Microsoft open sources Windows Calculator

Microsoft has made strides in recent years to more fully embrace the open source community, and now it's taking another step towards that goal. The company announced today that it has open sourced Windows Calculator, opening it up for developers to contribute to or use parts of for their own development purposes.

"Our goal is to build an even better user experience in partnership with the community," Microsoft said in its blog post announcing the move. "We are encouraging your fresh perspectives and increased participation to help define the future of Calculator."

The project is open sourced under the MIT license, and developers can now find Windows Calculator on GitHub. Microsoft also shared its future plans for Calculator, detailing a roadmap that includes a focus on improving the app's Fluent Design styling, more customization options, adding the option to keep Calculator pinned on top of other apps, and more.

Microsoft says that it's hoping developers will both contribute to Calculator and use it as a base for learning more about the Universal Windows Platform, XAML, and Azure Pipelines, as well as Microsoft's development lifecycle.

If you're a developer interested in contributing to Windows Calculator's development, you can find the project on GitHub now.

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  • I will check that calculator when I come home 😊
  • Someone PLZ port it over to Android! I really like this calculator, would really like to have on my android phone.
  • Yes exactly. Why is the stock android calculator so bad? Same for iOS
  • All it takes is literally one search... These are the two I found from a search of "Microsoft calc"
  • Already tried those, very disappointed with them because they don't have all the same features.
  • Exactly what I was gonna say... It would also be nice if the MS photos app with OneDrive sinc was available on Android as well.
  • Wow calaculator. Nice start! What they do need to open source is edge web and rendering engine for the community to adopt and contribute for the future of open internet. I guess Microsoft will move to chromium anyway for Windows web platform foundations and UWP since PWAs are google/chromium technology and might be reason for Microsoft to switch to chromium in the first place. Because no one will use edge anyway apart from us Microsoft Enthusiasts. The only benefit chromium can bring is better compatibility with existing web and upcoming PWAs. Remember Windows Lite or whatever they end up calling it will be mostly driven by web apps and cloud and PWAs and such and compete with Chrome OS. And that's where having chromium based web platform will help them achieve compatibility and parity. The work on edgehtml shouldn't go to waste though and I'd love for Microsoft to open source it as soon as they possibly can.
  • We need open source for Windows 10 mobile
  • Ummm, I think there is by way of some tool a developer made. Can't remember what it's called🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • I still prefer the old calculator from Windows 7. I installed it on Windows 10.
  • After forced to android, went searching for the W10 calculator there but no joy. When does the joy arrive on android?
  • I know it sounds trivial to some, but that was a major issue for me when I switched to android from windows 10 mobile. I even sent MS an email complaining a such. I use a calculator daily for work.. For volume/weight conversions and subtracting percentages from whole numbers where the figures for calculations are shown before final total.
    Would it be so hard to port over to the Android Play store as an authentic MS app? I don't trust 3rd party apps, especially when promises of free or pay for skins or ads.
  • It's not as easy as you make it sound.
  • Windows Media Center should be open-sourced as well. If Microsoft no longer bother with it, let the community run with it. Same with Zune.
  • Isn't that what Kodi is?
  • They need to open source Groove, notepad, the Clock app, the camera app, voice recorder, and the Photos app. Basically all the "base apps" that don't contain too much proprietary technology.
  • Great idea.. I would love Spotify under Groove UI, if that's possible.
  • Ah bummer it's C++ wanted to see how they structure a C# UWP app, though at least I'll see how they organize the XAML files. Though this is a good learning exercise nonetheless. Will definitely dig into the source later at home.