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Microsoft attempts to patent 'Mix View' exploding Live Tiles possibly for the future of Windows 10

In December 2014, we reported that Microsoft was working to bring an 'exploding tile' paradigm to the Windows 10 operating system. The user interface feature would make a Live Tile explode into small tiles with information provided from the app.

The feature was later to be called Mix View, and it just got published with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Interestingly, the application was filed just a few months before our report in August 2014, and the filing was just published today.

Update: The original version of this article noted that the patent was approved, however, it was merely published by the USPTO and not granted by them.

Mix View was supposed to go hand-in-hand with Nokia's McLaren smartphone. That phone had a 3D Touch interface letting users hover their finger over the display. The virtual push gesture would cause certain tiles to then 'explode' into smaller tiles with more user information. Some of the design influence came from the Zune era of design but combined with some very advanced gesture detecting hardware.

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McLaren was cancelled in July 2014 due to hardware issues and other project failures. This decision at the time sealed the fate for the high-end Lumia portfolio as that phone was the next flagship.

In today's publishing patent filing we can see some of the ideas behind the design as well as possible implementations. The filing is full of technical jargon as expected:

"The user interface includes a concurrent display of a plurality of representations of applications that are selectable by a user to launch respective applications. Gesture-based techniques can be used to interact with an application representation to cause one or more visible targets to appear adjacent the representation. The individual targets are individually associated with some type of application functionality, e.g., a quick action or a deep link into content associated with the application. An individual target can then be selected, e.g., touch-selected, by a user to initiate the associated functionality."

Regarding hardware usage:

"In one or more implementations, a computing device includes one or more modules implemented at least partially in hardware. The one or more modules are configured to output a user interface for display. The user interface includes a concurrent display of a plurality of representations of applications that are selectable by a user to launch respective applications."

And a more concrete example of the idea in action:

"For example, the representation may be configured as a tile that includes a plurality of targets (e.g., sub-tiles) that are user-selectable. The user-selectable targets are configured such that selection by a user causes access to corresponding functionality of the application and in this way may provide a "deep link" to various functionality of the application. The tile, for instance, may include a user-selectable target to navigate to a root level (e.g., welcome screen) of the application, e.g., a start screen of a weather application. Other user-selectable targets may be utilized to access other application functionality, such as weather at different geographic locations. In this way, a user may directly access different parts of an application directly from the representation of the application that launches the application. A variety of other examples are also contemplated, further discussion of which may be found in relation to the following sections."

This filing accurately matches our description of Mix View from our December 2014 report. In fact, there was even a Nokia SDK for developers that let them design and test such implementations for Windows Phone. However, the SDK and project were presumably scrapped with Nokia's McLaren.

It is not clear as to the fate of Mix View and Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. Now that the company evidently has the patent on the design, it does ensure it will not be copied. However, unique user interfaces and real-world applications are still tough things to reconcile, as the Kinect has proven.

Currently, there is no evidence that Microsoft is bringing Mix View to Windows 10, but we'll be looking out for clues.

Source: FPO, WalkingCat/@h0x0d

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Wow! Nice innovation.
  • Yes, it is. It seems to work well for Apple parading as if they came up with the idea first. I'm wondering if this will be similar enough in design mechanics for MS to get patent payments from Apple.
  • Microsoft's implementation is about hovering your finger and Apple's is a tactile push. I would like to see Microsoft's software version along with Apple Force Touch. Also, I'm not an expert but I don't think patents are retroactive like that. If someone else did it before, bringing that up would likely void your patent and open it to the other party. The implementations are quite different nonetheless.
  • No doubt implementation Is gonna take an other decade on SELECT phones
  • You have to touch the tile to activate this feature, I don't know where your seen or heard otherwise. Watch the video on YouTube
  • There was another article posted in this forum, when Apple released the current update. Basically, it talked about two features that were fist mentioned on WPs such as, Living images, 3D touch/with info tiles, and Hey Cortana. The basic concept was there, Apple just utilized it and made it better, unfortunately. Well, Hey Siri may still be debatable for some.
  • I'm pretty sure "OK Google" predates both "Hey Siri" and "Hey Cortana"
  • Re: emjey & OMG55,
    Damn typos! So, again, what are you saying?
  • I'm not saying pressure sensitive is not useful. For this case, they don't need pressure sensitve to implement them. Pinch zoom or double tap hold (for one handed use) to me is good.
  • Apple and MS have a cross licensing agreement that doesn't require any payment for the use of each others' technology. Annoyingly, it also doesn't call for any acknowledgement , so Apple is free to claim Microsoft's ideas as their own.
  • Well honestly I'm okay with that. We need functionality more than talk.
  • Considering Jolla did it first I doubt it.
  • This feature if happens will be far better than Apple's gimmicky 3d touch.
  • Apple has already done it, while Microsoft is still making it :-)
  • All Apple did, was to put contextual menu inside iOS.
  • First is first :-) there is a reason why Apple is #1 valuable company in the world :-) Apple invents, companies follow :-)
  • I am sorry but apple is number 1 becose the fans are sleeping and still buyng phones out of date just look at the screen resolution and my opinion they cand do much wrong becose the changes they make on theere phones are very little to nothing atleast other companys they try to change the looks or something else, apple just wands to stay save and dont change much the fans will follow them anyway so they can do it
  • CrApple=We "COPY" Everything then we tell iSHEEP "we invented it 1st", and you Low IQ iSHEEP believe ALL the BS marketing, pure Lies, we feed you. What would CrApple do without, SONY, MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, HTC, SAMSUNG..........and so many other companies they "COPY" from???? The ONLY reason CrApple sells their overrated, COPIED, kids toys, that is 4+ years""""BEHIND""""technologies or others, is due to """"""""""""""""FAD"""""""""""""""". Once the FAD dies, like it has on it iMaxi-Pad, iPod, one will buy their crap anymore. Its matter of time.  
  • Wrong. Google passed them as the most valuable company. Apple is now nothing but second best. :p
  • Hahahah, yea right, so Apple do iris scanning, continuum, liquid cooled processor, all Apple lead the way at is marketing....
  • 950xl does not have liquid cooling contrary to popular belief
  • "The Lumia 950 XL has a traditional liquid based heat pipe solution which efficiently transfers and balances the heat inside the Lumia device. This heat transfer technology allows the Lumia device to deliver a better engine performance."   This may be an instance of hair-splitting, but what about this solution doesn't deem it as "liquid cooling"?
  • Apple invented right click ? are you insane ? Because force touch is actually a right click !
  • Actually, force touch detects the actual pressure because there are for springs at four corners of the display whose resistance change when pushed. Long press just measures the time for which you touched the screen. You can even measure weight of an object by placing it on a force touch screen.
  • Apple would have never been first hadn't it been for Microsoft saving them for bankruptcy in the first place.
  • Microsoft has been doing it for about 20+ years. While Apple and all their fans were telling us that context menus is a bad design, that a second button on that mouse was confusing to the user, Microsoft and their users were happily right clicking, long holding, and using the UI to perform operations on select UI elements. Then Apple "discovered" that the users would want to do something with UI elements other than clicking/tapping, and so they "invented" it and now it is the greatest thing ever, even better than sliced bread.
  • Apple is busy on fixing their clock from 1970
  • Hahahahaha :)
  • Kotwani you are a winner
  • Yea, as Gimmy as pinch and zoom. Tapping "+" or "-" is good enough!!
  • Its not that gimmicky. Its got actual functionalities that it provides that normal digitizer don't that pressure can be even use in art and other forms of interaction. For now it's mainly for contextual menu which kinda not much different from regular press and hold, but the potential is right there already. Microsoft should really need to come up with something similar soon and implement it. Microsoft could even make use of those even more (as long as they don't screw up again).
  • If they bought it why wouldn't they use it? Maybe they are planning an android/ios app with mix view. Or for windows 10 soon by 2020.
  • What do you mean bought? Microsoft implemented this on Zune years ago. This is technology they already had, but chose not to use in windows live just like exploding live tiles in standard windows 10
  • Why are we still waiting on this?
  • Because they haven't even stabilized the CORE OS yet lmao. Let them fix **** first. Then we can talk about other things to use the RAM, like exploding tiles. As for now... Battery drain is already an issue. Im sure if they want to implement it that its prioritized underneath general stabilization of the OS. I can already see apps not opening because the bugs from the tiles. Plus we would be waiting for devs to add functionality to their apps. More complaining.
  • The battery drain was fixed by a reset for me. I would get 8-10hrs with battery drain now I'm back up to my 16-30hrs.
  • I unplug my phone from the charger at 6AM and before noon it needs to be back on the charger if I wanna use it during lunch.
  • They trialed the 3D touch interface with devs but it wasn't popular - many devs found little use for it.  It's no surprise that they then shelved it but still keeping the patent to add to the war chest. Even Apple's 3D touch doesn't get much use today, and that's Apple, the ecosystem which gets the most devs excited to develop for.  In some ways mobile app developers have settled into a very fixed pattern of UI development and implementation, I doubt these kinds of additional interaction and display methods will take off.
  • The Apple 3D Touch adoption is slow but they do get implemented by 3rd-party, heck even freaking Microsoft added 3D touch to some of their apps in iOS. Give it time and it will be everywhere in iOS again. Their ecosystem is still very active, something I wish lso for Universal apps on Windows.
  • Most Apple users don't have access to 3DTouch, so no wonder developers aren't too keen on implementing it yet.
  • That's the point - even with Apple's strong ecosystem the inclusion of 3D touch in the UI is still very slow and is still in the process of trickling down, and it would take at least another 2-3 years before a significant amount of iPhones in use are 3D touch capable thus driving the dev interest to take advantage of it.  Thus there's every reason that the 3D tiles of the Lumia which requires pairing with special hardware of the McLaren would've flop HUGE due to disinterest.  3D exploding tiles is an interesting concept, but one that is not feasbile in the business sense without a massive tweak to the approach. 
  • What Microsoft continually fails to realize is that hub centric, minimalist designed operating system will never work. The majority of the smartphone users are not looking for a "anything will do" phone... They are looking for a flashy phone with lots of flavors, lots of colors, lots of animations. They are looking for phones that provides them with so many options that it's sometimes sickening.
  • The problem with Microsoft in the past wasn't because they choose hub, minimalistic OS. Its a deliberate lack of effort to make it better and still playing catch up. The features implemented slowly and some basic things still missing. The API was also too restrictive that some devs can't even implement hat they want to make just like what they can on other platforms.
    Hub was a nice idea but Microsoft themselves killed it because of slow development and not giving much flexibility for it. It didn't evolved much and thus, they let it rot as times goes. Hub is still a great user experience implementation if done right and if they let it be updated regularly since it also depends on apps plugged-in. Alot of people didn't even know those Hubs because Lumia didn't get that big market share in the first place. That Hub system doesn't necessarily prevents users doing their usual work, it's actually make task more seamless and easier.
  • Which is already done by Apple :P LOL.
  • Apple just stole everything MSFT makes and spill all that apple **** all over it so all fanboys can lick it. Btw msft saved apple back in days.
  • This thing better be worth for 4 years wait. can't wait.
  • What have you been waiting for in the past 4 years? This comment confuses me
  • They announced it 3-4 years ago. we thought we could get our hands on it 4 years ago. the feature got cancelled? we got disturbed?
  • I agree. It should've taken 2 weeks tops!
  • Rad.
  • fina-effin-lly!!
  • Windows is taking over!
  • easy now...
  • LOL!
  • when ?
  • Eh I hope it comes so people can stop whining about it
  • that's a good thing to hope for.
    but people will always find something to whine about. :)
  • Yes they will look
  • You will get nothing if no one whines for it..
  • They really should make this work's a very interesting feature
  • Coming soon
  • We all know what the word "Coming" means for Microsoft.
  • Means IOS and android first, then Windows Coming Soon...... :)
  • Or 2nd coming
  • In the next mellinium even though they've been sitting on the technology for years already.
  • This feature would be great on w10m
  • Hmmm... looks nice but how is this different from folders? Seems to me this is just a nice feature (that demands better hardware) with little (if any) improvement over the current state of folders.  
  • This would allow deep links into an actual program. With folders, you can only group different apps. With this, you would have one app that you could dig deeper into. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Folders are for GROUPS of apps; Mix View is for a single app. Benefit is currently a Live Tile can only show two sides when it flips; this expands the sides to 8 (at least in the original scenario) giving many more 'views' from within an app without actually opening the app.
  • Herpity Derpity   I do see now the usefulness of it. I was thinking "You could pin functionalities to the home screen and make folders" but this is a much more useful invention. This would keep your home screen from cluttering with folders and folders and more folders. Thanx for the clarification Daniel :D
  • stop thinking about "folders" think of Facebook - this would allow you to hover over the Facebook app and then burst into a group of other functions within the app, for instance once the tile explodes you can now select to post, go to your feed, see latest update, poke a friend, etc.  Basically giving you one touch capabilities of differenct selections within the app without having to go into the app.  Multi-tasking 1.0 that has been lacking in the mobile space forever
  • And then we'll want to choose from the mix-view which friend to poke. And then we'll want their faces to show. Then notifications along their faces to see if we should poke them again or not. Then their last text on that list. Then an option to expand that message. Then reply to that message from there directly. Then option to select friends to share that message with. Then a group filter for easy selection. Then at that point, keyboard might not work as expected. Just saying. :p
  • This made me laugh... Because people Wii always find something to whine and complain about.
  • I thought this would be nice on an app like face Facebook so when you long press the tile, expands into mix view showing the latest four posts on a users wall. It would function the same with outlook, the four most recent emails, etc. Just a thought!
  • Hi Daniel, I've suggested this in the feedback app and in the forums as well. Exploding tiles doesn't need extra hardware or gesture, it doesn't need 3D touch. All MS has to do is add another layer to interact with exploding tiles and that is to use the current single tap gesture. To open the app fully, you have to double tap. Much like the desktop version used to have, single click will either highlight the icon or if pointed towards the name, will rename the icon, then double click will open the application. This way the experience is unified. Imagine single tapping Groove to display extra tiles while blurring the non-selected apps, then single tap to forward, pause/play, etc. Then double-clicking the Groove tile will open the full app. No need for extra complicated gesture and hardware, they just have to re-write a few lines of code. Thumbs up if you agree!
  • Ops, missed the UP bottom and reported you Blacklizted... Sorry about that, my bad.
  • So, why not make a tile cubed instead of two-sided. It could flip like Flipboard...the real Flipboard.
  • I don't see why they can't just make this change at the software level. Instead of "holding down" on the tiles on the start screen to rearrange them, there could be a function within the "start screen settings" that would toggle the mode to move around tiles. In the same sort of area within the settings as changing the theme colour.  Then with the "holding down" input freed up, you could allocate that function to the mix tiles exploding upon holding down on a tile. This in my opinion would be the best solution to the problem, because it would affect ALL WINDOWS PHONES AT ONCE. No need for special hardware. 
  • It is different in that instead of apps, you open specific actions within an app. For example "3D Touch"ing a contact's live tile could bring up the Call, Message, Post Facebook options. Similarly, the Facebook app itself could have "Post status", "share location", etc. as options under that. It's like the Windows 7 and Windows 10 Start jump list actions (IE can open an InPrivate tab directly).
  • If I understand the idea, its not a group of apps that opens up, its sub features of the one app. Maybe the Groove music tile opens up with  play, stop, FF and RR tiles. Or, the weather tile opens up with separate tiles for each city you have selected in the app. Mail opens a tile for each account...
  • Well... It is basically a folder for functions of a certain app. It is kind of like jumplists in desktop Windows where you can reach certain parts/files that a program has recently used by right-clicking them in the taskbar.
    It is... Like... A folder of app-functionality.
  • Actions in programming are not folders..... You're way off in this case sir.
  • Microsoft made alot of small UI changes with Windows 10 Mobile, but it's been a long time since they've really done anything major with the UI. I think once they get Win10 stable on phones they really need to make the UI stand out more so than it already does. And by stable I mean fix the friggin "Resuming..." issues that have existed since old WP versions. Fix live tiles and make them work more consitently. Fix the email client so that is properly displays emails. Fix that weird copy/paste issue where the paste button doesn't show even though you've copied something to the clipboard. Fix that weird issue in the app list that when you scroll too fast initially, all of the apps are just blank icons. Fix Edge. Just to name a few. By the way, I love my 950 and WIndows 10 Mobile, but it's definitely got it's issues.
  • well put.  You missed bluetooth issues  and the messaging app always crashing as well
  • Don't forget the camera and video issues
  • They should make it stand out in a good way. The current UI hasn't done much for adoption. People do not like the interface in Windows 8 or Windows Phone. Sticking with the same UI is a mistake. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Honestly this implementation is gimmicky. Apples' implementation is simple and effective. Menus for control. Thumbnails for information. Pressure touch for interaction. Microsoft too should implement a cleaner interface as well as intuitive hover touch for interaction (not a fan of pressure since imo it is difficult to get used to pressure and could be liable to mood swings).
  • "simple and Effective" my wife still doesn't get how to use it and thinks it is a terrible function they added.  I too have used her device and their solution is not great by any means.
  • I sent a request for this through the feedback portal roughly two weeks ago and at least a year ago prior to that.
  • And it seems that they listened to you!
  • Of course not, heck they didn't listen to themselves because they demoed this at least two years ago. I simply a sked then why they didn't implement it in windows mobile 10 and punted out that they continually tease us with good innovation yet let the competition release similar tech before they do. I also gave examples like battery saver that Samsung highlighted about there devices yet we had it back with wp7, living images and 3D touch that Apple currently boast about yet we already had living images and exploding tile or mix view had already been show to us yet again MS failed to execute.
  • I hope those features will be included on the Surface Phone.
  • I would love some innovation. But I'm not so sure about this one. We already have (had) the ability to pin anything to start, not just an app but also specific documents, routes etc. That seems more elegant, less complex, more intuitive than exploding tiles.
  • MixView still works great on my Zune desktop app. Still can't get rid of that software, love it.
  • Post a video of you using this on your Zune and provide a link.
  • Just install it yourself
  • Shut up dude, just thought it would be cool for users here to see it in action instead of theory! I should have known there's always a smart *SS here on WP.
  • Easy there cowgirl. There's already been videos of it in action for years.
  • Re: eddieDOTexe,
    Thank you.
  • We need ideas like this
  • Zune still have influence... Halleluya
  • Yep
  • Yes.
  • Isn't it something MS was trying to do before? And they just now got the patent. That doesn't necessarily mean that they will or won't use it.
  • What if its coming with the rumored"surface phone"? Time will tell
  • Funny, I was just searching the wc app for a post and re-discovered the original post detailing 'exploding live tiles' and wondered what ever happened to that? On a side note, why does the search suck so bad?? It seems to only find posts from like 2014
  • I think Apple's 3D Touch would be a great companion to this exploding tiles feature. Press hard to explode a live tile and get extra functionality.
  • Can any1 tell me... How much data is needed to download windows 10 mobile insider preview ??
  • Around 1 GB
  • For mobile... Not PC
  • That was for MOBILE ONLY DUDE.
  • ~3gb
  • 3gb for mobile... Dats huge man...
  • they should use this for the jump lists on phone. so when a developer makes some jump list items for its app on desktop, on the phone they look like this. maybe they should look like this on the desktop too, but only when accesed via touch. for a mouse it would be to w8-ish
  • This feature should will on 8" tablets and phones only.
  • Apple has already done it last year what MSFT is trying to do right now..
  • Lol. MS did it before... Then super production on the device that had it. Then apple came out with something similar.
  • W10 need something like this but probaly not gone happen and Apple will use and finetune all things.
  • Thumbs down for mix view ,, nothing is newas they figured above.. Want improvements if it'll happen..
  • Sounds like you're the only one with this thought.
  • Coming to a Windows 10.8 near you. Oh wait, but only if your device can handle it. Im sure it'll require 4GB of ram. Lmao
  • I wouldn't be surprised if that happen...
  • Coming soon in September of 2039
  • I say this with partial snark and partial thought this is the new reality: If Microsoft can't find a way to out this on Android and iOS, Windows will never see it.
  • Mix View on phones, and interactive tiles for PC/Tablet.
  • This would be great for Groove music. Like, to play and pause musix from the Mix View. And I hope that Mix Vies is openable by swaping from an app from left to right of the screen.
  • Maybe if they remove the requirement for a Groove Music Pass.
  • Re: indiemprint,
    Income is required for products and services to be successful.
  • Pants
  • Lederhosen
  • This would be great to bring to HoloLens (along with other devices).
  • Mclaren where are you
  • Still waiting for it!
  • Exploding tiles sound dangerous :P Sounds like a cool concept. Maybe they could make interactive tiles and display more headlines/events for news and calendar in the meantime :)
  • They already did this with Zune it was great
  • I wonder if they could incorporate something like this for gestures on Kinect. I know a few around here lament the loss of decent gestures on the new dashboard.
  • Holy **** its about damn time
  • Exploding tiles.... Ye come to my phone.
  • They should've implemented more info on the live tiles already with a left-to-right swipe, but just like the lockscreen and notification centre they failed to innovate.
  • I wish tapping on the Live Tile would take you to the item the Live Tile was displaying and not just open the App.
  • Another unique design that we won't see probably til dec of this year
  • I prefer use of the iris scanner tech for Kinect-like gestures...
  • Not a bad idea. You should write that on the feedback app.
  • This is why Mix Radio had to die... :|
  • Looks awesome, as long as it doesn't require some new pressure sensitive display.
  • I'm sure iOS users will love it.
  • For God sake no NO , we need actionable live tiles just like android widgets Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • We need both.
  • The kinect failed because it required too much space to use. And the xbox one's kinect is ginormous... I had no room for it.
  • No room for it? It takes up as much table space as your tv remote. Where do you put that? In the trash?
  • First of all, no I don't keep my remote below the tv. That would literally defeat the purpose of having one.   Secondly, what decade are you in, that your tv remote is the same size as a kinect?   
  • Table space.... Not overall space.
  • Again. I wouldn't keep a kinect on the coffee table, that's not where it's designed to be kept. Also, even footprint the kinect is bigger and height is the big issue here. It's already bad enough that the Xbox One can't stand up on it's side like the PS3 or PS4 (or XBOX360 for that matter) then they go and make the Kinect ginormous... Stupid microsoft doing stupid things.
  • Hi Daniel, I've suggested this in the feedback app and in the forums as well. Exploding tiles doesn't need extra hardware or gesture, it doesn't need 3D touch. All MS has to do is add another layer to interact with exploding tiles and that is to use the current single tap gesture. To open the app fully, you have to double tap. Much like the desktop version used to have, single click will either highlight the icon or if pointed towards the name, will rename the icon, then double click will open the application. This way the experience is unified. Imagine single tapping Groove to display extra tiles while blurring the non-selected apps, then single tap to forward, pause/play, etc. Then double-clicking the Groove tile will open the full app. No need for extra complicated gesture and hardware, they just have to re-write a few lines of code. Thumbs up if you agree!
  • I do!
    How do I upvote your suggestion?
  • The Zune Lives!
  • The ZUNE desktop software is available. I installed it on a new computer yesterday. It is great software and connects to your Microsoft account.
  • MS needs to move fast on these innovations & make them go live as they have lot to catch up & everything up at stake.
  • Daniel, I always try to educate Window Central when you guys report on patents. They weren't granted a patent for this, they have it pending. What you see here is a publication of the application not a grant for a patent. Another rule you guys should follow for future reporting, Thursdays are for Publication Publishing and Tuesdays are for Granted Patents. As you see in the Publication it was published today Feb. 18, 2016.
  • Why can't they give us extension points to customize the OS? The community or a phonemaker would have already provided such a feature.
  • Windows 10 mobile community is getting tiring, Microsoft isn't working fast enough, and fans and skeptics are complaining too much, mostly repetitive. I'm surprisingly pleased with the latest build on my Lumia 830, and am looking forward to what MS does next. The only complain I have from Microsoft is the hardware - they always compromise somewhere or the other.. Except when they made the L640 & L640XL.
  • looks great.
  • Bring them
  • I like it, but when Windows 10 mobile launch in another headset?
  • So the new tile's are going to be apart of "Redstone 2" this November? Along with 64-bit ARMv8 OS version of Win10.1 Mobile!
  • Should have patented Living Images too.
  • I worst part of McLaren having been cancelled is that we've yet to receive a new flagship phone with Lumia 920 / 1020 / McLaren design.  I love that design so much.  It's so refreshing compared to the generic iPhone style devices that every manufacturer (including Microsoft Mobile) is offering right now.
  • Uhm like which phones are thos in the picture?
  • This will be great in 2020 when they finally decide to actually do something and make a move. This would've been another unique feature of the OS if Microsoft had just implemented it without the 3d touch idea. Take your sweet ole time Microsoft. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Finally!!!! This was in talk since 2011... Thank you Microsoft
  • UAU....this will be available in 2020 when Kanye West become the president...
  • My husband Windows 10 and he loves it, he said it is much better than ant other operating system he's ever used and it  is very easy to use and protects your computer from alot of things. It's too bad that McLaren was cancelled but maybe they can work it all out #sweepstake
  • I really get annoyed when one company create's something and another use it under the impression they thought of it.  I am also puzzled why Google and Microsoft create apps for Apple devices, yet Apple only create app for themselves.  If Microsoft can create full office apps for Apple products, why can Apple not create an ApplePay app Windows phone's?  After all I think Microsoft used NFC first and they still cannot create a simular app for their phones users.  I know both my Lumia 925 and 950 have NFC chips and now find the 950 (newest) doesn't even have a Microsoft app for writing to NFC chips, which seems stupid to me.