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Microsoft President weighs in on US presidential election

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft President Brad Smith shared thoughts on the U.S. presidential election.
  • The post focuses on the importance of technology in modern times.
  • Smith discusses working across party lines to "build new bridges."

Microsoft President Brad Smith shared thoughts on the U.S. presidential election (opens in new tab) over the weekend. The post addresses three areas; congratulating President-Elect Joe Biden, discussing the importance of technology in modern times, and working across party lines to "build new bridges."

Smith starts off by reiterating sentiments shared by Microsoft when congratulating President Trump on his election four years ago.

Every president-elect deserves our congratulations, best wishes and support for the country as a whole. The peaceful transition of power has been an enduring and vital part of our democracy for over two centuries, and it remains so today.

Smith then extends his congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, stating,

Four years later, these words are no less important. As we did in 2016, we offer today our congratulations to the new President- and Vice-President-Elect: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Smith then focuses on several key ways that technology is essential in modern times. He explains that "Broadband has become the electricity of the 21st century," discusses how investing in digital skills is essential, and states that "technology innovation needs to create more business opportunities for every part of the economy as well as ushering in a new era for enhanced public sector services and efficiencies."

His post also goes over how technology plays an important role in protecting the democratic process and protecting people's privacy.

Smith concludes his remarks by talking about how there are opportunities to build bridges and to work across party lines.

Along the way, we have learned that we have far more opportunities to partner across the political spectrum than most people recognize. But we need to move from debates about why we cannot succeed to conversations about how we can. The more bridges we can cross together, the more we likely will find that Americans of all backgrounds in every state and county share far more in common than we currently appreciate.As we look to the next four years, this should give us not only reason for hope, but cause for optimism.

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  • Only the media has "elected" anyone. Biden is the likely winner, but isn't official yet. Even Facebook clarified this..
  • It's President-elect for a reason. Been doing this for 200 years, get on board. But sure, I'm really happy that conservatives suddenly know about the second Monday after the second Wednesday in December and January 6th. Congrats. In 2016, Fox News called Trump President-elect on November 8th as did NewsMax. I'm sure you were all self-righteous and indignant of tHe mEdiA back then too 🙄
  • Btw, thanks for your posts in this thread, I avoided clicking it expecting the usual garbage but you were on top of it.
  • The Republicans didn't commit election fraud to secure Trump's victory. You know something about technology. Humanity, logic, and politics? Not so much.
  • Nobody committed election fraud. It takes a special kind of miserable loser (Trump in this case) to pretend you can only lose because everyone conspired against you. He lost because he worked very hard to make too many people hate him too much, it's that simple. You're fully in your right to be unhappy about Biden during his entire term and wish Trump were your president instead, but come January he won't, and there's no point in not accepting reality. You'll get your chance at a new Republican president and house soon enough, just like Democrats got their chance after 2016.
  • "pretend you can only lose because everyone conspired against you [...]" Straw man. If you're on an MSNBC-IV drip, you're not going to know what's going on regarding the election (just as you probably don't know what happened the last four years). There's a lot that can be said about that, and I'd be happy to engage. I will say that as long as the election is fair -- the process has to play out -- whatever happens is fine.
  • Rich of you to talk about humanity.
    I'll never understand this tendency of right wingers to force people into just their profession. People aren't commodities. Even those who make niche content that you consume are living, breathing creatures with opinions and beliefs.
    You discount them all and assume they don't understand it because of their profession and/or simply because you disagree.
  • "force people [...] commodities [...] discount them all [...] assume they don't understand [...] profession [...] disagree" That's so deranged as to be absurd. Does that work with the people you normally associate with? Quit lying. Quit crying. Tell the truth.
  • Biden is President-Elect. Get used to it. Also, Facebook is a rightwing disinformation center, so not sure what your point is about Facebook.
  • To be fair Facebook is what people make it out to be.... People are the number one culprits about fake news spreading... It's very sad to see... we never had so much access to information and tools to check things ourselves... For so many people in so many countries with so little barrier... I mean even remote tribes now have some access to the global network... I see homeless people with cheap cellphones etc... Yet we never have been so lazy to check information presented to us... We share more BS, more toxic propaganda, more useless kittens than ever before... We are heading straight into the idiocracy utopia it's terrifying....
  • You're complaining about users sharing "misinformation," but the fact that Facebook is censoring users as to sway a presidential election isn't concerning at all? And they're not alone; Twitter and Google are even worse.
  • You're perfectly in your right to disagree about social networks' policies. However, if "conservatives" get censored more often simply because they more often post hateful vile and blatant lies, then perhaps being "conservative" isn't the problem here?
  • "if 'conservatives' get censored more often simply because they more often post hateful vile and blatant lies" That's a bald-faced lie on at least two levels. Which Conservative has been banned for "hateful vile and blatant lies"? Be specific.
  • Facebook is a right-wing disinformation center? What?! Dan Bongino is a totally reasonable and moderate non-obscure pro-Trump voice several of whose posts mysteriously dominated the Facebook Top 10 in the days leading up to the election. Nothing to see here! Trust the algos!
  • That is so detached from reality as to be concerning.
  • How someone can make a remark like this and so woefully lack self-awareness at the same time will always escape me.
  • That is ironic.
  • This is how it usually works. There's nothing new about the networks - which in this case includes Fox News - calling a winner, because they can tell by the composition of leftover votes how each state's results are going to go (for those states that don't have 100% of the votes in). The electors will vote in December and that will make it official. The new president is sworn in in January. This has happened every time for decades and decades. "Even Facebook clarified this." Personally I think Facebook has jumped the shark on credibility.
  • Who cares who won... Did you listen to a single word the man said.. Both candidates are anything but good choices regardless of your political views... And that's true for about every western democracies nowadays the last quote is what the world needs and fast...
  • Who cares who won...
    I care who won.
    "Both candidates are anything but good choices regardless of your political views."
    That's quite condescending, presumtive, and elitist.
  • Come on their hasn't been a descent candidate in any g20 countries for decades... Trump was just the paroxism of clowneries... western democracies are starting to show their limits... They do not answer anymore to the will and the need of the people... Tension are at their all time high on many fronts... Add to that a covid crisis, economic unrest, social tensions, diplomatic ones and you have a powder keg ready to explode... I'm not confident for the future if we don't start working on solutions together... Last time we got that situation it got us into a world war that ended up with a few nukes being launched... And it was a close call on many fronts... Imagine where things can go in today's Era if **** hits the fan big time.. The process is broken in western democracies regardless of political opinions... The state government has to fall... Because it has only one interest, it's own... They don't exist for the people anymore, at least on an economical level... The Fed the BCE etc are all bodies that artificially ensure the sovereign power of the crooked states and I'm not talking about people being crooks the system itself is rigged... And needs to be like that to exist... And that's true in most western countries... We need less gov, less bloating... And more progress and modernization in the institutions... That's valid for the US France Europe in general and most developed and developing countries... We need true economic liberalism to stimulate progress... Hayek is a good read on that subject... It's a good thing trump is out, but there is nothing really reassuring in the grand scheme of things with Biden either...
  • Again, I care who won. It also matters a lot to some of my friends here on work visas, seeking asylum, or part of a minority group not favored by the current administration. It matters to their lives and to people of color. It matters to those of us who want a coordinated COVID response so that tens of thousdans of more peole don't die. I get "white guys" get to feel free and "NBD!" regardless of who won, but it matters to 74 million who voted for the other guy. Diluting that with haute bourgeoisie handwringing about the tribulations and issues with current western democracies really misses the point. Staving off autocratic and authoritarian behavior is always a good thing. It gives respite so that the working class and petite bourgeoisie can attempt real revolutionary or at least progressive aims. To not see that is to misunderstand the power of the State.
  • Beautifully put, thanks Dan.
  • Well said Dan!
  • I did lose my visa so I know exactly what you are trying to say. Of course trump out is a step in the right direction... Even for the republican party... It was one of the worst candidate they ever had, you just have to see how much opposition he is getting internally... I was just commenting about what MS president was saying which is the only way we are going to face the issues at hand as a species... BLM, Covid etc while being major issues right now they are nothing compared to what's coming and needs to be addressed in a unified manner whether it is nationally or internationally... bi party systems fighting each others are not a viable solution anymore IMHO
  • That's the book from Hayek I was referring to if you have time to read with your job... Very interesting and still viable today...
  • Hayek is common tripe for an isolated and weird "American libertarianism" vs. the original anti-capitalist notion that came out of Europe and the Enlightenment. Hayek's notion of freedom (notably, the absence of positive freedom) and his lack of concern (or foresight) about wealth concentration and the role of corporations in governance and a power that rivals the State is, imo, outdated. (He was also perhaps too forgiving of Pinochet/authoritarians, e.g. "I also think that the way in which Chile is covered by the international press is scandalous.", but that's another matter) I suggest Bookchin's The Ecology of Freedom or Klein's The Shock Doctrine as counterpoints.
  • Capitalism is nothing more than economic Liberty. You're attacking freedom. Who will rule in the place of We the People? You, Daniel? As for Hayek: "freedom is not the absolute liberty to do as one pleases, rather it is the recognition of the necessity of law and morality in order to ensure that human interaction is cooperative and orderly. In some sense, this is the theme that underlies his life’s work: human cooperation, social order, and economic prosper­ity are only possible where human freedom is maximized, subject to the constraints of a legal and moral code that demarcate the realms of mine and thine." Why are you attacking Liberty under law?
  • This is hilarious. "I declare X to be freedom based on my arbitrary criteria and anyone who dares to critique X is attacking freedom itself!" No, the systems that capitalism leads to are far from true economic liberty. A corporation or group of corporations can get very powerful and oppress people just like a government can.
  • Don't be such a hypocrite. You don't want people telling you how to spend your money or what to do with your time. Do you ever tell your government, "No! Take more of my money; I love taxes!"? Do you say to your employer, "No, no, that's too much pay! Take this back"? Of course not. Words have meaning. Freedom always has the possibility for abuse, but it's far better than building the entire edifice on slavery. Socialism is slavery. No more straw men, Dorothy.
  • Someone concerned (rightly) about "the power of the State" is advocating progressivism? Brilliant.
  • "The Fed the BCE etc are all bodies that artificially ensure the sovereign power of the crooked states" Uh ... that's nutty. (And do you mean the ECB? The BofE? Lol ...) Mask on, tin foil hat off. Trust me on that one. (I agree that everyone should read Hayek though.)
  • No the European central bank
  • How is that nutty we are heading straight into what happen in the 30's with a new bretton wood accord... What happened with Weimar republic etc... We are just redoing the same cycle over and over and we created bodies that allow exactly it to repeat with the same almost clockwork routine...
  • Go to any intro macro textbook and look up US or European inflation rates since 1980. That's what makes your argument nutty. Inflation is historically low and persistently so. "BLM shouldn't be issues, LGBTQ+++ shouldn't be issues, women rights shouldn't be issues, it's the 21st century for fock sake.... " Just because you don't care about these issues don't make them not important. Telling me that you think they "shouldn't be issues" is another nutty argument. Still, sorry for laughing at BCE - I realize that's the French acronym.
  • What I'm trying to say is we need a paradigm shift... We can't keep doing that constant back and forth ping pong game... Issues like BLM shouldn't be issues, LGBTQ+++ shouldn't be issues, women rights shouldn't be issues, it's the 21st century for fock sake.... This should be non issues... The global economic crisis, climate change, climate migration, and their csqs for our descendent should be what people care about... And bickering on things that shouldn't be issues anymore, is not changing the fact that those major issues are coming to bite us and fast....
  • You're right about the need for less government, which is why you're wrong about Trump. He's the only president in two generations to promise to defend American interests and to actually do so. I understand if you don't like his style, but I'd rather have rude liberty than feigned civility and subtle tyranny.
  • "You're right about the need for less government, which is why you're wrong about Trump. He's the only president in two generations to promise to defend American interests and to actually do so." Keep drinking the Kool-Aid. He says he'll do that and does the opposite. Nothing says small government like a record of executive orders, even more than Obama. Or a long drawn political trade war that inhibits free market trade across countries. Lol.
  • How deluded can you be? The ability of the executive to abuse executive orders should be stopped, and it's true that Trump has issued them, but to what end? Has he undermined American freedom, law, and security or defended them? Trade with nations who buy our politicians in order to exploit American citizens is anything but "free."
  • Tell that to immigrants, blacks, women, the poor and middle class, people who worry about climate change, trans people in the military, anyone who cares about having a fair electoral system, anyone who wants to make sure government doesn't kidnap children... I mean the list is long. People who say they don't care? Those living under rocks, and maybe some butthurt voters whose favorite troll lost...
  • You're extremely politically illiterate and extraordinarily credulous. Who lost their rights during Trump's first administration? No one except residents of Democrat-controlled states during COVID. The Democrats depend on the unthinking and fearful to survive. They must love you.
  • All you do is namecall and accuse. Have you ever tried to look into the mirror?
  • Pointing out someone's ignorance and credulity in service to tyranny (who's actually name-calling) is not calling names. Instead of whining in defense of falsehood, why not tell the truth?
  • Hmm and I just realized my first comment shows as if I was talking about your article it was aimed at aFloppinFish not the article. lol sorry Hope that makes more sens
  • Look at what the two men have done throughout their political careers. Biden's done nothing but enrich himself and promote destructive, anti-American initiatives. Trump tweets mean comments -- and defends the American people. All of them.
  • Oh and I'm not American, so trust me I'm glad trump is out, I just lived there for almost a decade so I still care a little... 😊 But things are not looking nice if you take a step back and look at it globally... What MS president said is exactly what I have been thinking for years... We need to close the gaps build bridges and find solutions together and I push it further we need that globally... There is no making America great again without making the world great for all anymore... And no parties fit the bill none...
  • Sanders was the closest way to get there, but the rich and influent 'democrats' won't allow it.
  • ^ Another whiner. Sanders lost. Deal with it. If you don't like democracy, you can join the other party.
  • The Democrats cheated Bernie, and he submitted.
  • Warren was the closest way to get there but Sanders blocked her despite knowing he had no chance. Hoping Abrams runs in 2024 as our next shot at it.
  • How did Sanders block her and not the other way round? He was leading in the primary and had more delegates than Warren or anyone else until the centrists coalesced.
  • "Closest way to get there" if your goal is the destruction of the Republic. Elizabeth Warren is complete fraud (like Harris) who lied for decades about being an American Indian, and you want to make her Commander-in-Chief.
  • Bernie's an open socialist. Socialism is slavery.
  • Do you think Europe is socialist?
  • Europe is a continent.
  • Equivocation. A logical fallacy. And you have the call to call every other person in this thread incapable of logic.
  • That's so clumsy as to be amusing. A lack of specificity on the questioner's part does not constitute equivocation on mine. I'm not calling "every other person" here "incapable of logic"; I'm only pointing out that which is demonstrably false (which is why you're so upset). Try again.
  • Microsoft rubbing their hands. They can get their underpay foreign workers back.
  • The workers who came on legitimate visas, are highly qualified, and keep inequality down by providing competition for highly skilled, highly paid jobs? Greedy Microsoft!
  • Your opinions are so contrary to what is true as to be dangerous.
  • That's what many people think about you. Which doesn't make them right, for sure - but perhaps the truth might be somewhere in between? I'm not calling you out specifically here, maybe people on both sides of the aisle should just talk more to each other again instead of just throwing insults and listening to echo chambers.
  • In a general sense, you're right, and I appreciate your moderate tone. The difference between my points and the statements I'm challenging is that I have the facts to back them up, and I am happy to discuss any point on which anyone disagrees.
  • Lol MS CEO is proof enough to say you are wrong... You do realize he is not American born. You can't pay foreigners just what you want at least not in skilled required positions and usually the regulation impose rather high salaries to avoid exactly what you are implying and make it so companies hire on competencies and not cheap wages... Stop listening to the narrative, start seeking your own truth.... Knowledge (factual knowledge) is power don't let it in anybody else's hands... Do the hard work you'll come out bigger...
  • "They can get their underpay foreign workers back."
    I appreciate how you have never spoken to someone who works at Redmond, know an employee, or investigated average pay at Microsoft regardless of visa or residency status. That's a purposeful ignorance that leaves me in awe. Kudos. Hint: the average salary for an LCA for H1B Visa employee who works at Microsoft is $142,000, up from 97,000 in 2011. In general, Microsoft average salary is "$125,826, median salary is $123,000 with a salary range from $45,677 to $380,000". I suggest using the internet more for gaining knowledge rather than spewing uneducated hot takes, but that's me. If you were a true right-wing shill, you'd now suggest that Microsoft is giving good paying American jobs to foreigners. That's the actual copypasta talking point, not whatever gibberish you're posting.
  • As a former employee, I always knew this and these idiots who go on about H1B's don't know how the system works for direct hires. It's shady with some of the contractors like InfoSys, and I support better vetting of those visas but IMO the solution is to require all H1B's to be direct hires, and drastically increase the cap.
  • "spewing uneducated hot takes, but that's me." That's true.
  • You just can't stop committing logical fallacies, can you?
  • You're illiterate. Try again.
  • Like that ever stopped under Trump instead of just increasing further...
  • The media has called the election. So he is currently presumptive president elect. Unfortunately we have court cases in 7 states that will need to be completed before anyone is officially named president elect by the states. President elect is officially called by the states in mid December usually.
  • Don't know how it works in your part of the world, but in the United States, the leftist media does not choose presidents. (At least not yet.)
  • That's why he is *presumptive* president-elect. No different than any other year. And it's not just "leftist" media, but then again you know that.
  • Between the states still in question and the documented incidents of fraud, no one should presume anything.
  • "documented" -by whom? How? Don't you ever get tired of being fooled by your favorite politicians like this? "It's just around the corner! Just keep faith." Y'all are a death cult.
  • "by whom? [...] fooled by your favorite politicians [...] death cult" That's ironic. The Left depends on the credulous and the depraved to stay in power. They must love you.
  • I agree with you.
  • "leftist media"
    Please get educated on politics and it'll help you and everyone around you.
    Most of the media is neoliberal at best. Not leftist.
  • That's deranged. Apart from a few notable exceptions, the Democrat-media collusion to demonize Trump and cover for Biden has been complete. A fact of which you are sad proof. 96%, Quinnipiac.