Microsoft offers some encouraging stats about 2014's Windows Store downloads and sales

Even as Microsoft gets ready to launch Windows 10 in 2015, the company is taking a quick look back at the improvements it has seen on its Windows Store in the past year.

In a blog post today, Todd Brix, Microsoft's General Manager of its Windows Apps and Store Team, stated:

"We began the year with a commitment to create opportunities for developers with Windows Store. We made good progress by both attracting over 30% more active users and by exceeding a 110% year-over-year increase in app downloads and gross sales. In addition the ecosystem has grown, with an 80% increase in registered developers and 60% increase in app selection year-over-year."

Brix also outlined five topics that Microsoft says it will concentrate on in 2015 as it prepares for the launch of Windows 10, which will have a unified storefront for both Windows and Windows Phone apps. One area is expanding the use of carrier billing for buying Windows apps, which Microsoft recently launched for China, India and Brazil. Another area of improvement will be to offer more app monitiaztion methods. Brix wrote, "We are increasing our focus on in-app advertising to help improve fill rates and grow developer revenue."

Microsoft will continue to improve the Windows app discovery experience, with Brix stating that it has already made changes to the Windows Store user interface to help in that effort, including a new Deals Hub and more promotion for Windows apps. Microsoft is also committed to improving its Windows App Studio tools so that more people can make apps. Finally, Brix says Microsoft will improve the developer publishing experience for Windows, saying, "We have much more work to do to simplify and unify the experience and you can expect the evolution to continue over the coming months."

Source: Microsoft

  • Nice
  • A big challenge is still local apps where regional retailers, banks for example, offer apps for their business but not on the WP platform.
  • ^ this
  • Regional/local apps? What do you mean? Banks in US are different in every state or what?   Here in México, almost all banks have WP official apps
  • Here in Serbia, only one does.
  • mikelo90, so I'm not the only one from Serbia.
  • In the Netherlands Banks are maybe not the best example. but my health insurance company, my car-lease company, pizza delivery, have all android/ios apps, but no WP. On my travels i've seen in more countries often musea have android / IOS apps only. I'm totally happy with my WP, and i don't want all those companies to install crappy software i don't need on my phone.... but if i wanted, i couldn't! All main Apps on WP are okay!, but the 'local apps' still are effected by the app-gap!
  • Ok I understand, unfortunately for me I can't complain too much about that, in my country health insurance is of the government (and no, they don't have app, if you are lucky they'll have medicine), particular health insurance almost don't exist, and they also have no app. Similar things happen with car lease or car insurance. The only pizza that allow to order online is Domino's, which I hate so much (and they do have an app on WP).  I'm a college student yet, so I don't have time to travel outside the country
    So... I can say that there are no "local" apps that I need, also I'm not a smartphone gamer, I'm a console gamer, so you could say that there's no app-gap for me at all
  • It is a challenge which is why I bug anyone I do business with to make a Windows Phone app. It doesn't really do much good to complain about it here. Your bank, retailer, local wine club, etc., ain't following the happenings over here. Email, call, Tweet, post on Facebook, comment on their blog, etc.  I have called and had reps tell me that I'm the FIRST PERSON that they've heard from requesting a Windows Phone app.  True story.  If we spent less time repeating the same complaints to people who can't do anything about it and spent more time addressing the content owners and app makers, we might have more nice things. :) Just sayin...
  • Bravo. We need some.kind of organization here. Possibly already existing in the forums. Like an app request of the week that we all will check and post how we've contacted that company. I'll open the thread when I get home after searching around to see if it already exists. If not I'll create it and start off with Snapchat. I'll link to the most popular petition and methods to contact them, then in a week I'll update the original post with the next app. Maybe we can keep it going for a long time and build some publicity off of it. Maybe even WIndowsCentral can give it a mention in the ICYMI post each week. I'm wishfully thinking but I'll follow through on this is it makes sense to anyone here. Thoughts?
  • I'm game. Let's make Epocrates one of the first requested apps. Unbelievable that it is still missing in WP!
  • Thanks. I'll get the info and create that thread on the home PC. I'll call it Requested App of the Week so you can find it. And yes, I remember back in the Palm OS days epocrates and those lock box apps for real estate agents were all the rage. There was no other device that could do it so they bought a Treo. Microsoft should be on top of those things. Be the go to device for medical professionals, photographers, etc... iOS is close but only because there isn't anything else close to it (I will not entertain the argument that Android is a viable platform for business professionals... It isn't. Yet.)
  • I'm in too.. Haven't found any related thread yet so you could create a new one.. Looking forward to it..
  • I'm SO in.  I wrote WPCentral back when they were still called that and asked if they'd spearhead an ongoing campaign, but I got no answer.  It's good to see that peeps are taking it grass roots!  
  • The thread is up.
  • Dalydose, well said :)
  • Same here... no point complaining here. Just send your local business an email or tweet and point out that they have no app for WP. Also I download and try to use and give constructive feedback on any local app. Only by showing support for local app developers can we get anywhere...
  • In India, most banks have an app on WP. Mine doesn't though.
  • I bank at a local community bank, only 30 branches and of course no app for WP, however I can do my banking on their website through the full web browser on my WP phone.
  • I'm lucky that both Chase Bank, and my credit card company American Express have native WP apps now.
  • Well, here in Italy, as you may know, there are more lumias than iPhones, still local store and banks do not have WP apps. I contacted my bank (one of the biggest bank of the country) about it and they answered "working on it but you can use the mobile site". Well this was one year ago, no app yet. And the mobile site sucks since they focus on droid and apple. This was to say it is not only about market share , there is something more that is not working with Microsoft....
  • So......
    The real test is W10, especially for WP10.. I seriously think this is the last chance for MS to be taken serious in mobile..
    Not that WP will be dead if it doesn't make significant MS, but it'll always be a distant, unpopular smartphone OS, and never get the respect it deserves... 2015, and 2016, are MS's last chance at relevance, and they know it..
    As big a Windows ecosystem fan I am,, I have to admit that I'll believe it when I see it... So, it's gonna be at least two more years before I can decide if my platform is a success, or stagnant...
  • This isn't the last chance. If anything they are just beginning. Windows 10 is the beginning of all things new.
  • Stop!!! I don't want another BETA!!!
  • What? There still a Windows 10 beta. Do you really know what beta means and what is for?
  • That depends on whether you use the normal definition of Beta or Google's.
  • LoL, good point :)
  • Or MS's, which means complete.
  • Life is a beta
  • That's a profound idea!
  • I love Movie Creator Beta.  That thing is awesome and I'm STILL trying to figure out what is "beta" about it. 
  • Exactly❗ You say this is just the beginning❓ That's the problem with WP,, to many beginnings... This better be the beginning of the end of the beginnings... In that sense I agree with you, and we would ultimately be saying the same thing...
    It's time for some of you fans to finally realize that it's now critical, and quit making up excuses, and ignoring the fact that MS needs to FINALLY do what it takes to make WP successful... You just can't fail year, after year, and expect for people (non WP sheep) to get exited about your new OS...
  • Really the last shot..!!
  • Well if WP adds Android app support it will defintely be the end of it. As it stands I'm enjoying all of my Microsoft apps on my OnePlus One. With the Torque App on my phone, I have to wonder if this is not some sort of Cortana Gateway. With Spartan upcoming, I have to wonder if that won't also make it to Android as a sync mechanism for IE browsers to my pc. Just a hunch.
  • I like your comment but, you do have to give MS credit for undertaking the daunting task of uniting 3 OS's into 1 not to mention, a little patience in getting it done.  They have been listening and I hope they continue to make sure there is NOOOO reason for a dev to not want to dev for Win10.  All apps should be universal and have Xbox Live or FB or whatever support to keep them synced between devices.  
  • Of course.... We just hope it finally works.
  • lets go back few years , Mango - will change everyhing , hang on Tango will ....  or Appolo. But But -  Windows Phone ( Blue WP8.1 ) will be new beginning & it will be game changer..  lol
  • Lol❕ Exactly..
  • ​Give me "Beginnings" any time... I hate "Endings"!!! I'm glad WP is not at its "ending" and hope it never will!!!
  • Well, you forgot the "in the meantime" which can be either good, or bad.... We expect for MS to make the best of the "meantime".... That's the point.
  • I 100% agree with you. MS need to get out of this phase where their software and hardware feels like a beta compared to the competition. W10 will be my last stop before deciding to switch back to Apple, I hate to admit but they have a mastery of software with hardware that nobody cn beat yet. I feel like MS cn do it and W10 is when that will happen.
  • I have faith in W10 as a whole... More so the PC, and tablet version, and less so WP... That's bad that I perceive it that way because I've always been a hard-core fan from the beginning.... I'm just a realists, but I sure do hope MS FINALLY proves me wrong....
  • Totally agree, I think they need to give the upgrade free to windows owners. This might get a good update numbers on day 1-20 and get apps being developed.
  • That's a good idea. Terrific idea, and I think it's been discussed.
  • I'm afraid that Microsoft had their chance with WP8 but failed to make any significant impact regarding market share. This to me is a real shame, considering how good the OS is (in my humble opinion). So if the general public weren't particularly interested in WP 8, they won't bother about WP 10.
  • Yeah, and im not saying that WP8.1 isn't capable.. MS could've taken WP8.1 to another level, but they refuse to market it properly...
    The reality is that if Google, Samsung, or Apple, had WP8.1 to market it would have worlds more awareness, and MS right now... If someone can take your exact product, and make it work, that means you're not doing something right.. You're not taking advantage of it... This is MS❗
  • I keep saying, people are entrenched. Do you here me people.❕❗
  • I don't agree with everything you say, but I'm with you on this. Personally, WP10 really needs to wow me. MSFT also needs to shed the last vestiges of that old culture that led to their current predicament in the mobile arena - despite the recent changes, some of their decisions are still baffling.
  • Exactly.
  • And some wow factor phones that are unique and leading edge. Match the hardware and software to a level of excellence, please, pretty please.
  • Rodneyej I agree. Besides MSFT said time and time again that the year is 2017 to be completive in the mobile market. I think Windows 10 is that bridge towards that goal. 2015, 2016, 2017 will be very interesting.
  • Yep!
  • Whoa, did I just hear someone say they agree with Rodneyej?... Actually I also do... Being an early adopter with the new Microsoft has been a good, but limited experience. It is now past the early adoption state, and MS has to bring everything to the big boys. If this has been a beta test, it has been a remarkably good one. And that bodes well if they can learn from the last few years and deliver on all the potential. I am hoping that my next two phones will be Windows phones....
  • Lol... A remarkably good 5 year beta test, while the others are selling devices...
    That makes MS look really special, especially when they haven't come up with anything ground breaking... Lol. SMDH
  • All bets are on Windows 10.
  • It's the final hour.... They need to make it happen❗
  • Every iteration of WP OS has been the final hour. I personally don't look at it that way, as long as MS continues to make it, I will use it. That said, I use competing products also. So I'm not being limited in any way by WP not making it big.
  • Lets be realistic... WP needs to be successful.. No company in it's right mind would continue with a product that is not successful, even MS... They aren't going to just make these phones for us, the 1%... If you want to continue to have WP devices then you'd better drop that passive attitude... We have to be proactive, and keep giving our feedback on what needs to be improved... This is MS we're talking about here.. They are not self motivated.. Lol❕ Some of us like a challenge, and maybe that's why we like MS..
  • Guys guys guys, you need to learn that this is business. In the developers side, WP obviously needs to reach more big so it can attract more developers and go toe to toe against its competitors. However WP undeniable has a very good range of apps. On the Microsoft side, they are on the third place after Apple and Samsung, even if its a distant third, that means their business strategy is doing good. WP still growing, store sales the same, their business model is very strong, XBox is doing well, services like Office and Skype has no challenge. Only a blind Android or Apple fan can say Microsoft is not relevant.
  • Thanks for this comment. MS at this point needs more sustained and consistent effort on WP. No need for 'panic type' or rash moves. They may not have set the world ablaze with WP but they are growing. And WP is very unique in the sense that MS has managed to tie it somehow to Windows proper. It is only a matter of time before WP really takes off due to universal apps, we've already started observing quality apps that deliver this. They should focus on their side on polishing and optimizing the platform for superior performance, which WP has done remarkably well. No one said it'd be easy!
  • Thanks for that extremely profound lesson, master Reynaldo.... Lol.
  • And with iPad sales decreasing whilst Surface sales are increasing, proves a quality product CAN sell well.
  • Thank you for your visionary thoughts NostroDumbAss.
  • NIST
  • I think you may be setting yourself up for some disappointment. WP will surely grow in 2015, but don't expect iOS or Android type numbers, I think that is an unrealistic expectation. They should keep striving for double digit market share, but they may not achieve that in 2015 alone, that's only a single year in a highly competitive space. Maybe another 2-3 years of sustained and consistent effort? But likely not within 2015 alone.
  • I agree, also the last straw for me. App issue is a big one for me. They need to giving out reach around and a payout incentive to these developers. App issue has been going on for to long. It has gotten better but the major apps are still missing. When we do get apps, they are half baked and never the full experience as those on other OS.
  • Microsoft DOES pay incentives to developers, they are dong so right now. It's also part of the problem though, when developers build games and apps simply for a payout by by MS, they don't always to put their heart in it. It's the developers who build quality apps out of love for the platform that we need to attract. It's the reason why iOS has the best app store also.
  • Paying doesn't help. I bet they paid Instagram...which is stuck in beta. I'm 98% sure that they paid Zombie Run! and they abandoned the platforms.   What "major" app are YOU missing?  
  • Well said Rodney, exactly my thoughts.
  • Should be any real fans thoughts...
  • I think Rodney is more right than wrong.  MS does not get to continually roll the dice hoping that THIS TIME they've got it right.   I think MS really needs to be concerned and fear the possibility that the perception has solidified that WP is an also ran and is insufficient, subordinate, and inferior.   I'm not sure that is the solidified opinion, but we are not too far from that stage.   From my perspective I am quite disappointed in the hardware situation in 2014.   Even though it was wise to make WP/Windows free for under nine inch devices, I think the year was absolute doldrums for the WP high end and I really don't think that was smart. From my perspective Nokia had a very strong tendency to gimp their high end products with weird deficiencies and this issue was longstanding and came to a head over the last couple of years.   The 1520 was the only device not gimped (unless you're on AT&T and if so gimped), but it was too large for the mainstream.   The Icon/930 gimped by no SD Card slot and no Glance.  Oh, come on now Nokia, you create a signature feature like Glance and then slap together a high end model without it.  I MOCK thee, may thy pass into obscurity like the Icon itself.   Oh wait, already happened. I think passing on McLaren even if one released it without the 3d touch schema was a massively boneheaded move only slightly ameliorated by the idea that a high end device would be released around the time that Windows 9/Threshold would be released in April/June 2015.   Oh yea, it ain’t gonna happen then.... So MS, be proud you sold lots of 520's and such but the keystone of the edifice is still at the top.  The HTC One WP did not fill the gap, nor the 830.   There's lots of us that still have 920's and we're not particularly thrilled with our choices and for those that aren't WP fanatics are likely to drop off to iOS and Android who invariable have the choice of some new shiny each year. I still have my Glossy Red 920 and I love it, but Microsoft I really want you to consider that not success but rather as failure.  I bet that of those that bought at launch (I did not) that many are interested in getting new hardware and are simply not thrilled with your offerings.  I fear the situation is not going to change shortly which compounds the error. Happy New Years....
  • I think if W10 takes off it will open the flood gates for WP. If Microsoft can show Joe 24 pack that his start menu on his PC looks exactly the same as his phone and XB1 it might work.
  • Yep! I'm hoping it works. We haven't seen the gold rush that the Windows store will become a few months after Windows 10.
  • Side comment, and I mean this in the best way possible: If your period key was a physical one rodneyej, it would have been whittled to nothing long ago! :P
    It does make it much easier to read, just thought I'd say what I thought the first time I saw one of your really long posts. But you're cool though, I'm not making fun or talking crap!
  • Don't forget -------
    ------- And ........... But he does take a passionate stance on MS and WP succeeding and what they should do!!!!
  • You're seriously so far gone with all your comments. I get the feeling that you've given up on WP but just haven't admitted it to yourself yet. Windows has been in the mobile market for years, I got my first one 7 years ago. They aren't going anywhere, especially when they've done nothing but gain market share in the recent past.
  • Who said anyone has given up on WP?   But let me point out in that seven year period since you got your first windows mobile/WP device WP has likely gone from 1% to 4% in the US and up to 10% internationally in some countries.   During this same time period Android has gone from likely 10% to 70%. Not being particularly thrilled with Microsoft's execution over the years is not the same as giving up on WP.   However, and this is a huge caveat, I'm a Microsoft and WP fan and I try to keep in mind the perspective of those that aren't necessarily fans.   For those people that are not fans, the possibility of a long term "received wisdom/opinion" that WP is an also ran is and should be, a real concern to Microsoft.
  • So whining and start posting WP mentions all over the web. Encourage your friends and family to buy them and pay for apps to encourage developers.
  • I will love the unified store apps
  • Growth is growth. Moving the right direction.
  • I'm so excited for the future :)
  • I actually dont even use the Windows store much. I treat my Surface more as a Laptop than an actual Tablet to be honest so i rarely even go into the store. It makes me wonder should i give it a try more and actually see what is offered in there. It's like the universal search in Windows 8.1 I just go to Bing instead of searching through windows itself.
  • You're missing the good parts of a Surface! Give them a try
  • Windows 10 will get you using the store since you can window the apps. Plus the store will be more of an all in one shop.
  • 99% of people dont care about this, and this will show on the sales numbers for the next Windows phones. You're putting too much hopes for this feature.
  • monitiaztion should be monetization.
  • *monetisation ;)
  • American English vs. Worldwide English!
  • The spelling for that word is the same regardless of where you live :)
  • No. It it's with a z. Ask the hoe Cortana.
  • Now fix that horrible search feature in the app store. I couldn't find "Halo Channel" even when I searched it by name multiple different ways. I had to find a permamink somewhere online.
  • Huh?  I just type "Halo" in the search and it was literally the first option given, followed by #Halo, Halo Spartan Assualt, Spartan Assualt Lite, and Halo Magic Scanner.
  • Where is the question John? Just kidding ;)
  • I only buy unified apps now. So that is a problem, there is still not many apps.
  • Well, in MS's defense W10 is SUPPOSED to address that... But, nobody can promise anything..
  • 8.1 introduced universal apps tho.
  • I mean I only buy universal apps now. Not many have been converted/added unless they were released as universal apps. A year to make universal app out of Poki, that sort of means that it is too hard, otherwise there would be a lot more.
  • Apparently this, why are most apps not updated to universal and takes quite a while to get released.
  • Not exactly the same. Current universal apps are different binaries for Windows 8.1, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8.1. Windows 10 will unify the binaries.
  • So devs should recode their universal apps again for Win10? My gawd.
  • No, recompile...
  • Along with ith Windows 10 OS, we need a solid affordable tablet (surface mini?) and couple of good high end ultrabooks. All these will attract more users and developers to the platform.
  • Agreed. The surface 3 is to expensive. We need a surface 4 that is lower power with the same performance and in two sizes.
  • there are plenty of them from OEMs...especially now. 
  • there are plenty.. but everything has its own problems. I have Dell Venue Pro 32GB Model. I can't event install office as there is no more space. I installed few apps and the rest is taken by the OS. the charger issue with this model and few other issues makes me to use my ipad more often. We need a compelling device like Ipad Mini at 299$. We dont want 10 different models with 10 different issues. One solid device and Win 10 OS has lots of potential to attract other platform users. typing this with my windows 10 technial preview OS.
  • A $200 mini tablet with decent pen support designed for note taking. I would buy it for work..
  • Microsoft needs to teach people more about the Windows app store.
  • See, I am more and more leaning towards not liking this idea. When it comes to modern apps in windows 8.1 I quite simply don't use them (except the occasional one that is effectively forced upon me like xbox video). I use the desktop environment because it is faster to switch between windows and easier to set up a multiple application environment that caters to my needs. Basically I'm hoping that the unification of the stores doesn't limit the scope of the windows desktop side of programs and we end up with the only options being these more barebones (in my experience) offerings than what I am used to on my desktop.
  • It is getting better. Have you tried the Win10 tech preview? That is performance for the desktop and modern apps together thanks to allowing windowed mode for modern apps. Generally, touch apps are not usually productivity based apps, maybe a few taps here and there, but the proper desktop is for doing real stuff. W10 allows you to enjoy both without compromise.
  • I downloaded the iso and followed the instructions on microsoft's site but for some reason my virtual desktop doesn't want to load the file. I will go over it again soon and see if I can get it working.
  • "... except the occasional one that is effectively forced upon me like xbox video ..." What exactly do you mean by that?  I'm not trying to be a smart ass, but are you aware that Windows Media Player (desktop) is still part of Windows 8.x?  Do you know that you can make it the default instead of Xbox video/music?  I ask because I have met a lot of people that don't know this and it's their only point of frustration with Windows 8.  You don't have to use any metro apps ever in Windows 8.
  • I will be honest, I didn't know that, I will definitely start using wmp though because I like watching videos in the bottom corner of my screen and do other stuff in the rest of it. Thanks for the tip.
  • @Sin Ogaris, If you are on a desktop that makes perfect sense. Go to Charms Bar > Settings > Change PC Sertings > Search and Apps > Defaults change music to wmp change video to wmp change photos to windows photo viewer
  • You can also download StartIsBack+ to get back start menu.
  • I will be honest I don't miss the start menu. I never used it prior to 8 except to search or the odd occasion to go to control panel. I use shortcuts on the desktop instead, which hasn't changed. And now control panel/search is in the charm bar which is easier to access and use imo than the start menu was. Although this is on the surface, it'd be different on my desktop, but I can always boost the sensitivity of my mouse to quickly move to the right anyway (via the mouse buttons). So even that wouldn't bother me.
  • It's not quite that simple.  I use the desktop for Windows 8.1 just like 95% of everyone else, with rare use of "Metro" apps.   However when it comes to music downloaded via Xbox Music and my new streaming pass, Windows Media Player can see the music I've downloaded in Xbox Music but cannot play it.  Conversely when I play music in Xbox Music, even though I own almost every King Crimson album from the first to the last, I can't see ANY OF IT in Xbox Music even though every album lies ripped on my Windows Home Server.  No, it's not quite that simple.
  • MixRadio is also an awesome alternative to Xbox music on the metro side and it sees all of Xbox music automatically.. On the desktop I just use the beautiful Zune media player and all my albums are perfectly read
  • I just want version info and update history like in WP
  • Sounds promising!
  • Better there'll be actual numbers, not %% YoY %%
  • This is the moment of truth, Microsoft Windows 10 needs close the "app gap" and attract even more users. As much as I love this platform, it's hard to recommend this phone to users who want to stay in tuned with mainstream applications. It has gotten way better lately and I hope to see even more developers come to our platform. I must say the universal store apps (which has been my new favorite) has changed the playing field.
  • I think MS should make a bigger effort to be as identical to the iPhone experience as they can be--easy UI, tons of apps, etc.  Once people see they can transfer to WP easily, THEN Microsoft can tweak their experience to make it better.  If they cannot offer a dramatically better experience (and clearly market that), then they HAVE to give some kind of incentive to get people to switch.  I think they should include free Music subscriptions for WP phone users.  That would be HUGE for young users.
  • The WP UI is not complex in the least and it has a tons of apps. Yes it doesn't have as many but we have a lot.
  • The WP UI is easily the simplest UI on any mobile OS. I tried a droid the other day and I was simply confused from the 'desktop' and even within apps, buttons everywhere :-(.. I've probably been spoilt by staying too long with the simplicity of WP. iOS may be better but not much different. After using WP for so long, it's very difficult to change to another platform, they just seem so 'noisy', nothing like the clean 'pure info' style of WP!
  • I do like the idea of free music subscriptions, or maybe free Xbox live? Or start bundling 520s/530s with Xbox ones?
  • Well I am Mac everything except phone and windows phone has starting me on my move back to Microsoft.
  • Good
  • I just want to add one example that remarks how beautiful is this OS... My cousin moved from IOS to Android and just not to WP for the same reason why many don't do it (local apps lack), then he set up his Samsung galaxy 5 with the WP UI... Which looks beautiful in Android, 'cause you can customized far more than WP OS... So this is an example how MSFT can take advantage of his OS UI...
  • Also I am pissed off for seeing how MSFT is developing amazing apps for Android and IOS..... Example NEXT LOCK SCREEN....
  • Hmm.. micro " Soft". Soft stands for software. If they make software why would you be angry? So they make stuff. Cool there are many staff members. Some use androids.
  • Google's Android jumped in while MS were stuck in a ditch with Windows Mobile 6.x.... Windows Mobile / Phone was dead and buried at that point....
    Considering this Windows Phone has made significant steps, over the holiday period Lumia phones were the 3rd biggest seller after Apple and Samsung.
    Lots more to do for Windows on mobile devices to remain a viable choice into the future - chiefly the app count.
  • Sadly with only a few percentage points. Just goes to show how bad the Android ecosystem is for non Samsung vendors..
  • Windows 8 usage almost double in 2014, so 30% store growth is very dissapointing.
  • Say no to android apps on windows/windows phone.
  • 'sauceum!
  • I made some purchases on this store :)
  • Just so much work done. Hats off to Ms for all the hard work though we are still way behind of android and IOS still we will reach there soon.
  • please bring apps like FXGURU on windows phone.
  • Make Xbox music store available worldwide!!
  • Having lots of apps is good.. But the updates for Apps is so slow! WeChat for example is so way behind Android & iOS