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Microsoft moving Fast ring Insiders to Windows 10 20H1 testing soon

Microsoft today announced that Windows Insiders on the Fast ring will soon join their Skip Ahead counterparts in testing the Windows 10 20H1 update. When Fast ring Insiders move to 20H1 testing, the current group of Skip Ahead testers will be merged into the Fast ring as well, Microsoft says.

The announcement comes as Microsoft prepares to ship the Windows 10 May 2019 Update to the Release Preview ring ahead of its full release in May. "If you are an Insider who wishes to remain on the May 2019 Update – you will want to switch to the Slow ring now or the Release Preview ring once it receives the May 2019 Update," Microsoft said in the blog post announcing the move.

In moving the Fast ring directly to testing the 20H1 update, Microsoft is skipping past the 19H2 update, which is expected to launch in the second half of this year. The company still has plans to test that update, but we'll have to wait to hear exactly how that process will work.

"We will begin releasing 19H2 bits to Insiders later this spring and will talk more about what that will look like in the near future," Microsoft says.

There's no firm date for when Fast ring Insiders will move to 20H1 testing, but Microsoft says it is planning to make the change "in the coming weeks." Meanwhile, the May 2019 Update is expected to spend a month with Release Preview testers before beginning its public rollout.

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  • Maybe 19H2 will only be tested in the Slow ring. Either way, it doesn't look like 19H2 will have many changes at all.
  • I don't understand why MSFT doesn't just use Fast Ring: Active Development of Windows for 19H2 and Fast Ring: Skip Ahead for 20H1.
  • where is ludicrous speed ring?
  • So now we are getting advertising tacked on to every legit news article you post? It isn't bad enough that 75% of what is posted in 'NEWS' is advertising to begin with that now we get even more of it? Seriously?
  • No it's just imbedded into the article.
    It doesn't appear on every article.
  • Pretty difficult to tell seeing as how EVERY POST but one, Microsoft Health shutting down, after this one is an advertising post. Eagerly awaiting the next actually NEWS post in the NEWS section so that I can see if it has any imbedded advertising at the end.
  • You should demand a refund.
  • And you should bite me.
  • That'll be rather difficult to do.
  • 19H2 will be just a cumulative update
  • Your comment made me remember a part of what I dreamt today: That 19H2 was just a big cumulative update with one or two small features and mostly bug fixes that was tested via Slow ring. Considering there is only a 500 build jump between the last 19H1 and the first 20H1 builds, even though the 500 jump is usually between two following versions, maybe this doesn't actually seem too far-fetched. Though it would raise questions concerning the 18 month support cycles.
  • I agree to much advertising lately , why not make a new tab "windows10" ? as we dont need the phone tab anymore ???
  • They need money is my guess. Hence the ads but yeah, most 'articles' are ads now. It'd be hard to balance I think.
  • There have been 15 posts since this one, 14 of them are pure advertising. Should be a little easier than that to get some BALANCE around here. Anyways, this will be my last comment on the subject as I won't be commenting on any posts until this advertising BS is taken care of if the don't ban me for complaining about it. 😎
  • I think they must be close to complete for their vision of Windows 10, running out of new ideas for new features 2ce a year, or encountered too many complaints trying to rush through updates without having all the kinks worked out.
  • There's still a huge amount of work that Windows 10 needs. I believe Microsoft is focusing on preparing for Core OS.
  • 19H2 will basically just be like the old 'service packs' from previous Windows eras