Microsoft to open new retail stores in Burlington, Oklahoma, and Jacksonville

What’s better than a new Microsoft Store opening up? Nothing in our minds!

Microsoft just posted a bulletin on their site noting that a new retail store would be opening up at some point in the near future at the Burlington Mall in Massachusetts. Our friends over at Neowin claim the store will be opening September 19th, but we cannot find a source to confirm or deny that fact.

The company has also made a quick Facebook announcement that it plans on bringing retail stores to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Jacksonville, Florida.

As of now, we have nothing more to report as Microsoft’s message is as simple as follows:

“Look out, Burlington. We're headed to Burlington Mall soon. Get ready to experience the Microsoft Store near you. Although we can't reveal too much now, we can promise a lot of fun – and dancing – during our Grand Opening.”

We will make sure to keep you up to date on the latest information.

Anyone in the Burlington, Massachusetts area excited?

Source: Neowin

Michael Archambault