Microsoft open sources Windows Calculator

Microsoft has made strides in recent years to more fully embrace the open source community, and now it's taking another step towards that goal. The company announced today that it has open sourced Windows Calculator, opening it up for developers to contribute to or use parts of for their own development purposes.

"Our goal is to build an even better user experience in partnership with the community," Microsoft said in its blog post announcing the move. "We are encouraging your fresh perspectives and increased participation to help define the future of Calculator."

The project is open sourced under the MIT license, and developers can now find Windows Calculator on GitHub. Microsoft also shared its future plans for Calculator, detailing a roadmap that includes a focus on improving the app's Fluent Design styling, more customization options, adding the option to keep Calculator pinned on top of other apps, and more.

Microsoft says that it's hoping developers will both contribute to Calculator and use it as a base for learning more about the Universal Windows Platform, XAML, and Azure Pipelines, as well as Microsoft's development lifecycle.

If you're a developer interested in contributing to Windows Calculator's development, you can find the project on GitHub now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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