Visual Studio Code

One of Microsoft's development tools has reached a major milestone. Launched a year ago in an early preview, the company has now officially launched version 1.0 of its Visual Studio Code editor.

In a blog post, Microsoft had this to say about its cross-platform editor, which can work on Windows, Linux and OS X:

VS Code was initially built for developers creating web apps using JavaScript and TypeScript. But in less than 6 months since we made the product extensible, the community has built over 1000 extensions that now provide support for almost any language or runtime in VS Code. Today, a broad range of developers from individuals and startups to Fortune 500 companies, including audiences completely new to Microsoft's tools, are all more productive with a tool that fits comfortably into their current tool chain and workflow, and supports the technologies they use, from Go and Python to React Native and C++. With this great ecosystem in place, we're now confident in declaring our API as stable, and guaranteeing compatibility going forward.

Since the launch of the first preview version, Microsoft says it has seen over 2 million developers download Visual Studio Code, and that over 500,000 of them actively use the editor each month.