Microsoft reported to be prepping Xbox Music locker service

Coming soon to Xbox Music: OneDrive Music Locker for streaming your tunes from the cloud. Right now Xbox Music lets you stream music through the Xbox Music Pass, but that's only the songs that Microsoft has. Listening to your indie punk rock baroque fusion band tracks, however, has so far necessitated storing those tracks on your Windows Phone. That will change with the addition of OneDrive Music Locker, as found in the code for OneDrive.

The spot by LiveSino indicates that the integration between OneDrive and Xbox Music will allow users to upload their own files to their personal OneDrive cloud storage space and then stream them through the Xbox Music app as if they were any other song in the service. And this is said to be compatible with any device that supports Xbox Music. Organization within OneDrive will be straight forward, with a dedicated "Music" folder to keep everything straight.

We don't yet have an estimate for when this OneDrive + Xbox Music integration might happen, but it's an interesting find nonetheless. The cloud music locker solution echoes similar services offered by Google, Apple, and Amazon, though in this case integrating with the wide world of Xbox Music.

Source: LiveSino; Via: The Verge

Derek Kessler

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