It looks like Microsoft is now testing yet another AI chatbot. First spotted by ZDNet, Ruuh is a new chatbot only available for the moment English speakers in India. While Microsoft hasn't formally announced Ruuh, its Facebook page indicates it was first launched on February 7.

Ruuh only appears to be available on Facebook at the moment, with its personal interests including "chatting, Bollywood, music, humor, travel & browsing internet." Ruuh's "About" page reads:

"Hey, I'm Ruuh, a desi AI who never stops talking. Let's make #fraandship."

"Ruuh is a chatbot provided to you for entertainment purposes. She is English speaking and only available to users in India. Do not rely on her statements as advice, counselling or endorsements."

Microsoft's efforts with AI chatbots have gradually ramped up over the past year. Infamously, the company launched a bot named early last year, only to pull it a short time later after exploitation by some Twitter users caused it to start spouting racist and offensive comments.

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In December, Microsoft followed up on Tay with Zo, a Kik messenger bot. Unlike Tay, Microsoft stated at launch that Zo has safeguards in place to avoid the same awkward turn of events. Other chatbot efforts by Microsoft include Xiaoice and Rinna in China and Japan, respectively.

It's likely we'll see Microsoft continue to release more chatbots as the company continues its more recent AI push. If you call India home, you should be able to strike up a conversation with Ruuh on Facebook now.

Check out Ruuh on Facebook

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