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Microsoft Photos for Windows 10 Mobile grabs Print and Living Image menu support

Windows 10 Mobile users can grab a new update to the Photos app, which is now live in the Store. The build numbers jump from 16.201.16372 to 16.317.14282 and with it come a few new interesting features.

When viewing an image in the Photos app users will now have an option for Print by using the ellipsis menu (…). Additionally, if the photo is a Living Image (i.e. motion was detected during the capture) a secondary option to toggle the view as a Living Image or a still one is given. While Living Images was always there users now have finer control over how they are viewed with this update.

When choosing to print Windows 10 Mobile users can send the photo directly to a wirelessly connected printer. If one is not detected, you can use a convenient Print to PDF feature. Options for print include:

  • Orientation – Portrait or Landscape
  • Size – Letter, Tabloid, Legal, Statement, A4, etc.
  • Photo size – Full page, or various aspect ratios
  • Fit – Fill page, shrink to fit

Smaller changes with today's app update bring a Microsoft OneDrive header under Settings and a hyperlink to Third Party Notices under About this app.

You can also now see your OneDrive usage (used versus total) under Settings as well.

Grab the update now and let us know what you think and if you find anything else!

Download Photos for Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)

QR: photos

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Just what I needed for my Canon selphy printer. Awesome
  • Yet they still haven't fixed the kerning on the damn header font. How easy is it to fix? It's wrong in so many core apps, it's a joke.
  • Now please fix the Windows Camera!! Yesterday I tried 20 times to take a picture and the camera crashed almost every single time!! The result I got was only an 1280x720 low resolution picture. I'm hating my phone more every day because of that!
  • My camera was working good. Glad the photos app updated, it was slow and buggy since last update.
  • Do you have a 640? Still happening on mine, even if I went back to 8.1, upgraded to W10 "officially", etc.
  • I have a 830.
  • I'm using a L830 as well, on the latest build. I used to face this issue earlier, usually a restart would resolve it. The problem to my understanding is that when I took multiple pictures in quick succession, the app was unable to write all the data fast enough to memory, causing a lag/saving blackout/crash. Specially when living images and rich capture was one. While I could improve the timings by turning off rich capture and living images, the larger issue is that the processor appears to be under equipped for a heavy user as myself. Sorry for the long read, but I would strongly suggest saving new pictures to internal memory as opposed to an SD card, that should improve your performance by a good margin. Hope this helps. Posted from Windows Central App
    Lumia 830/Win10Mobile
  • I hate my 830 with Windows 10. I really want to like W10M but I get lag unlocking the phone, random reboots, unreliable camera etc. I've tried upgrading multiple times using various methods (just tried the official update today, only 2 reboots so far so fingers crossed), but whilst it seems good at first, it suddenly just hates me a few days later. I'm at a loss. I love the new features of W10M, and the UI consistency etc, just it doesn't seem to work for me, which is odd since it seems to work ok for others...
  • I have the same issues on my 830. Really making me think twice about what I'll get when I replace it. I'll take a hard look at the new Nexus phones. Also, print doesn't seem to be an option on the 830. Continuum phones only perhaps?
  • you all have to wait for firmware update IMO, windows 10 on L1520 has no issue, its like it was made for this phone :P i never loved my phone as much as i love it with windows 10 M and these new features are making it better and better day by day. MSFT please give OTG support and we wil be in heaven (so to speak)
  • I miss my 1520. Posted from Pornhub
  • Strange. I am facing quite a lot of issues with my camera on L1520. eg. phone goes in saving mode after a few shots. forever adding finishing touches etc.
  • The only problems I have on my 830 are slow messaging and the random screen going black once in a while, but that's a known issue on many phones. W10 is very stable on my 830 most of the time. Occasionally a random reboot.
  • I have a l830. I do get lag on lock screen and in action center. For the rest the phone works very well and faster than 8.1. I update to windows 10 then I did a hard reset. After this I check for update and there was a new update. I download it and that's it. Try hard reset your phone!
  • surprisingly I dont have that issues on L830. May be from set to set it is dependent. The resuming issue is also solved. I have done no hard reset. Just build to build.
  • Interesting. My L830 is pretty much flawless on the current slow ring build (164). It's an unlocked Canada Bell version. This update installed and is working well. Sorry to hear of your poor experience. FYI I did a hard reset before the initial install of Win 10.  I am saving photos and video to a 64GB SD card. Recently I recorded a 1.5 hour 1080 jazz sextet I was playing in. File size saved to the SD card was 11.5GB. Audio and video were excellent and impressd all I've shared it with. Win 10 rocks on my 830 and has no lag worth mentioning on any app I use.
  • Get a newer phone
  • I can't spent 1000 dollars (4000 R$) on it right now. I just got fired because of the Brazilian's crysis.
  • No issues with my 830 since the 2nd to last OS update. Camera app was just updated. Really fast now for me.. wasn't so good before the update...
  • Just restart the phone and you are good to go, i have the same on my 640xl, a fast restart and all is perfect Posted from Windows 10 Lumia 640 XL
  • Tried this many times.
  • Solved this not using the Skype Video app anymore. Everytime I opened Skype Video the camera crashed thereafter. If I have to use Skype Video, a restart is enough to solve the issue temporarily. I use Skype, then I restart the phone to use the camera.
  • Talking about the Camera, it has just been updated.
  • So frustrating... Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Nice
  • Is this only on specific builds, as it's not showing for me. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • We're on .164 and Redstone (950, 950 XL) with both updated. However, our Lumia 650, for some reason, is not showing it.
  • Well, at least I'm not the only one not seeing it. But I'm on a 950 running .164. I imagine I will just need to play a waiting game until it appears in the store for me.
  • Doesn't show on my production 950XL (~yet), going to the link just says open, no update (region canada)
  • Same result for me in the UK
  • Just got it on my Lumia 930 on.164 :)
  • Same in PT
  • Not on my 950XL in Australia either yet.
  • Same here Uk
  • I don't have it on my Alcatel Onetouch Fierce XL with .164 and redstone.
  • Yup am on 640 in India and print or still image option doesn't show up though build numbers are bumped.
  • Same here on my 950, .164 ... Waiting. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Camera app on my Lumia 950XL (14291_rs) flickers and looks grainy, noisy even before and after taking a pic. Also fast charging is broken. shows 2+ hours to charge 50%. Regretting for updating to rs build...
  • This update is only for redstone builds please fix your headline.
  • After updating to 14295, i got Microsoft photos update and now its showing the options to print and living image or still image ;-) Nokia Lumia 1520
    ~The Power of Windows 10~
  • sure? I got it on a Lumia 925 .164
  • I'm on .164 on a 950 and I'm seeing nothing.
  • Yep same result. None for me too... USA
  • All these new apps (maps, photos), or updates, are tested first on RS1, and sometimes backported to TH2 (if there's no need of a specific RS1 API). Would be nice if the article mentioned that, to avoid people checking updates on store like mad, while they're on TH2.
  • Its not available on my 950. From India Ajay Ghosh Chalasani
  • Nor 920 or 635.
  • Not showing for me either. I'm on .164 production.
  • Yeah, not showing for me too. The version is incremented but no print or living image option. Maybe it's for Redstone.
  • Gotta wonder why living images wasn't there from the beginning. Not like this is a new Windows feature
  • It was, now you can choose to see them as still images This comment was posted on Windows Central for Windows 10 UWP.
  • It was, but this is an option to turn it on or off on that image.
  • Hi dan got the update but print and other option not showing on l630 th2 build. Sent from Windows Central App for Windows 10
  • The app could play Living Images previously, it was just the option to "Show as a living image" that was missing (but was available on the desktop photos app). Basically with "Capture Living Images" switched on in the Camera app, every photo taken contains a living.mp4 video, but the camera app sets it to "disabled" if not enough motion is detected. The "Show as a Living Image" option forces the photos app to play the living.mp4 video each time the photo is viewed. The previous version of the app couldn't show the living.mp4 video if the camera had set the image to "disabled".
  • Now they just need to update Outlook Mail, PDF reader and Edge to also support printing on Windows 10 Mobile
  • PDF reader and Office lens has been ignored for windows 10 for so long now. Sent from Hobbiton. It's quite nice out here.
  • What's wrong with Office Lens? I haven't noticed any problems or wished desperately for a new feature.
  • Outlook Mail syncing is still a issue with my AT&T Branded 950...OS: 10586.164, and latest firmware: 01078.00038.16025.39033....Many Feedback issues account syncing....sometimes works, but takes a long time....syncing through the People app, on Windows 10 PC 10586.164, works fine...but the phone People's app does not update the outlook account is fine...Hard reset performed with no backups selected...quite frustrating!
  • Just when we thought today was Apple Monday. Does anyone know if the Photos app supports GIFs? I don't have any yet on my new phone.
  • Yes This comment was posted on Windows Central for Windows 10 UWP.
  • Thank you.
  • guess that means living image will be a windows camera feature soon!!
  • Isn't it already?
  • yes it is i just now tested.....i was just not being able to shoot a living image i was wondering why hehehe :V the way r u people have a bit of battery heating up issue in 10586.164? ..........
  • No battery issues at all on my Lumia 930
  • Did ur camera. Shots Blurry sometimes I notice. In my 930 rich capture. Or lumia camera. More better. Than windows camera
  • Noticed it on my 640 after updating to release. It only happened a couple of times but it was definitely noticeable.
  • No printing option for me somehow.
  • Print option not showing for me either, Lumia 640
  • No print option for me as well 640 XL   Sweet update.
  • same here on two 640XLs
  • It an option for me on my Lumia 1520 running 10586.107
  • Is for me but isn't compatible with my printer... For now
  • You can now also save images from the living image clip just hit the edit button and the option for this is listed in the menu.
  • That's the feature I've been waiting for! Stoked!
  • Me too, a work around i used was share the video to myself then extract images from the video but never looked that brilliant. This is a nice touch.
  • There really needs to be a play button for the living images. Swiping away and back again to get it to play a second time is awkward.
  • Yeah, I agree there. I think small issue is differentiating it from movies/video playback
  • Theres no Print menu item in the updated app on my ATIV S. Even if hardware support is missing, the print to pdf should be available at least?!
  • Agree. Same here (Lumia 920).
  • Not showing on lumia 640
  • Updated on my 930 with .164 in Germany. Great functions, I love the print option. Used it in Word a few times with my Samsung printer. Works great and then I started to miss it in PDF reader and other apps :)
  • GREAT! They fixed the issue with low resolution images that didn't shrink to fit the screen.
    Also they put the "favorite" folder back!
  • light theme please, thanks!:) Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Does MS provide basic printer drivers or do we need to rely on the printer manufacturer?
  • Finally! An option to print! How about documents printing? (PDF, Word, Excel)
  • thats been an option for quite some time, just open a word or excel document, press the hamburger menu, and there you go.
  • Finally they put print back, never understood why it went away....... Now lets get print for email!!!!!    
  • Nope, not in the store L930 The Netherlands
  • Tweet gabeaul about it, i have asked him a lot of times.
  • No print option on my 920.
  • I don't suppose any of your memory capacities are full? I had the same problem yesterday taking some photos but then noticed pictures were defaulted to the microSD card which was pretty much full. Worked again when I switched it to phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't see the print option but I notice a "save picture from living image" option in edit and the option to save living image as video. Is this new? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • i got the update but i cant see the print option on the menu on lumia 535 latest build :3 
  • Me too! Lumia 830
  • Microsoft's new app that .01% of the market can install! Bummer if you have Windows Phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not showing here on two 640XLs with build 10586.164. Photo app is updated to the latest build and even after several reboots there is nothing new in the menus. Frustrating....
  • Lumia 930 Netherlands here. The update also added the possibility to save pictures from a video you have on your phone. My wifes Lumia 650 doesn't see the update yet.
  • need options for different paper tray, 4x6 photos, hp photo paper etc
  • No print option on my phone (app is updated) :(
  • Not seeing it on my lumia 640xl .164 Dimi516 W10PC
  • Living Images doesn't work in my L1520 since previous win 10 builds, I'm insider... Any solution??
  • Great. My printer isn't supported. The Epson XP 420 is supported but not the XP 410
  • The print option isn't available on my phone (Lumia 928) but I can invoke it using a bluetooth keyboard (Ctrl+P)
  • Living images doesn't work in my L1520 since previous insider builds of win10, any solution????? Hard reset restoring back-up??? Greatings!!
  • I cant find print option after updating..???
  • wow, an actual new feature! nice! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Updated my 640 but still shows old menu.. No print option .. I did restart too..
  • The print to PDF is handy too.
  • Which phone do you own?
  • I have checked many times...its not showing update it for specific build??I'm on .164 official ol L730 in India.
  • still not sure which Printer support win10 m printing, I know Lots of HP printer doese, but I don't want to use HP printer due to the cost of their cartrige , I prefer brothers, any of them supports w10M?
  • The update is not available in India to now.
  • 640XL LTE running 10.0.10586.164 and no Print option.
  • Is it true that I get 1TB cloud? Because in my phone it said so but when open via PC it different
  • Not seeing any update on myb540
  • The app got updated on my 830. But I could not see the changes mentioned in the article. Any suggestions....??
  • I'm on .164 with a lumia 640
    The print option sometimes appears and the next time I open the photos app, it's gone. I cant seem to figure out why.
  • Plz include live video preview..
  • It crashes while printing en choosing a different papersize
  • A bit off topic. Facebook just said API's that Blackberry OS apps use will be discontinued rendering those Blackberry made Facebook apps useless. I wonder if MS made mobile Facebook app uses the same API's ?
  • What kind of hand is that? lol
  • I can't find the print option
  • Brawh, my Brother printer isn't supported. Actually only ONE Brother printer is supported :/
  • Sorry...but I don't see any option for print or other features in my Lumia 540 after I updated it. Only version got changed . No any additional feature was seen.
  • Hi
    I am Shanmuga Subramanian, from Chennai
    I am having Lumia 730 DS. Recently I updated Windows 10 OS into my mobile. I checked the store Photos app  is not showing update. Kindly check and send the solution. K.Shanmuga Subramanian
  • It's this app for insider only? Because I don't see the update. Using Microsoft Lumia 950 non insider Lähetetty Windows 10 -puhelimen Windows Central -sovelluksesta