Microsoft Music: Is Microsoft dropping Xbox branding from their music service?

Microsoft has been busy rebranding and realigning many of their services over the last sixteen months. One of those that has yet been redefined is Xbox Music (and Xbox Video, for that matter). People have often criticized the branding because the name 'Xbox' implies that you need an Xbox 360 or Xbox One console for the service. Although this is not the case, this exclusionary inference may be harming adoption of Microsoft's music offering.

Now, new evidence suggests that Microsoft may finally be dropping the 'Xbox' name from the service. Instead, the more direct 'Microsoft Music' may be the new moniker.

Typo or hints of change?

Signs of the name switch comes through the online Xbox Music web player. When a track is selected that is unavailable for online streaming (e.g. Trent Reznor's 'Intriguing Possibilities'), the popup message mentions 'You can purchase this song on the Microsoft Music Store.' This popup appears both in English and German, as confirmed by one of our readers who tipped us on the news.

Although the popup message could be just in error, it seems oddly precise. Moreover, it makes sense for the company who wants to position their music streaming network as platform-neutral and not tied to a gaming product. Under the Ballmer era at Microsoft, the company tried to position Xbox as a general entertainment category. However, that strategy appears to have shifted.

Interestingly, the site is held by MarkMonitor, a company that "lets any large enterprise protect a vital component of its brand and its business". In effect, they act on behalf of companies to protect their brands and we would not be surprised if Microsoft is utilizing them ( is noted in the listing). However, companies routinely buy and occupy domains that they may never utilize, either to protect their brands, prevent confusion or for a later marketing strategy.

So it remains to be seen if Microsoft will truly rebrand Xbox Music. In Windows 8.1, Windows Phone and Windows 10, the actual apps are referred to only as 'Music' and 'Video'. Likewise, the new unified Windows 10 Store mentions simply 'Music' and 'Movies & TV' with no reference to Xbox at all. In effect, a distancing from Xbox has been in the work for months already.

What do you think? Should Microsoft drop Xbox from their Music and Video services and instead just use their name? Sound off in comments!

Thanks, Niko, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Personally, I like Microsoft Music (and presumably Microsoft Video). Sure, it's a bit bland, but it's easy to decipher and clearly defined. Xbox Music really does sound like something you would only use on an Xbox. That's a shame as the music service is actually very good, but has failed so far to gain much traction.
  • I liked Xbox Music at first, but later came to think it intruded on Xbox as a gaming brand.
  • Microsoft was foolishly trying to dilute the Xbox brand to encompass all multimedia services which I think is just stupid. Xbox is an incredibly strong gaming brand, nothing else. That same idea is why they tried to make it the center of your TV and do the silly HDMI IN and forcefully bundling Kinect. They're getting back to more realistic approaches nowadays though. I'll be happy to finally see Xbox Music and Xbox Video renamed. 
  • It wasn't foolish to try to expand Xbox into an entertainment brand. Microsoft just failed really badly with a good idea. Imagine if Amazon was still just associated with buying books as they started out. The fact is that the majority of time spent using an Xbox is not playing games. Their inability to get people to associate buying an Xbox or using an Xbox service for broader entertainment leaves Xbox as a niche gaming product similar to Playstation. Lets not forget that Xbox is still wildly unprofitable and if this does not change in coming years there will be increasing pressure from investors and board members to discard of Xbox, it's niche audience and it's billions in losses.   P.S. The Kinect and TV-integration in Xbox One is the best reason to get the console. The graphics and games are not dramatically improved/different from Xbox 360. The fast application switching and TV integration should be the top reasons to upgrade.
  • I was with you up to the "silly HDMI in" part. The TV integration in XBox is awesome. "Hardcore gamers" like to ridicule this for some reason, but it's not a zero sum game: great entertainment options don't preclude great console gaming and vice versa.
  • I'd agree, but PS4 fans would have you believe "our not quite full HD is better than your less than full HD" mantra. Some of which could be elieviated by not having that feature.  
  • I was rolling with you brother until the HDMI IN diss.  I think that's a great addition to the console.
  • Silly HDMI in? Haha, you apparently have never used it. It's wonderful.
  • Saying its foolish to "dilute" the brand by including multimedia is like saying, my cell phone should only take calls, you know 'cause it's only a phone.  Or, my car shouldn't have nav or a radio, 'cause it's a car and only good for driving.  The HDMI is just a simple pass through.
  • Well Xbox was supposed to expand beyond just a gaming device brand into entertainment, since people spend a lot more time consuming video on Xbox than they do playing video games. Amazon used to be only known as a book selling company and they expanded successfully. iTunes was only known for selling music (the name is horrible for what it is today). I feel like the carousel of names for Microsoft products is getting a bit tiresome at this point. I'd be more tolerant of this latest branding change if it actually coincided with some kind of major feature upgrade or service change. Instead we have Microsoft taking a watered down, poorly supported service/application and just slapping a new name on it; hoping that the name change will increase adoption. They need to invest real effort and money into making their music & video services competitive. The base services they provide through video/music is not bad at all, but there is no strategy here that would help them overtake Spotify or Apple. The challenges they face are much bigger than the brand name.
  • I like it also. Been a subscriber since the Urge days. Lets hope they can get their act togther and settle on a good brand.  
  • Makes no sense to me till the day we cannot choose to use whichever account we want to log in to the app with. I have spent nearly 13 months now, on a company phone, when I cannot use my own log in credentials and can't log in to Xbox music app. So only get benefit of pass when I am either on my desktop (local account faffing) or home. Travel has become a curse. :(
  • Yeah. Came across that problem on my fiancée's Lumia 830. I remember on WP7.5 being able to go to settings and login with your Microsoft account, even if it was different than the account on the phone, and sharing my music pass till I reached the 4-5 device limit. Couldn't do it anymore and had to purchase a pass for her own device. Luckily I bought the $31.40 music pass on sale for pi day.
  • What are you talking about, you can use Xbox Music on any mobile platform (iOS, Android or Windows Phone) Do you need a MS account ? Of course, thats because you can use this same account for OneDrive, OneNote, Skype, Office, Outlook, Windows 8, Windows Phone.
  • He has a company phone, with a MS account from company.
    He wants to logging with his personal MS account, on his company phone, because he doens't want to buy a pass to his company account.
  • He's using a company phone, with a company account. Not his personal live account that has a music pass.
  • This is just one of the many (actually, probably every) ways in which MS services are better on non-MS devices.  On WP, you are stuck with a single "primary" account on the phone, and no way to use alternative logins to most MS services. On iOS or Android, you can easily switch between multiple accounts.  Same is true for Skype, OneDrive, etc.
  • I havent had a company account before but cant you go into "Accounts" in settings and add a Microsoft account? 
  • Use the Web Player?
  • Does that actually work on phones?
  • Finally, I prefer Microsoft Music! I think it will gain attention when Windows takes over the world. Haha :)
  • yea.  who named it xbox music anyway?  was it the former xbox head who leftfor zynga?
  • With the focus back on the Xbox to being more games centric (and less about entertainment), the rebranding of the Music and Video services to Microsoft would make sense.  Of course, both of these services will still be available on your Xbox!
  • The focus is back on gaming, but the userbase is spending most of it's time in non-gaming video consumption. The fact that you still have to explain to people that "Xbox" is not primarily used for gaming over video consumption anymore shows how badly the marketing department has failed at Microsoft. People still think of the brand as a niche gaming device, even though the people who have the device don't use it that way at all.   People at Windows Central say Microsoft branding is great, but for the average consumer I don't think they associate Microsoft with leisure time activites. "Microsoft" = business/enterprise to 90% of consumers. This is the reason why the Microsoft brand doesn't appear on Xbox anymore. This is the reason why you have trouble selling Windows devices to consumers today. People buy Microsoft branded items for school and work. The Microsoft brand is trapped in this business box. Now they're allowing the Xbox brand to be trapped in the hardcore gaming box. The risk in both is missing out on the growth segments of those markets. A lot of the growing profit in mobile gaming and video streaming is being lost by the Xbox team. All of the growing profit in mobile touch computing is being lost by the Windows team. To Microsoft's credit they tried very hard under Ballmer to break the Microsoft brand out of the business/enterprise box with an increased emphasis on consumer electronics and retail stores. Beyond some Xbox/Lumia enthusiasts I don't think there's been much success however. Is it harder to convince consumers that Microsoft is for fun/leisure or harder to convince consumers that Xbox is for all entertainment? Not sure, but neither branding is an obvious home run with consumers.
  • Hey Daniel. I must say, and not just for the sake of being contrary, Xbox music on my phone is quite slow and uninspiring. :/ I've used it on both my 920 and 1020 and 1520. I prefered the older music player (a bit However I must say I am inclined to agree that Microsoft Music sounds pretty cool. Xbox Music on my Xbox and PC is absolutely f***ing gorgeous. I love it. Hopefully the team at Microsoft really overhaul the experience. I'm no expert on software development. But my fingers are crossed. Do you think they'll work it up better for windowsphone? #teammicrosoft
  • How is the music service good?  It still sucks IMO.  My music has been duplicated, playlist syncing doesn't work 100% yet on my devices and it lacks features.
  • The only decent thing about Xbox Music on 8.1 is the ease in navigating around the app. The rest of it is terrible. There's still no gapless playback (even on Windows 10), shuffle repeats songs ignoring others in library, and some songs downloaded from the Xbox Store refuse to play and crash the app. The store itself is truly abhorrent, as searching for a particular song is migraine inducing (if a particular track is on a various artists album it lists every compilation album in the store, very unhelpful). Still no thumbnails when searching as there were on WP7. Even iTunes is better than Xbox Music and that truly is a damning assessment. I didn't realise there was a Reality Distortion Field in the Windows Phone world but it's very strong with Mr Rubino.
  • Thank you for calling MS out on their awful product. It's the worst music product they're made, probably ever. I wish they would go back to the Zune service. But that's not happening.
  • Where on the phone? on the desktop? Perhaps you didn't know but Xbox Music now lets you store your music on OneDrive, so you can upload your albums and listen on any device (even on a Linux PC using Firefox). Also,  a quick way to check if your music is duplicated on your phone is to download the Windows Phone desktop app and merge your PC and Windows Phone files by using the sync feature, if you sort by song-name you can easily check duplicates and delete the ones you don't need, much easier than using iTunes and an iPhone IMO.
  • All my music is moved to onedrive.  Songs on onedrive don't sync and show that they are on onedrive among other problems.
  • I have OneDrive account in spanish, and found out an issue if I uploaded my music into a folder called Musica, Instead I have to create a folder called Música in OneDrive (perhaps is already created by default since Xbox Music cloud features) and upload music there so it can be shown on Xbox Music apps. If you have OneDrive in english, is much easier, I think you need to upload your music albums into Music folder.
  • My account is English.  My problem is half the music doesn't sync metadata with Xbox Music, even though it did in prior versions of Xbox Music.
  • On my phone is also pretty spotty. Often just stops or unloads entirely, particularly when Wi-Fi signal is low but cellular is great. I have to manually turn off Wi-Fi to get it to user the cell signal despite the being no limited on using my cellular data. S long as you haven't chosen not to let it user your cellular days that short of thing should be automatic. It is improving though, mind you, playing duplicate tracks should have been fixed years ago. It's not that hard Microsoft!
  • Go to the Xboxmusic website and turn on delete duplicates. Or maybe hide duplicates. Can't remember exactly, I used to have that problem but no more. I've had Xbox music pass for many years, still get 10 songs a month to download and keep. Love it, works good on all my devices.
  • I've got that enabled.  I don't think duplicates are that much of a problem anymore, but it was a huge problem a half year ago, or a year.  I can't remember when everything was duplicating. shows that some albums don't have the onedrive symbol or text, and I can go on onedrive and find the album right away.
  • One of the great features, whatever they choose to call it,is that on my XB1, if there is a video associated with a song I'm playing, it plays that video automatically. There is a setting in which you can turn it off...
  • I've never heard of that feature!  I know the xbox 360 had playlists created with music videos.  I use that a lot.  I don't think it's available on PC though...
  • @bguy It's there on XB1. I was pleasantly surprised when I was playing a song and the music video played automatically. On settings in XB Music on the XB1, there is a setting that allows you to turn off playing the video automatically.
  • "How is the music service good? "
    I should have been more specific, Xbox Music Pass is good. But sure, the app/service could be better. Personally, I like Amazon Music the best.
  • hi Daniel, I think you're right, MS will rebrand XBM. But I just think MS rebranding their music service won't solve the issue of MS not being committed to music. And I think they should just skip to the part where they abandon it. I wonder what you think of the following plan, which I think they should do now rather than 2 years from now: 1. kill Xbox Music now. 2. closely partner with Spotify to bundle on all Windows devices. This might entail bundling the universal app on Windows 10 across pc, tablet and phone, take a small cut of revenue for any new paid sign-ups from Windows devices, integrate MS account sign in. Perhaps somehow have it manage offline owned mp3s in a user’s collection and have it be the default music player, thought that would add complexity and deviate from Spotify's scope. - Why? Reach, brand-association with Spotify, ensures long-term Windows compatibility so that that Windows provides a world-class streaming music experience that millions already use. - Why not? Well, it would be bad for some, like me, since I still love using my Zune player with my XBM Pass. But the world is changing, so we have to change with it, and MS is not committed to XBM.
  • I think part of it is related to terrible marketing by Microsoft. Xbox was supposed to be their entertainment brand, but then they killed the media creation arm, and they did nothing to increase the brand visibility. Saying Xbox branding means Xbox-only isn't much different than saying Microsoft Music means it's only for MS customers (meaning no iOS or Android).
  • Not really, Xbox music is installed by default on Windows Phone and in WIndows 8.1 desktops is called music but is the exactly same app. I think the reason they chosed Xbox for the phone and music for the desktop is to target audiences of different ages (more teens and young people use smartphones and have Xbox, and more generation X, baby boomers use Windows 8.1 desktop).
  • Everything from Microsoft is driven by hopeless Marketing. It's always been that way. XBox music is the child of their failed attempt to get anyone but Gamers to want to user an XBox as their Media Center. It was a dumb move to begin with and had been holding them back ever since. Who wanted to lug an XBox around to listen to music? Nobody. Very few people know that you don't have to.
    Microsoft desperately needs to broom their Marketing For and grey done people who have a clue.
    They also need to stop screwing their customers with nonsense like not converting Zune Pass Holders into Customers with the same rights under "XBox Music". When people hear loyal MS customers are unhappy it drives them away. MS just doesn't understand that human Customers are very sensitive to small dollar abuse, under their Corporate Customers. Again, broom the Sales Dept and replace with since people who actually understand their Customers.
  • I was following you up until "Microsoft desperately" then it all went a bit trippy...
  • Makes you wonder what kind of idiots are running the show at these big companies. Almost anyone who keeps up with the industry would have known that non-gamers would never buy an Xbox. The Wii was a one-time fluke, those non-gamer buyers are all off to tablets and phones. 
  • @Keith. Is OneDrive, MSFT Word, Excel, PPT,Access, Outlook, etc., only for Windows devices? Not. So what you are saying makes no sense.
  • Access is Windows (desktop) /Windows Server only. All of the others are cross platform. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And Xbox Music isn't Xbox-only. You missed my point, that's what happened. He said Xbox Music implies Xbox-only, but I said that's like saying Microsoft Music would mean Microsoft-only. I mean, there are Xbox-inclusive games on iOS, and the Xbox Music platform spans much more than just the Xbox. The branding of Xbox is a lot less problematic than the horrid/nonexistent marketing of Xbox Music as a real solution for music fans.
  • I like it too! Makes it more accessible to a lot of people, since MS rules the roost with PCs.
  • Agree, when I say to people I have a Xbox Music Pass they assume that I can only use it with Xbox and have to explain what it is.
  • It will always be Zune to me. ;)
  • It is still missing features ZUNE had.
  • That was suppossed to be a joke with an image. Guess the comments let you post an image, but not actually display it.
  • Like I said back when they changed it to Xbox Music, I think Bing Music makes the most sense. Microsoft Music is ok, but I like the Bing brand for everything related to content. Use Bing right now to search a band name and it comes up with a nice banner with song names and albums. If Bing tapped into your music library and video library (and even your game, book, and audiobook libraries) across all platforms, like it does on Windows Phone currently, it could make searching for content very easy and fun. Put Cortana on top of that and you have something very powerful.
  • @Rhody I like the idea of Bing Music. Bing is being made the backbone of all of MSFT products. Akin to being it's own "intelligent" OS when combined with Cortana.
  • "That's a shame as the music service is actually very good" You're joking right?  The service has slowly been getting worse and worse, it was great when it was Zune (before windows phone 7) and they slowly made it worse.  I'm constantly having to redownload albums on xbox music because the rights get revoked for one itteration of the album that I downloaded, then i have to go, search for the slightly updated album, usually there is no difference, and then re download it. Thats just one of the many annoyances. There is nothing that sets it apart from other service either. 
  • I'm sure the same would happen with Zune. Doubtful software has anything to do with that. Personally, I agree with Daniel. As a services, it's great. The apps however need work
  • No idea what you're talking about. The UI is horrible but the service is good. I use the old Zune UI on my desktop. They'll have to pry it out of my cold dead hands before I give it up. The service is still great. The UI, yes, definitely needs work.
  • I'm a lot late in replying, but I couldn't agree more. It has gotten worse and the new app is horrible and not being fixed at the rate it needs to. It's actually similar to the Zune application that sucked horribly right up until they killed the Zune and now its one of their better applications. On the other hand, doesn't it seem easier to put this functionality into Windows Media Player?
  • MS Music and MS Video works better. Xbox implies just that, that it only works with Xbox. Going forward I think they want to get across that it works with ALL MS products be it desktop, phone, xbox, etc.
  • I agree. Dropping the "Xbox" name would make the product appeal more to a wider audience, especially since the Music app is cross platform and available to Android and iOS users. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Always hated the Xbox branding, but I don't know if Microsoft Music will get it done. If they want platform agnostic, they should have a new name, calling it MS Music just changes the problem. I know Zune isn't coming back, but it had the right idea. Skype, Outlook and OneDrive feel right at home on Android. Microsoft Music doesn't.
  • Microsoft Music makes much more sense. Never did like Xbox connection and as you say makes me think you need an xbox to get music.
  • Agreed. WE know what's going on and which services require an XBOX but we aren't the mainstream. If data reveals that naming is harming the system or introducing barriers to entry then it requires attention. This change makes sense in that context. They can use other tools to help guide people to other service offerings without having to share platform labels that might confuse someone. I've had several conversations with Apple and Android fans at work (we work as platform SaaS architects) and its amazing how willfully ignorant they are about Microsoft ecosystem. Mention XBOX music and automatically "I don't own an Xbox" or "I'm a Playstation fan." they know Microsoft is building their ecosystem but how that relates to XBOX isn't so well known. Strange, but these people exist even in the technical world.
  • I could care less what the hell they call it. Right now I call it my POS streaming player. I pay ten bucks a month for a player that constantly goes to the start screen, Gets stuck constantly ect ect I could go on but why waste my time when some M$ fanbois is going to reply "stop complaining nothing's perfect - just me!" meanwhile M$ never really fixes this app anyway! If any MS employees are reading this... XBOX MUSIC PASS is a POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Sounds like the problem is your device or your broadband provider.  Have you factory rest it anytime lately? Xbox Music works fine on my Windows PC, my Windows Phone, my iPhone, iPad, and android tablet. Your problem is local, not XBM.
  • Easily fixed.... don't do the "pay ten bucks a month" bit. Give your money to a working service.
  • Still too wordy. Musicsoft or Micromusic maybe.  Then again, probably just better to call it Pirateship and act like there's a link to Pirate Bay.  Offer a bunch of free deals every month and insinuate its illigitimate, probably sucker a few million Chinese into signing up.
  • I bought everything almost exclusively from Xbox music before then, just because I liked getting everything from one source (makes it easier if you have to redownload lost/corrupted tracks). Until I had to redownload some Albums I purchased from there, and they told me the Songs were no longer in their library.  Basically, they took my money, so I took my business elsewhere. I can't recommend Microsoft's Music service to anyone.  They don't seem to have solid deals with the music makes and you never know when what you think are redownloadable purchases will disappear from their store, leaving you dumbfounded when you have to access them. In any case, with Apple Music being Cross Platform and having a proper thick client application on Windows (I have no faith in the performance of RT apps on Windows, native apps always trounce them in both performance and features), it wins by default should I decide to subscribe to any sort of streaming service.  I'm certainly not going to "buy" music from Microsoft given the issues I've had with them in the past. I can't even scrub through a song in Microosft's Music App on Windows 8.1, FFS.  The thing is useless.
  • I hope we see full featured Microsoft Music (and Video) apps for all platforms too, especially iOS and Android where competition (and adoption) of such subscription services is heating up. That said, apps for Windows (PC and Mobile) are going to be vital: The other platforms already have Spotify, Google Music, and soon Apple Music, but only Microsoft Music can provide a good amount of support to Windows users. And it works the other way too, a Windows 10 user who has an Android or iPhone may be drawn to Microsoft Music IF their music can follow them to the PC.
  • Long live ZUNE!!
  • Using the name Microsoft makes sense because sky news can't make more frivolous lawsuits.
  • They could call it "M&M"
  • I don't think Microsoft is truly interested in media consumption apps under Nadella, they're more focused on productivity. With Apple and Android increasingly closed systems MS should focus on integrating third party music apps. With that said Microsoft Music sounds much better than Xbox. I also think Microsoft Photos / Pictures would be a great cross-platform idea with the idea of mobile first / cloud first.
  • One of my biggest complaints is that there are ZERO devices other than a windows phone to go work out and take your MSFT music with you. Just shameful. At least make the next service backwards compatible with all the old Zune HD stuff still out there...
  • Never agreed with it ever since they changed Zune brand to Xbox Music.
  • I agree, Xbox Music does sound like a Xbox only thing. "Hey do you use Xbox Music?" "No, don't have an Xbox" I welcome the new Microsoft Music approach.
  • I believe many people have an aversion to the name "microsoft" and they think it is a brand void of being "cool" or "trendy" in any way. This is why I believe a shorter name such as mMusic or mVideo might be more suited for a mass service. They should not use Microsoft in such services as imho it has a much more serious meaning and it really does not bring entertainment to mind... Whatever they call it, I agree with you that it is a fabulous service that definitely needs to gain more traction in the future...
  •   OneMusic!
  • Ooops.  It's already taken,
  • Apple Music.
  • Is Beats a good service? Is it available for non iOS users, I am a Xbox Music + Spotify user, but if Beats is available for Windows, I might try it.
  • Exactly. I don't want to use Apple music on my Android, that's why they have beats. MS should have kept mix radio.
  • Apple is releasing a whole new service called Apple Music.  Beats is going away.  It's going to be integrated with iTunes (Windows, OS X) and the iOS 8 Music App.  It's coming to Android in the Fall. And since Apple cares a little more about perspective than Microsoft, I suspect bugs in their Android App will get fixed a lot more quickly and consistently than the Xbox Music App, which is tragic on Android at the moment.
  • I like it better. Xbox should be used for gaming, not music, video or communication.
  • Yup gaming only.
  • Maybe they shouldn't use Xbox Music, But Microsoft music isn't that great either....
    What is the crime with MS using names that are cool, and catchy❓❓
    . ZUNE.... they could bring it back.. The name isn't the problem, rather MS's lack of marketing
    . Hack WINDOWS MUSIC is even better... Just use a red windows logo next to the words Music...
    SMDH... What is so damn hard with marketing up in Redmond❓
  • What about MicroTunes...
  • Ummmmm... Naaa.
  • 8-bit music. all the time.
  • Oh.. Umm... I'll get back with you on that one.
  • Yeah sure, this strategy seems good, drops Xbox then
  • I understand the importance in branding to usher in success to a product. But, I think the thought that the "Xbox" label implicates the Xbox console tells more about the consumer than the product. I understand that consumers dictate a lot of what corporations produce, but jeez. Consumers are that obtuse to not investigate a thing before dissmissing it.?
  • Obtuse: "annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand"? Yes, I imagine anything is possible with consumers, but when you name a music service application that has the same name as a very popular gaming console, it's not that consumers are "slow to understand". They are quick to make assumptions. And in this particular case, understandably so.
  • Microsoft has done nothing to tell consumers that Xbox means anything other than gaming.  In fact, throughout almost the entire life of the Xbox 360, the Music and Video applications were branded "Zune". Problematically, Microsoft wanted to use the Xbox branding to refer to consumer entertainment, but they never went "all-in".  And since just a handful of users are on Windows 8.x (like 15%), the only media branding for WIndows 7 users has remained Zune.
  • Their software is also part of the issue.  Their Xbox Music app for Windows 8/8.1 is rather terrible compared to the Zune Music client, and they didn't integrate their music service with Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center for Windows 7 users (which they absolutely should have done, IMO). When people didn't hop on Windows 8 en masse, it completely put a wrench in thier plans because they were assuming a majority of people on their most aging OS versions (like XP) would have made the jump and had Xbox Music/Video shoved in their faces, but the opposite happened.  People literally did all they could to avoid upgrading (and some that did, ended up switching to OS X as a result as well; which is why Apple's PC sales are at an all time high).
  • Totally agree with you Daniel. Xbox should stand for gaming; and in fact, they want it to mean gaming, regardless of device (IE, not just an actual XBox, but also windows, iOS, whatever). So this would make sense. Now if they would only build my dream Microsoft streaming device; like the best entertaining parts of the Xbox (non-gaming, so thinks like Netflix, Hulu, cool guide, etx) and sell it for $50-$100.
  • I would like windows music better, since xbox, wp and pc*s getting Windows 10