Xbox One

Rumors about Microsoft planning to support a way to trade in digital Xbox One games for store credit have been squashed by Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenberg. He went on Twitter to state that the company is "not actively planning" any digital game trade-in system.

The rumors began when some gamers received a Microsoft customer survey that asked, in part, if they would like a way to trade in digital Xbox One games for 10% credit towards paying for new games in the Xbox store. Such a move would likely upset some retailers like GameStop, which make lots of money off of selling used physical game discs.

Game industry analysts Michael Pachter and Colin Sebastian questioned why Microsoft would make this move in separate posts on Twitter. Pachter says that Microsoft was "playing with fire", which got this response from Greenberg:

Greenberg said basically the same thing to Sebastian's Twitter post:

There's no word on why the survey added this question in the first place.