Microsoft makes it easier for you to upgrade your Lumia, if you're in India

Microsoft has launched a lucrative buyback scheme in India that makes it easier for you to upgrade to a higher-end Lumia. Aimed at increasing sales of Lumia handsets in the country, the move enables customers to receive as much as 65 percent of their current device value.

Here are the details of Microsoft's buyback scheme:

"The buy-back assurance scheme will enable Lumia buyers to avail of a peak discount, equivalent to 65% of their existing device value, if they upgrade in three months from the last purchase. Discounts will range from 10% to 50% if such exchanges happen in six months and will also hinge on the condition of the older Lumia phone being swapped."

Talking to Economic Times, Microsoft India's managing director for mobile devices Ajey Mehta said that the brand was targeting the Rs. 6,000 ($100) to Rs. 15,000 ($250) price segment.

Devices that have been purchased in the last six months are eligible for this offer, and Microsoft will give a minimum of 10 percent for the handset, even if it has a broken screen or isn't in a working condition. The deal is valid on all purchases made at branded retail outlets.

Microsoft is also looking to boost sales of high-end models like the Lumia 830 and Lumia 930 by teaming up with Capital First in offering zero-interest financing schemes.

"Under its zero-interest handset finance scheme, consumers will need to make a down payment of two months and pay the rest in EMIs spread over seven months."

Finally, the Redmond giant is offering extended warranties that will cover damages for an additional twelve months, effectively doubling the warranty to two years. Mehta also touched on online sales, saying that while Microsoft is not averse to selling its products online, "the company wouldn't take any steps that could potentially jeopardise the business interests of its countrywide re-seller network."

What do you guys think of Microsoft's buyback scheme and other efforts to incentivize Lumia purchases in the country?

Source: Economic Times

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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