you use Windows. I do not. And how do you "Use Windows 8 Properly"  when everyone uses Windows differently for different things? That's pretty subjective, no?
  • Sure it works fine on non-touch devices, but lets be frank here: the Metro UI was designed for touch, and thus using it ONLY with a keyboard and mouse can be somewhat frustrating, especially if you have a large screen (all that time dragging the mouse from corner to corner must be horrendous)
  • Adjust the sensitivity of your mouse?
  • You said with your own words "productivity in 8/8.1 isn't near as good as Win 7 IMO", now you say that "I didn't say Windows 8 was trash and inferior to 7" well this 2 statements kinda contradict themself. Anyway you didn't expressed yourself correctly, like semantics. You wrote OS Installer while you meant to say that you were referring to the operating system installation, custom options, start-up screen and so on, I am sorry but "installer" means a whole different thing, more so when you pair it with the word OS. Now to get to your point, no, I haven't click on the start menu, I didn't even used in 7, it is really pointless. Everything you need is either in search or on the desktop which now is perfectly replaced with live tiles.
  • By "OS installer" he is obviously referring to the installer which installs the operating system.
  • Good decision. The Modern UI is not as good on a desktop as the old start menu. On my ultrathin notebook with a full HD touch screen, on the other hand, I prefer the Modern UI.
  • Can we still have the start screen? I moved on from the start button so i hope the option for start screen is still there
  • Wow. This is pointless. Everything still can be done if you spend three minutes trying it. It becomes every bit as easy. These are the same people that are OCD and flip out if you movr their coffee mug from one shelf to another and then they can't function for the rest of the day. I cannot believe something so small (because the same exact features are still present) has become so critical to some people.
  • true...
  • Can you direct me to where in the new start screen I can add jumplist shortcuts to tiles? I didn't think it was possible and it's the primary reason I use Start8 but according to you everything is possible so maybe you can tell me where to activate it.
  • 9 really? Im sorry but Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott are like what? 25% right of what they say?  both of them are the least source about Microsoft news that you can find.   and then I have to wonder, why would Microsoft remove the whole start menu code if they are going to bring it back? why would they allow you to sync your start screen, if they are going to put start menu... which probably wont sync. and while some people dont like Windows 8, like they didnt like windows vista, and some didnt even like windows 7. with 8.1 more and more people have managed not to complain about it.     but next time WPcentral, please... just better find a better source, what about a real Microsoft employeer? instead of 2 clowns of internet who are always "I dont know" in podcast like stupid Windows Weekly and others?   but yeah lets put a 9, becuase especially Paul Thurrott says its true, he is always right /s   I would rather contact the old Canouna and ask him if this is true instead of trusting a 2 worthless "gimme clicks I need to feed myself and my family" "journalists"
  • Wow, that seems like a personal thing you have with them. The truth is that they have a great track record with rumors of this kind and they pretty much have earned a good reputation. If you don't like them that's OK but there's no need to insult them personally. Take a breath, Cool off. Have a nice day.
  • and you care because? im not talking about you. and they havent said anything important regarding to Windows 8. like i said... they were always "I dont know" in that retarded windwos weekly podcast. so again, why should I trust them, there is a reason I mentioned Canouna, if he didnt know something he didnt make a rumor, if he did, he said it, showed it, or said it wasnt right the rumor.  sadly he is gone, but he made real and good leaks about windows 8 when nobody but him said something but stupid rumors tell me what important "rumors" have these both person said about windows 8 that were true? please, can you make me see the light?    oh and you should take the advice yourself, since it seems you are the only one that cares what someone says about others who you dont even know, and they probably think you are nothing because they probably dont know you either. 
  • Again, have a nice day. That's all I have to say to you.
  • Again, have a nice day. That's all I have to say to you.
  • 1. rumors they are True or not true, and guess what? you didnt actually say any rumor she or paul thurrott said about Windows 8/8.1 that were true... 2. you should learn to post only once. 3. by your answer it only shows you are a waste of time with no real words to reply. so no, YOU have a good day, because apparently thats the only thing you know. 
  • 1. There's no point in discussing this, at the end of the day you'll believe whatever you want. It's a rumor, it might be true, it might not, That's just how it works. WPCentral gave it a 9. Agree or dissagree and move on. Deal with it. 2. Oh, hitting my where it hurt, my commenting skills. Come on now. 3. Apparently I'm a worthy time waster and I will have a great day because I choose to be positive and not tie my self esteem to what people on the internet think of me. Never, at any point I was trying to be mean to you, I just said that you attacked them personally and there's no reason for that, there are better ways to defend your point. That's all. I told you to have a nice day because to me wishing someone something positive is better than to fight them and bringing them down, I don't know why would you be offended by that. Be kind to one another people.
  • Wow surprised at your rant. I've always found Mary Jo Foley to be spot on
  • Agree. She was the one that broke the whole Windows Blue/ 8.1 thing.
  • So the upgrade will bring with it a serious downgrade. Meh.
  • Optional.
  • If the start menu return is an option then I am all for it. Myself, I have adapted very well without it, wait... Start menu? I have a very vague memory of it... Was it useful? Lol
  • That menu looks dumb now. They could at least make it look more like the start screen. Sigh...hopefully it stays as an option, cause it defeats the whole purpose of win8 to begin with...
  • It can be the new start screen that pops up in desktop mode, not covering the whole screen so people don't get confused and this way are deceived into thinking that this is the new look of the old start menu.
  • I hope this start menu will be optional because I got so accustomed to be rid of it.
  • I don't see the need now for the start option....the file folder does everything one needs imo....I actually never use the start option on my work windows 7 laptop just shortcut to everything else...but hey if it makes people happy go for it!
  • I just got used to it.
  • NOOOO!!!! Stop going backwards!
  • I seriously don't understand why people want the start menu back...
  • I use W8 on a Toshiba laptop without a touch screen...and I enjoy it. I thought the simple update of using the same wallpaper for both modes made the whole experience much better (weird how that worked). So yeah, I don't get the NEED for the Start Menu, but its cool they're listening to those...that aren't buying, but don't listen to those of us that have been there from damn near the START of it all and give us a better Zunelike music service or a perfect internet browser or a ... Well, hey, it's a START, I guess.
  • This is exactly why I think if the start button would pop the current new start menu in a windowed/desktop mode, people would feel comfortable with it. The same effect common background has.
  • That screenshot seems photoshopped because the message app was removed from win 8.1 due to microsoft merging it to skype in the near future... I dont like it at all though. I hope they dont get rid of the new start creen wich is way better than anything before it.
  • This is a custom start menu, not the rumored start menu.
  • Great moves.  Having Metro run on the desktop is similar to having overlapping windows.  Now that's productivity.  Start menu is much better than the current flat menu where you see everything installed so makes selecting the thing you want much more slowly.
  • While the sources are highly reputable, I don't know that I'd give this a 9, simply because "Threshold" isn't due until "Spring 2015", so A LOT can change between now and then.
  • I don't care at all about the Start Menu. I use Search to open apps, which does have a major pet peeve: why does it default search to settings? It adds that extra step every time I want to open an app. I would have thought that most would be looking for apps like I am, so that one is frustrating. This is a fix I'd get excited about. I would also be very happy with better use of the Modern apps with the desktop apps. 8.1 made it much more reasonable to actually use Modern apps, but there are still some productivity setups with the limitations on sizes I can make each window, how many I can have on each screen, etc.
  • The current start menu is just fine.  I mean right clicking on the Box in the lower left corner.  It brings up what I personally only used the Start menu for.  I like the quick access to the "Geeky Things", System, Device Manage,  Command Prompt, Run, Search, Programs and Features, etc.  Keep that please!
  • That's right!
  • I really didn't miss it. What's the point of it. Everything is laid out in your face.
  • I've moved on from the start button and operating just fine in 8.1 without it. You can configure the start button via the navigation tab in the properties of the taskbar. Its much more efficient than the start button.
  • What about Aero Glass?
  • The old start menu is obsolete and takes longer.  Get to know these shortcut keys and you won't look back for the old way: Windows key + W = search bar
    Windows key + X = menu for admin tools (control panel, device manager, network settings, task manager, etc...)
    Windows key + C = charms bar
    Windows key + E = file explorer
    Windows key + R = Run
  • That's right!
  • Many people prefer browsing to look for the program they need rather than typing its name in a search bar. The start menu is much more practical here than browsing a list of horizontal icons on a full screen. This is specially usefull when browsing software that install lots of shorcts orgaznied into sub menus.  
  • Leave it alone and make it optional for the dumb f---s
  • All the UI feature changes should be optional configurable things, so the user can customise Win8 for the device they are using. On my Surface I have no need for a start button or the start menu. Why the hell can't you disable the start button if you want to? Also why the hell can't you configure whether to completely shut down apps on swipe down. The key here is that people want options; options to configure Win8 for their needs.    
  • It seems just a huge mess & they are only making it more complex for the general masses to choose right product for themselves.
    Hope, they can unify these platforms sooner then later.
  • Here we go. One step forward and two steps back.
  • I couldn't care less about getting a start menu back - I never used it ever since Win7 and pinning programs to the taskbar. The start screen just makes so much more sense anyway - instead of a little list of static program icons, you get a screen full of tiles that have at-a-glance info, and to top it off, you can still make your lists of static icons programs. It's better in every single way, especially with 8.1's new search.. love that. But of course, Microsoft needs to handle all those lame-arses who won't listen to why it's better, and think change is a sin. It's sad, really. I can't count the number of people who told me Win8 was terrible, before I showed them how to use it properly - and of course they loved it after that. If anything, Microsoft needs to spend more time making tutorials for users - especially if they want to keep pushing forward with different/better products like Win8.
  • I've got a good mix of Win7 and Win8 machines I use each day.  I find it funny how I have to consciously remember which I'm using and tailor my behavior differently.  Albeit, with Win8, I have dual monitors so I can have one in Metro and the other on desktop.  But I spend 75% of my time using the desktop on both monitors.  I've  experienced little benefit to not having the start menu.  Thank God for the right-click option!  Technically, we can tell people to use search or pin those kinds of items to the start screen.  But search means typing - not optimal especially if someone doesn't know exactly what they are searching for, and pinning means you have to find the applications to pin just so you can flip flop back and forth between metro and desktop - which is seen by many as slightly bi-polar. The right-click option was a partial concession on MS's behalf imo - and if it were not there, I'd probably buy one of those start menu add-on's.  So when people say they want the whole thing back. Cool.  I'll use it...on my desktop with a mouse. However, on my tablet - a la WinRT, there is little need for the desktop at all not to mention a start menu.  I'd prefer to see every windowed applet turned into a proper Metro UI and ditch the desktop completely - make way for the WP/RT merge!
  • Not need but as an option you can turn on or off, I welcome it.
  • The only people they aren't listening to are WP users asking for increased functionality and the halt to deprecating platform features like Xbox Live.
  • "full Start menu, or have desired the ability to run Modern apps in desktop mode alongside each other" If only these two things come true I would be updating my Desktop PC from Win7 to Win8 right away. Now only If Microsoft could bring back desktop gatgets, at least the basic ones made by MS and without support for 3rd party ones would be enoght for me. No need to worry about supposed security exploits with MS made gatgets.    
  • Thanks. It happens while playing games. I figured it might be normal. I'll try it though. Sincerely appreciate you sharing. I always get useful info from here.
  • They need to get off ARM and refocus everything on x86 with intel and amd azap
  • This had better be a fucking option or something for enterprise edition only. Last thing I need is some legacy POS I hadn't used since Windows XP. If this slows down my access to the start screen I'll be in the Apple store looking for a new computer.
  • Completely agree with your statement. I LOVE WIN8 on my tablet and use the apps. On the desktop, all I use is the Mail app and IE. Everything else is just there to look pretty:-)
  • Wow, dat Start menu... So 5 years ago! Move on people!
  • It seems people are mixed on this, but this needed to be on Windows 8 to start with. There never was any sort of bridge to the Modern UI for Windows, they just delivered it. People hate change, but if they can work the way they know and spend time exploring and learning new features as they grow accustomed to it, I bet it will be adapted to much more quickly than the original jarring change Windows 8 was. Mind you, I love the Modern UI and it works for me oh PC and tablet, but not everyone likes change or adapts to it as readily.
  • "People hate change" Understatement of the century.
  • Eff the start menu. Way to cling to the past. What drives me nuts is that if apple created metro UI it'd be all "no no you don't need a menu" and people would be preaching it. I have to use win 7 at work and constantly wish I had the screen instead.
  • well its a Rumor and its still in "planning" not like its being executed... but you are right, "if Apple....", well Apple at least would stick to their plans and vision. and honestly while Im not a believer in these rumors and these "journalists" (I would rather trust other real leakers and people who are better known to give good information). IF this was true, I think I would stop using Windows. I mean... I accepted the button that cant be removed in 8.1, I accepted wm6->wp7->wp8 transition (problem), and other things like changing the DRM stuff from xbox one. and surface not running desktop apps even if you wanted to, XP being still supported,  but going back to start menu? really? what kind of vision do they have then? its like if they were going backwards and put the xbox360 UI in xbox one becuase some people cant adapt to the new xbox one UI.   So apparently I have to stop using computers because 1. Microsoft wouldnt have a vision and Im tired of this we do this but we take it back because we have to be nice and cant do it. that attitude is stupid and annoying, and i would feel bad since employes who worked in Windows 8 stuff now feel like their work was wasted with so many stupid changes... (in times like this, you can miss Sinofsky and his arrogant attitude, at least he would stick to his plan).  2 I wont get a mac because i dont like osx.  3. I wont get ubuntu or any linux distro becuase they are stupid, whenever i have to use it I get bored and wonder "why do people use it in a desktop?" (the only place it doesnt feel too bad its on a netbook). 4. I wont use Android (obviously since I dont even use youtube) so what choices do I have?    But if Windows 8 goes backwards like this... well its time to move on and focus on something new. a company with no vision its worse than a company that steals your information (google), or just charges you alot for having a logo on the product even if they are not exciting products (obviously apple) why did they even do all this crap in Windows 8.1 (which you have to relearn some) just to change/add something else in the next update instead of polishing even more the OS and use the time to make it better instead of going backwards? I know this reply is long to you! but you are right... start menu sounds stupid now after so long not having it. and again, Microsoft would have no vision if they cant stick to the vision they promised 1.5/2 years ago.
  • This whole Win8 situation boggles my mind from all sides and it has from day 1. 1st of all, I still don't get why MS decided to make Windows 8 on the desktop the same as mobile. Seems to me they should have had a traditional desktop and then the new "modern" for mobile devices.
    The next thing I don't get is if you are going to use the "modern" interface, why change everything else. There was no need to change where different settings are located. There was no need to change what things are called ( my computer to this PC). There was no need to remove the start menu in the 1st place. I'm fine with it but it seems like they just over complicated things for no reason. Which they do. The desktop could have simply been exactly the same as Win 7 in every way except for there being live tiles on the screen instead of icons.
    Having said all that, I don't understand users having such an issue either. The start screen is your start menu. Not sure why so many people have a hard time with that. Instead of taking a half hour to get used to it, they decide to switch platforms completely and have to learn from scratch on ios or Android. I really like Win8 but Iike I said, from all sides I find the whole situation mind boggling.
  • Hmm...where are those hipsters that proclaimed to the seven winds "Forget it! It will never come back!" Learn this people: if consumers WANT something back, the companies WILL give it back. Your minoritatian fanboyish opinions are worth zero. If you don't like the Start button or the Start Menu, don't use desktop mode. Switch it off. Do whatever the hell you want.
    The majority wanted the Start button back and Microsoft gave that mock-up button. That wasn't what the people want so they kept complaining. And now Microsoft will do what any normal non-arrogant-hipster company would do: oblige and make the majority happy. They NEED people to adopt Windows 8.x to really manage the "One Microsoft" vision. For people to adopt Windows 8.x they need to like it. If people want the useful start menus back, they get them back. Period.
    And there's nothing your winning-hipster cries will do about it. Oh refrain from thinking everyone who doesn't agree with you is "stupid" or "just dumb". First, it shows how immature you are. Second, it shows how arrogant you are. Many people tried W8 and they didn't liked to be forced into desktop mode for 99.9% of the programs and not having the Start buttons and menus there. I know personally TONS of people like this, both in enterprise and in within my friend-circles.
    Companies don't like their employeed distracted with tiles and shinny things. So Microsoft adapts itself to meet consumer demand.
    If the majority of Windows Phone users said so, and market search showed that potential mobile consumers wanted that, for example, Windows Phone had a desktop look, Microsoft would oblige. Between meeting consumer demand and sell and trying to force things on people and don't sell...guess what Microsoft will choose?
  • Fine.  Color me "immature" and "arrogant".  I've never cared what people think about me.  They seemed to adapt to the iOS well enough, so it's ridiculous to give in to those who refuse to comprehend the new Start screen.  If you let people continue to use a buggy whip, they'll continue to use a buggy whip.  As for your contention that companies don't like their empooyees "distracted" with tiles and "shiny" things, you apparently have been talking to companies who don't see that locking down the ability of average users to a simple set of selections on a Start screen has many advantages and, as live tiles mature, the requirement to NOT have to open every program just to be aware of what's going on also has advantages.  As you said, Microsoft will do what's best for their bottom line.  The shame is, just as they had a chance to make some headway, they are going backward in some respects.
  • The companies I deal with are Banks, Law firms etc. Companies that generate big revenues and have a large employee base. All of them either decided to not adopt W8 or asked Microsoft for specific versions that completely locked the Star Screen from use and removed the Store. Also, it doesn't help people's acceptance of a new design the fact that your movements are still restricted (the tiles only move in certain fashions), you can't really personalize them and 99.9% of the programs you use for work on a PC (think any Office program) goes back to desktop to open and run. For the non-tablet Windows environment, W8's Metro design simply doesn't work. It's fun but it's not useful nor practical. Unless all you use your PC for is social-networking and web browsing.
  • Typical DJCBS comment.
  • However, while it may not feel that way, there is no "desktop mode". The start screen IS the new start menu. It's just full screen now. I don't think all of it is trolls, but I think the majority of the complaints are. Apple copied Microsoft with "dashboard" on OS X Mountain Lion. It's almost exactly like Windows 8's start screen. And yet, Apple has gotten little if no flack at all for that.
  • Well, the bottom of the Tiles Menu is the Start Menus. I think that's more appropriate to say. Still, it's not practical to use when you spend your day on desktop mode because almost all programs (Office included) run on desktop and not on the Tiles Menu (I don't like to use the term "Start Screen" because in 8.1 the Desktop can be you "start screen" again. So for the sake of clarify, I shall call use desktop/tiles screen). Microsoft wasn't able to make that coexistence work on PCs. So I think they're doing it the best way: include a dual-type interface. That way, the Modern UI can still be mainly used on tablets and touch devices, while traditional PCs and laptops will not see their user experience diminished by an interface that was clearly designed with touch screen in mind. I don't think we can really compare it with Apple since not only their market-share is very low, their users are either Apple fans or people who seek Apple Macs for very specific needs. Microsoft has a way bigger picture and demographic to deal with: they have to provide content that pleases people from 9 to 99
  • What Windows 8 needs back is the wireless network management that existed on XP, Vista, and 7. There's no way to check saved wifi profiles anymore outside of command prompt and 3rd party utility. With 8.1, they even went 2 steps back. Unbelievable.
  • DUDE Preach! lol seriously I thought I freaking forgot how to access that damn page! I searched and searched all through the control panel and no where did I find the wireless network names I've connected to :(
  • Yes they would.
  • And it should be an option.
  • Instead of going backwards I hope they are working on machine learning and voice processing, along with all the other things that can really change the future of computing.
  • Only stupid people still need the old start menu.
  • +1
  • Please troll harder.
  • Indeed.
  • That is nice. It will be good to ha e the best of both worlds. I don't miss the start menu, but maybe I'd cause me to use the desktop more often.
  • What's the point of having a "Start" button when all you need to do is right click the icon? I swear as our gadgets get smarter the users become dumber.
  • They would have to make this optional. I'd activate classic start on my work computer but deactivate it on all my devices. However, they still need to make it simple to get to modern start. Right now with the classic shell on my wife's computer, its complicated.
  • choice is always a good thing. i think i will stay without the startmenu (but never say never ...^^) the thing about metro-apps on desktop sounds pretty cool...curious to see it in action ;)
  • i hope this new version of light windows for phones and tablets will be available as an upgrade vor all wp8 users... otherwise i'm honestly considering changing platforms... (just considering ^^)
  • Well, Microsoft did promise WP8 devices would be upgradable for future versions of WP and that the only reason WP7 devices were not upgradable was because the Kernel was different. But then again...we know how good Microsoft is at keeping promises. Just ask WP7 users.
  • The same rumor swirled around 8.1. "Don't worry, Microsoft is listening and 8.1 will fix everything".
  • Except it was about the start button and that actually did happen...
  • WinRT/Metro is finally dead. It's about time. Now MSFT needs to add a scalable UI API to Win32 and we can call it a day.
  • Hell no. WinRT Framework = Xbox One, WP8, AND Windows RT.
  • WinRT != WinPRT (only the very basic parts are the same). We don't even know what's in WinXRT but I imagine it's completely different as well. However, a large part of Win32 is on all those devices already. The Surface Pro and other x86 tablets, of course, have full Win32 support. Surface RT must have a significant amount since Win32 Office runs on it. Even Windows Phone 8 has a large chunk of Win32 on it. My WinPRT app uses WinSock, Direct3D, along with core Win32 APIs like CreateFile, FindFirstFile, etc. When I do a performance trace I see GDI32 near the top of the output, which surprised me (I imagine it's a cut down GDI, maybe just TrueType and critical D3D-driver interop stuff). MSFT already had a portable API, Win32. They didn't need to reinvent the wheel with the RT API (which is just a framework on Win32 that has critical limitations and poor performance). All they needed to do was add a scalable UI API to Win32.  
  • To be honest, I don't really care. I liked windows 8, I love windows 8.1, and if this comes, I might as well take it too. But I feel that people over-exaggerated the change to Windows 8, because it's really not hard to use, and is years ahead of Windows 7. But keep up the good work Microsoft. At least there's one company that listens to it's consumers.
  • I hope that the start menu is an option for those who prefer win95. I am so ready for a paradigm shift in UI design. Win8 was so refreshing. We don't even need a start button on xp. Why waste time moving the mouse, when you can simply press the Windows keyboard key?!
  • An option is good. Hope there's an option for consumer who yell out there. Personally I've adapted to the start menu of Windows 8.1.
  • I want the start menu back, especially when I am finding old style windows functions, such as paint, it cost me minutes to look for
  • Type "paint"... Beats start menu everytime. Or if you're on the desktop windows key then type.
  • So pin it to show up in the first part of your start screen
  • Your start screen is the start menu. It's much more efficient in every way possible.
  • I've said since 8's release windows needs 3 operational modes. 1) Desktop only with the traditional start menu (with metro app support). 2) Metro only (with desktop applications running as if they were maximized) 3) Hybrid (The current mode in both 8 and 8.1) This is good news if they do this.
  • This would be a brilliant solution. Having the ability to switch between modes would satisfy all consumers!
  • I think that's the direction they're heading ;)
  • Is it not possible to delete your own comment?
  • The metro interface section should be disabled by default on traditional desktop PCs, and the desktop should be disabled by default on touch screen devices. This would require both sections of the OS to operate independently, but would satisfy the requirements of all users.
  • Would be great to add this as a option for the idiots who cant accept change.
  • That's the most retarded thing I have heard... Run "modern apps" side by side on the desktop.... These are just programs just go back to windows 7... Talk about a back step... Considering these "apps" usually are less complete than a program version or web version.
  • I take it they aren't going to get rid of the start screen after advertising it for so long, i like it, modern apps in desktop does sound good though the snap feature is ok but more productive allowing lots of stuff open at once
  • Stupid move bringing the start menu back
  • PLEASE DON'T I like using the "Start Button" as a shortcut to things like the Control Panel and Task Manager. Turning it back into a menu I barely used would suck. It would mostly just be a heavy redundancy of the Start screen, whose very existence would become question.
  • Listening to windows phone users? Lol!!!!
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! HOW WILL CUSTOMERS USE THE START SCREEN?!?! THE START MENU IS AN ABSOLUTE MESS. Apple has done this since OSX Mountain Lion (dashboard) and yet it's not getting the same flack? Don't listen to the trolls Microsoft!
  • Unless, the new start menu is basically a WP8 home screen simulator...
  • I think having the traditional start menu as well as the tiles start is good because it gives you choice. While I love the new layout there are dinosaurs who just can't cope
  • Personally I don't know why the two can't be combined. Instead of just some stupid wallpaper on desktop mode for PCs and laptops, why not have the live tiles instead of the wallpaper? Swipe to the left to see more live tiles just like it it now but also have the ability to run x86 type apps in the same space. Want to get back the the live tiles? Fine then just minimize the desktop apps. This would not be much different than the desktop widgets that were in Windows 7.
  • While i agree that the start menu needs to be there for some people (would go really far in not having to explain every single thing over and over to my parents), i'd really like the desktop to disappear on my computer. Is there any setting that would keep my computer from going to the desktop, period?  I really have no use for it.  
  • I personally think having the start button there in 8.1 is a eye sore, I gotten so used to not having it around and now MS is thinking of adding the whole thing back to make those other users happy, if they're using 8 or 8.1 they will have learnt the basics before this update gets relesed.
  • Awesome news! The start menu is a very useful feature and should never have been removed!
  • Good, if only to silence the whiners.
  • Yeah, whiners suck.
  • f%$k i agree so much...some people would be screwed in real life anything major happened.. lol.. simple little start button gets moved and they lose there shit.. it's not even moved.. the whole screen is the start...
  • For the record, I like the start screen.
  • The option to enable the start menu better some with a confirmation dialog that reads "I acknowledge that by using a start menu on Windows 8 that I am a complete asshat and the sort of dreary idiot that sees anyone with a new and better way of doing things and must complain that the old way was better even though it is measurably not the case. I am a liar, a fool, and should never be trusted with anything sharper than a gummy bear, which is still sharper than my wit. Please let me wallow in the past."
  • I think this will act as a good bridge.  For instance the newer WinRT apps could still run windowed for people who love the desktop, but equally will run best on touchscreen tablets/phones. You can still have the Windows Store then, which people may actually use more ironically as it can be at the top of the Start Menu.
  • Hi all I think that Windows 8 is a good product but I also think that the hybridisation between the classic desktop mode and the modern UI interface is very poor.  I think that if Microsoft made everything that is currently available on the desktop available in the modern UI mode (e.g. control panel and all settings) and allowed the pinning of any file to the start screen, it would truly replace the old start menu. If Microsoft re-introduce the start menu rather than make the current system better, I think it would be a massive step backwards. I don't think that any version of Windows has been that good for managing a large number of open applications/windows and this should be Microsoft's focus, I think we desperately need full screen app switching for both touch screen and desktop devices. I don't want to run modern UI apps on the desktop but I would like to be able to run desktop applications as full screen apps with the same window controls normal Modern IU apps have.  I.E. I would like to get rid of the desktop alltogether if possible. God bless Andrew
  • I like The new metro way... W8.1 its ok to me.
  • I just started getting used to the start screen on my laptop but this would be pretty cool
  • well congratulations to people who still want to live in 1995 - 2011 era ;)
  • Well. They made a valiant effort to change the way we use our desktops. I'll appreciate the rumored changes, if true. But by no means required them. Its good they listened. Its odd. It seems they ignored their focus groups early on or had a particularly tech/nerd filled one - start menu disappearing was a big deal for people just thinking of it.
  • Good! Not a fan of the jarring new Start menu in Windows 8. Is always good to have options for the consumers.
  • I'm just hoping they don't screw up the design of the start menu... granted I think it might just be another trick as with the "start" button in 8.1.  At least I hope so. 
  • The start button in windows 8.1 works fine the way it is. I just wish people would just stfu and keep their ideas to themselves.
  • I won't ever need that ol' Start button again!
  • yucks! the hideous looking start button.
  • If this happens I'm seriously reconsidering buy a Win8 tablet. Goes to show how little courage MSFT has in its convictions.
  • please don't add that ugly start button to my windows 8.1, i love my windows 8.1..
  • I really like the Start Screen. It's unintrusive and just as productive (if not more) as the Start Menu - and no, I don't have a touchscreen. One just needs to spend a little time customizing it to their needs. I hope that it really stays as an "option". Windows is in a transitory phase now - similar to what it was during Vista. Am sure people would grow up by the next major Windows release and embrace the new UI. However, instead of bringing Metro apps to the desktop, what I'd like to see is, the power of desktop apps coming to Metro. Onenote has shown how intuitive and scalable an app can be designed. We need biggies like CAD, PS etc embracing Metro is an innovative way. Not to take anything away from the desktop but these apps coming to Metro would, in the end benefit RT and Phone as they near unification. It will be a holistic win for people investing in the MS ecosystem.
  • I use a large AIO desktop and I love Win8. I am a business user (power Excel and database user) and have no desire to go back to Win7. 8 Rocks!
  • I don't know about start menu thing. But for windowed WStore apps, how will they execute this approach? Scale them down and we decrease user's visual level on that apps. Will the window of this apps resizeable? Will the developers need to revamp their UI only to accomodate virtually unlimited aspect ratio? Or it still resizeable with fixed aspect ratio (a.k.a scalling)? Interesting indeed :)
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  • They need to fix the 8.1 store that doesn't allow you to dl apps before worrying about this. Its a serious problem that renders it useless
  • This is very good news, it shows they've been listening, not only to people who just want to complain but also to those of us who provided constructive feedback. This update has a lot of potential, with the possibility of creating a true all in one device. Consider a tablet like the dell venue pro 11 that can dock to become a laptop or desktop. Currently, you dock the device and all your touch apps are still open, but you now have a mouse and keyboard and don't want to be in the metro interface, but on the desktop. With this update there is now the potential to have all apps switch to their desktop version automatically when you plug in a mouse/kb. I also hope MS also allows developers to specify a different UI altogether for the desktop version. For example, you have the mobile touch based version of office/onenote open on your tablet, you get home and plug it in and it becomes fully fledged office open on your desktop. This could happen with photoshop, internet explorer, or just about any app. As an extension to this idea, all apps could sync between devices, allowing the user to boot up their separate desktop pc and resume on the desktop UI what they were doing in metro UI on the tablet. The future is a unified experience and capability between all devices, and Microsoft has realised that this doesn't necessarily mean the same UI between all devices, rather it means a UI that is familiar, but adapted for the hardware of the device it is installed on. I think this direction is a good one, and I can't wait for the next big windows release. The old start menu, on the other hand, is something I was very much happy to see the end of. Hopefully they bring it back as an adapted but not quite full screen version of the metro start screen. Then again, I don't really care what they do, as long as they don't kill the 8.1 start menu, which is fantastic. Oh, and one more thing. This is proof to all the haters that the desktop is NOT being removed any time soon!
  • Windows 8 is terrible at multitasking. I'd rather have multiple apps open in individual windows (Windows 7 and prior) instead of only having a few full-screen apps that I can switch between (Windows 8).