Microsoft OneDrive gets a host of useful photo editing features

Onedrive Photo Editing
Onedrive Photo Editing (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • OneDrive for Web and Android just got a feature-rich update.
  • It includes a plethora of basic photo editing capabilities.
  • It also includes Chromecast casting functionality.

OneDrive's web and Android presence just got a bit more meaningful. The different versions of OneDrive will now support photo editing tools so you can fix pics without any inconveniences.

You can now crop, flip, rotate, color adjust, and light adjust photos. If you want to crop freehand or use one of Microsoft's preset ratios, you have that option. You'll also be able to rotate pictures by standard ninety-degree increments or do milder tilts to straighten out photos that are slightly off-balance. For light and color tweaks, you can tinker with everything from exposure and contrast to warmth and saturation, as well as a bunch of other settings in-between.

These editing capabilities are rolling out right now for OneDrive personal accounts. OneDrive for school and work will have to wait until this summer (which is Microsoft's current estimated delivery timeframe), and OneDrive for iOS will get the features "later this year," according to Microsoft's blog post on the subject.

Onedrive Casting

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

In that same post, it's mentioned that you can now cast your OneDrive photos to TVs via Chromecast. Also, OneDrive users will receive the benefit of being able to organize pictures by date and source, though that feature isn't arriving until sometime within the next two months for OneDrive Android users.

Lastly, there's photo filtering. Here's how Microsoft describes it: "There are times when you only want to see images from your Pictures folder and times when you want to see all the photos in your OneDrive. Whatever the time, now you can filter for it. You can find this new option in the top right of your Photos tab on OneDrive for Android and the photos area of OneDrive for Web."

In short: It's a good day to be a OneDrive user.

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