Microsoft put a Pong game in its Bing search engine

Microsoft occasionally puts an Easter Egg inside its Bing search engine, and one of them was recently unearthed. People are discovering that if you search for "pong" on the Bing site, the search results include a playable version of one of the first video games ever made.

The game allows the classic digital paddles to be moved up and down with a mouse or keyboard on the PC, or via fingers on touchscreen. While this playable Pong game on Bing is currently getting some attention online, it's not a new feature as Microsoft apparently put the Easter Egg over two months ago at least, according to a Reddit thread.

Thanks to Ishan Z4 and Michael for the tips!

Source: Bing pong

  • US Only Pong?  :D
  • Nope uk too :)
  • how dare you try to access 'murica stuff outside 'murica (and UK, because fuck logic)?!?
  • Sorry. :( I will not do that again. :(  I tried to access that with my non-functioning Cortana after my not-in-this-country MS Band reminded me.
  • Can't do it on my 1520. :(
  • Works on mine though I used edge not ie
  • The good ole days... Now I feel old...
  • Won 5-4!  
  • Bad bad Brazilians, no pong for you. 
  • Oh Microsoft... The Bing URL is automatically opened by Cortana in Windows phone and hence won't open on Windows Phone. Oh the irony, you can probably play Bing Pong on all platforms EXCEPT Microsoft's own. This is exactly what happens when MS employees don't use the company products. #dogfooding
  • It works on my windows phone?
  • Yeah, it works on WM10. If you're using WP8.1, then it should work if you open an 'InPrivate' tab.
  • Rated M for mature audiences only.
  • Someone has to prepare a list of all these Easter eggs.
  • Ass usual, US and UK) only. Is it that hard to anable this worldwide? How would they perfom better in Europe when they can't do a simple thing like that? I know Phil Spencer said this refering to XBox sales, but it's a problem all over Microsoft. For example they release tons of Cortaa features but when I want to try them on my German phone most of them jist don't work.
  • Addictive search engine
  • Played it. Won.
  • Works on my 1520!
  • Doesn't matter if it's new or not , it's cool. Go Bing!
  • IDK that I would call Bing Pong an Easter Egg. It was a featured item in the Bing Rewards dropdown. There was no hunting involved.
  • I've wasted too much time playing it all ready.