Microsoft testing Meet now button to jump into Skype calls through Edge

Edge (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Preview versions of Microsoft Edge now have a Meet now button that lets you jump straight into a Skype call.
  • Microsoft is also testing recommended searches.
  • Both new features appear on the new tab page of several preview versions of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft is testing some features on the new tab page for Microsoft Edge that makes it easier to jump into a Skype call (via Techdows). The new tab page now has a "Meet now" button appear just below the search bar. The new feature appears to be available for several preview versions of Microsoft Edge.

Twitter user Florian B spotted the Meet now button and shared some screenshots of it in action.

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In addition to the Meet now button, Microsoft is testing out recommended searches. These recommendations also appear below the search bar. You can toggle these off if you'd prefer not to see them.

Rather than being available for anyone using Edge Canary, the Meet now button and recommended searches are only available for some people using preview versions of Microsoft Edge. This testing lines up with Edge's vertical tab testing, which is available for some people on both Edge Canary and Edge Dev but isn't available for everyone using Edge Canary yet.

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  • I saw this yesterday on my edge browser and while it is a cool idea I think it is too little too late. Zoom, duo, etc have already killed Skype. Maybe Skype still gets used in other parts of the world? Not sure but in US it just isn't used anymore.
  • I'd rather it was Teams (for Life or standard depending on whether you're using your personal or work profile), but they're so soft launching Teams for Life it's not even viable, as it is not available on desktop nor web at the moment.
  • Teams for life isn't available period yet
  • Yes it is, essentially. You can create a personal TEAMS account on Android and iOS. It is not available on the desktop client or web at this point.
  • Isn't that just using you personal account on the regular teams app, which would be different from Teams for life? I thought teams for life would essentially be a separate app?
  • They've pretty much said it isn't a different app. I do expect that you will be offered different capabilities depending on whether you are signed in personally or with a business account. There already are differences. Right now mostly less stuff on personal, but I imagine the personal side may get things that aren't on business.
  • Stop cluttering the NTP. If I wanted to meet I would go to it directly.
  • I see "Recommended Searches" on my Edge Beta 85.0.564.30...