Microsoft reportedly eyeing Wunderlist for an acquisition

Wunderlist on Windows Phone
Wunderlist on Windows Phone (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft may be looking to acquire the company behind popular task management service Wunderlist, 6Wunderkinder. According to German publication Manager Magazin, talks between the two companies are "well advanced."

One possible reason for the sale could be user growth. Wunderlist currently boasts 13 million users globally, with CEO Christian Reber looking to get to 100 million users in the near future. To that effort, the company launched an API earlier this month, which allows Wunderlist to be integrated into other services. Currently, Microsoft-owned Sunrise Calendar has incorporated the API, allowing integration with the task management service.

If the deal goes through, it will be the latest in a string of acquisitions by Microsoft in the productivity segment. The Redmond-based giant bought Android and iOS e-mail client Acompli late last year for a rumored $200 million, integrating its technology into the latest iteration of the Outlook app for Android. Earlier this year, Microsoft acquired Sunrise Calendar for around $100 million.

At this stage, there's no confirmation from either Microsoft or 6Wunderkinder regarding a sale. We'll let you know as soon as we hear more on the matter.

Source: Manager Magazin; Via: WP Area

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Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • Make the platform better. Buy what you need.
  • They need HERE & MixRadio.......
  • We have bing maps and MS just sold mixradio to Line messenger company naver
  • Its all business my friend.
  • Agreed, I would like to see MS return to business oriented market with their mobile devices.
  • I wish HERE was bought by Microsoft. However, I do realize that is a big acquisition to make and HERE maps would need resources in order to be kept running. I'm not sure if Microsoft is up for it as they have the license to use HERE data for its own maps. Microsoft only needs a contingency plan when the deal expires and the deal can't be extended or renewed.
  • Let's hope Here acquisition...
  • Here would put Microsoft mapping technology all over the world
  • Acquiring HERE would put MS in a conflict of interest situation with the other data providers for Bing Maps. Not a good idea.  Investing to be a minority-shareholder, which has been eluded to, would be the better option.   Ballmer and Elop tried to get the Nokia board to give up HERE as a part of the handset division acquisition, but their price was too high.
  • What if they acquire Spotify??
  • Haven't used Wunderlist yet, so I can't comment on its usefulness. But MSFT must tread carefully, otherwise, anti-trust laws could hit.
  • It's a super app!
  • Wunderlist is very useful and refined. The Windows app is polished and feature complete as far as I'm aware.
  • I use Wunderlist on all of my devices. It is a great app. I wonder what MS can do to improve on its design?
  • You mean ruin it like they did with creative studio-Nokia camera-Xbox games-music etc etc...
  • Design is fine. I'd be happy if it didn't crash every time my phone locks. It is so annoying to have a store list and have to go into the app 10 times at the store. Happens on my 920 and my wife's 830.
  • Comment makes no sense: I don't know the product but Microsoft is engaging antitrust. Explain.
  • Too many acquisitions will eventually be seen as stifling innovation and in the end, antitrust lawsuits can be filed against the company by the DoJ and other courts of law.
  • Could someone explain antirust to me...
  • Bing it....
  • Essentially in this case, he means that Microsoft is monopolizing certain aspects of the mobile device market. Microsoft was prosecuted in the late 90s for anti-trust for a similar action by packaging internet explorer with the Windows operating system.   Anti-Trust could have a few different meanings, however. Another one is different companies in the same industry conspiring to fix-prices and create big barriers of entry for new businesses.
  • Microsoft is still in the early stages of Mobile and the acquisitions so far are in different areas.
  • I'm not quite sure you understand antitrust. Its only illegal if Microsoft is making these acquisitions to stifle competition.
  • Thanks for confirming what everyone here now knows: you have no idea on antitrust or anything regarding DOJ or courts of law.  But hey if you put those big sounding terms in a comment it looks cool!
  • I don't think there's any threat of antitrust lawsuits here. The fields of competition is too big these days.
  • Noted. I hope I'm wrong on my previous statement...
  • If they continue to buy companies, then start removing apps from competitors stores, which in turn forces their competitors to major losses, that could be considered for anti-trust, but I don't think MS has the ability to really hurt either google or apple. 
  • They're not removing anything from competing stores. They're set on packing those competing stores with MS products.
  • yeah I think Satya is set on having all of Microsofts software on every single app store and have the highest rating possible on those respected app stores. I know on iOS almost all of the Microsoft apps have 4 stars or above, many are ahead of the competition. Sucks for the Windows Phone user who wants all the attention, cause this new MS is not about that life. Satya has shareholders to satisfy and this is how he sees it best.
  • Fortunately Microsoft in in no position of being considered a monopoly in the mobile space.
  • I don't think they have to worry about anti-trust laws anymore, since most of their apps/services are available cross-platform, and their is plenty of competition for most of what they offer these days, outside of the PC OS used by the vast majority of companies.
  • I'm sure Microsoft is aware of anti-trust.... They have already gone down that road.
  • This could be a great move
  • This!! It's a super app btw...
  • Spend your money wisely Microsoft..
  • $200 million is like pennies to them.
  • Yes, buy Ben & Jerry's so when customers buy a WP they get free ice-creams for a year. Yep, that'll boost sales ;)
  • When phone to be get delivered via Online shop... The free Ice-Cream melts and wets the phone and Phone FINISHED... Thank god you are not working in Microsoft.... Take your brain to Google to kill them
  • Dude, get a sense of humour, he was obviously joking
  • Abhishek20 typical Indian pessissmistic behavior Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • LOL sending ice cream through the post. With an idea like that you should work at Google hahaha
  • Out local ice cream shop, Graeters, send ice cream in the mail with dry ice... It works. I send it to my family every christmas
  • Ice cream in the post for Xmas, well, learnt something new there. Never thought of doing that, but why not. Thanks :)
  • Love Graeters! Their Bourbon Ball ice cream is the best!
  • I've been using wunderlist for a number of months now. Very useful and easy to use. Best To Do List app I've used so far.
  • Sigh
  • We use Wunderlist at work to track task that don't need to go into TFS and it's awesome. As long as MS kind of let them stay their own thing and not integrate into OneNote I'd be all for this!
  • What's wrong with integrating into OneNote? Wouldn't that be a good thing?
  • Wunderlist is a very strong product on its own in the same way that GroupMe is. GroupMe would've suffered and gotten lost if it was integrated into Skype. I feel like this is a very similar situation.
  • I wish the Tasks in Outlook would be vastly improved. I haven't used Wunderlist but if it is so good, maybe a connector with Outlook would would improve each?
  • A connector would be a great idea. Maybe that's what MS is planning.
  • yup I think going back into the BUILD conference, remember when they talked about Outlook Add-Ons ? they showed off Uber and others, well maybe this is a higher step towards that goal. The integrating of that Add On can be much better when the company is owned by said company :)
  • Good news as long as they don't just sell it on again like they did with MixRadio. They need to acquire HERE, SoundCloud, Vimeo and allow family subscription for Xbox Music Pass also add Netflix like subscription Video service then we're good to go :-)
  • Pretty sure the only reason they bought mixradio was because it was part of Nokia's D&S division that they bought. They wouldn't buy this specific company just to sell it off.
  • Agree
  • 6Wunderkinder sounds like something made by Rudy Huyn LOL.
  • I was thinking the same! +6
  • I can't import my tasks from wunderlist to my outlook calendar. I tried the steps but I don't see the tasks in my calendar.
    Has anybody tried this?
  • I'm sure someone in the forums has
  • It works for me
  • This is the first I've heard of this. Does it sync with Tasks in Outlook? I'll hunt for the information.
  • Buy Here Maps first. Then you can talk about buying something else...
  • ^^This^^ HERE maps would be an excellent acquisition. First Acompli for email, then Sunrise for calendar, then Wunderlist for task management, then HERE maps for mapping solutions (with Bing Maps). Verge Editor Tom Warren was hoping Slack would be Microsoft's next acquisition.
  • Yes. Buy HERE (formerly Navteq).
  • I second that.
  • I don't think they want to deal with that headache right now, they have the Navteq data licensed for a very long time and the new Windows 10 Maps app is everything one would need in a GPS/Map application. Apps such as Wunderlist and Compli are different, these are great companion technologies that MS can learn a thing or two. Mapping is a service that requires long term goals/strategy. I think they're fine with Bing Maps using the Here/navteq images. Just an assumption, I think they would of offered the money already to get the HERE suite.
  • I use Wunderlist everyday. I love this app. It would be a great addition to Microsoft family.
  • Awesome! Please aquire it, love the app, they've done a top job. This would be the ultimate companion to office/outlook/calender
  • I've given the app a serious serious shot on WP 8.1. It's got great features and awful reliability (syncing problems and crashes). But the devs seem to be trying. Hopefully this helps!
  • Odd I haven't experienced that. Started using about 5 months ago
  • Agreed. Live Tiles never update, app crashes every time the phone is locked and it automatic sync is spotty at best. All on my 920 and my wife's 830.
  • Please!
  • I use this all the time! Great service. And they have a modern app and standard Windows program available, both work awesome. Their windows phone app is mostly good although it has a few bugs still. The sync is perfect and sharing lists with other people works nicely. Good pickup
  • Just simple lists. Good for light weight tracking but doesn't seem to have features for "Projects". I guess it would be good for average consumers.
  • I wouldn't mind to use Wunderlist for free then :P?
  • Adding fuel to the fiire: Wake up with Wunderlist and Sunrise Sunrise Welcomes Wunderlist    
  • Whoa
  • Hmm..they should have gone for mix radio...
  • They should've gone for mixradio? It was their property. They sold it to line.
  • Yup...some idiots are behind all way to get some orginal music on Lumia...
  • Interesting. I use Wunderlist for groceries, packing lists and any other "checklist" I may need to create as I really don't care for how OneNote handles checklists. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Interesting. 
  • Interesting! This would be a nice brand for Task managing service especially for more pro-consumer use. Task in Outlook isn't that available to anybody unless they have Outlook installed. With this they could have seperate brand but still part in Outlook umbrella or maybe just have a deep integration. Also this would be a nice integration for Cortana too. Imagine the geofencing reminders with Cortana with task managing power of Wudnerlist and its integration with Outlook.
    Another nice thing is its already cross-platform with large user base. This is a very good acquisition. We just hope that it doesn't go slow like what happened to Skype.
  • As of now  there is no to-do or reminder app by Microsoft that syncs across devices (Other than Office "Outlook" which is overkill for most people). I truly miss this ability from my iOS days.  
  • I tried Wunderlist on and off but always had syncing issues, so I never stuck with it (might try it one more time). I'm hopeful of this deal for the simple reason that Microsoft could devote more resources to improving the syncing. 
  • Cortana integration will really make this incredible. I dropped Wunderlist a while back for Todoist. Switching back to Wunderlist to try it again.
  • Does either show your tasks on Outlook calendar?
  • So is Microsoft basically pulling a Google and buying up everyone out there? Because they've been acquiring a lot of companies lately.
  • Outlook tasks needs a major overhaul. It is outdated and doesn't integrate well with other platform or even within Microsoft's own echo system. Take cortana remind me as an example. 
  • Yes, Tasks in Outlook needs much work. It needs so many features and yet I keep trying to use it.
  • Other than the design and getting a userbase that is mobile and cross -platform, I fail to see how it is different then using OneNote for lists. I actually own both and fond OneNote to be faster at opening, more reliable at syncing, and less annoying with all the sounds Wunderlist makes.
  • I agree.
  • Trying to give the Windows 8.1 app a spin on my Surface 3 but it crashes everytime I ask it to use my Microsoft account. Anyone else experiencing this?
  • I first installed it on my L930 and set up the MSFT account. When I installed it on my ZenBook with 8.1 there was no hassle setting it up ...
  • A friend of mine told me he already knew about that since February, because the CEO's farther is his neighbour ... #small #world
  • I see no value there
  • I think I agree. It is just a pretty web based "check list" that is cross platform as far as I can see. I have been using it a few days. MS should just improve Tasks in Outlook and maybe allow OneNote to snyc with Outlook Calendar to display when "check list" items are worked on.
  • Why buy a list making app when they could just have build one into one of their products. Spend that on better and more useful and non windows phone apps that could help our products
  • A good acquisition would be the password manager company Dashlane. Dashlane generate passwords along with securing credit card info for purchasing online. So its a digital wallet as well.
  • LastPass is what many people use. It syncs across all platforms and form factors. It is highly encrypted both on your local device and in the cloud. It can generate passwords, fill in fields and forms. It has secure notes including credit cards. Much more. They have an option that includes XMarks to sync all your browser favorites / bookmarks across all your devices. I'm a long time user.
  • Still waiting for sunrise to hit Windows phone
  • Buy Slacker radio MS and improve your Music offering. It's big business and you need a better radio client than what's in Xbox Music.
  • This is great! I wanted a task management system to be part of the Mail, Calendar, and People group of apps in Windows10. I looked at Wunderlist before and liked what I saw, but I could not find the answer to the following question. Does Wunderlist repeating tasks repeat based on Due Date or Complete Date or can you select which?
  • I'd just be happy if MS would offer Outlook features in WP. e.g. easy conversion of an email to a new task item, scheduling tasks on calendar, filtering calendar and tasks by category. I'm not sure I understand why the interest in third party products at this stage. Still... Will check out wunderlist to see what the fuss is.
  • Better Microsoft than Google or Apple. Microsoft the only one making cross platform apps.
  • They should buy just dial. Bing will be the best then.
  • I'm all for this as long as they keep it as a separate app AND: - Intregrate it fully into OneNote (so you can either embed a 'wunderlist' into a Page or 'add new wunderlist' to an existing Section) - Integrate it fully with Outlook Tasks (otherwise there would be too much redunancy). - Inteigrate it fully with Microsoft Account (so we don't need a separate Wunderlist account)
  • Well if they do, please leave them in charge of the ChangeLogs, because they're great. Microsoft themselves always seem to be allergic to them.      
  • learn german in skype