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Microsoft quietly edits Forza Motorsport 7 'VIP' listing after backlash

Last Friday, Forza Motorsport 7 released for a subset of buyers who purchased the game's $100 "Ultimate Edition (opens in new tab)." While the game doesn't officially release until Tuesday, October 3, early access is one of the several benefits of the higher-tier package, alongside bonus in-game content via additional passes. Among these, the VIP pass has been one of the hallmarks of Forza's special editions for some time, providing access to exclusive cars and faster progression.

Microsoft has caught criticism for its VIP pass over the past couple of days, for changes to the membership in Forza Motorsport 7, without clearly disclosing them prior. As spotted by some keen-eyed Reddit users, it now appears that Microsoft has quietly amended the listing (opens in new tab) for the VIP pass, following the backlash from early players.

Previously, buying a VIP pass entitled players to permanent "CR" bonuses, to buy cars and upgrades throughout the game. However, in Forza Motorsport 7, the bonus has shifted to five consumable "Mod cards" with only five uses, meaning you'll only get 25 races of VIP CR boosts. Following the expiration of these boosts, players will need to rely on further Mod cards, which can be secured via randomized loot boxes.

This was the description seen on the original Microsoft Store listing, which failed to outline the consumable nature of improved progression offered by the $19.99 VIP pass.

Exclusive cars Mods Driver Gear and more await with Forza Motorsport 7 VIP membership! Forza Motorsport 7 VIP members receive exclusive VIP cars. VIPs will receive additional benefits including 100% CR bonus Mods VIP Driver Gear and more. Get your VIP membership today!

While this is the revised listing for the VIP pass, currently live on the Microsoft Store.

Forza Motorsport 7 VIP membership features exclusive rewards you can't get anywhere else! Forza Motorsport VIPs receive exclusive VIP cars, VIP Driver Gear Suits, as well as five 100% CR bonus Mod cards (five uses each per card), and more. Get your VIP membership today!

Forza Motorsport 7 has been skewed around these loot boxes – a growing trend in the industry as of late. And while loot boxes are currently earned exclusively with your in-game CR, Turn 10 has discussed its plans to implement "Tokens" purchased with real-world money in the future.

In a move to rebuild Forza Motorsport 7's economy around these randomized elements, Turn 10 appears to be making moves that clearly compromise on the game's value. Not only has progression now been skewed around pushing Mods – paid downloadable content (DLC) is now being affected by these changes.

Several Microsoft Studios titles have introduced randomized loot boxes in recent years – including high-profile franchises like Halo and Gears of War. Forza Motorsport 7 appears to be the latest game pushing to shoehorn in "games-as-a-service" features, although this time around, the changes are clearer than ever.

As of writing, Forza Motorsport 7's VIP pass sits at 1.2 stars on the Microsoft Store, following a wave of negative community reviews. We'll be watching this story closely in the days to come, once more players get hands-on with the game on October 3. What do you think of the changes made to Forza Motorsport 7's VIP pass? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Matt Brown
Matt Brown

Matt Brown is Windows Central's Senior Games Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • loot boxes? this just became a no purchase game for me. Won't buy a game with them. 
  • one: its in game credits only.. not pay to win.. two; its a option.... three: why do i think you are about 15?
  • one. Don't care. They're stupid. two again, they're stupid three, no idea. I'm a father of three with the oldest a teenager.     
  • Can you at least explain why this bothers you instead of lol acting like a 15 year old?
  • Nothing i did suggested i'm a 15 year old. Don't be ridiculous.  Loot boxes are obnoxious random gates and unnecessary wastes of time which serve two stupid purposes:
    1. Grinding and game extension. they force you to play more and more to get what should be just included anyway 2. they're additional payments for stuff which should just be in the game anyway.  They're stupid, and i'm not going to buy a game with them since i value my time and money, like many adults do. i don't have all day to sit around grinding. I have a life. 
  • I just struggle to see it that way. In a sense,loot boxes have been in games since the very beginning. They just haven't been called that. It's about progression no? . In sonic the hedgehog, you had to work to get all 7 emeralds. You didn't just have all of them from the jump. In Mario 3d you had to unlock all the paintings as you played, they didn't unlock unless you had a cheat code or something. I've been playing halo 5 since it came out and still don't have every piece yet. But that's OK because as I play, I unlock more. I'm not a dad but my time is really limited for gaming. Probably the reason I can't get into destiny. But the way halo has free in game items to unlock as you play, is a good thing to me. Can you elaborate by citing a game from your gaming history that gave you a bad impression?
  • Any blizzard game? any game that says "pay more and get this stuff faster" i don't struggle to see it that way. Sonic was skill based, not grind based, so i don't agree with your analogy. You can have all 14 emeralds by the end of the 3rd level. i know, i've done it more than once. skill based unlocks, without an option to buy them i'm fine with. in fact i LIKE those. This isn't that, and because they want you to buy them, they lengthen the time it would take to get them in the game so much that many people just say "f it" and buy them. that's literally the entire point. making stuff that should be skill based and instead making it a tireless grind so you'll just pay them for stuff which should already be there. 
  • In the case of Forza, prior to 7, you were able to boost progression by simple turning assists off. Mods and "loot crates" existed for several entries but they never intruded on ones ability to progress without them. in Forza 7, they've removed the ability to boost CR by Turning off assists. Mods are only obtainable through the lootbox system.  This is an obvious attempt to direct players through the lootbox system, since avoiding it will mean slow progression. Not only that but access to certain cars is gated by what you already own. Meaning you'll have to grind through things you don't want in order to get to things you do- and since skill is no longer a shortcut, people are pressured to gamble.
  • loot box is also in prior iterations... maybe you've never actually bought a forza?
  • It's in-game credits for now.  They will definitely turn on the pay-to-win element soon.  And yes, it's an option.  But it's also flies in the face of what VIP has meant since FM2.  Rather than being a perpetual bonus, you now get 15 double-credit cards and that's it.  In the grand scheme of things, that's worthless.
  • No. You only get 5. Nice try.
  • You get 3 cards.  Each card gives you 5 uses.  Thus, 15.  I suppose I could have worded it better.
  • one: Its a $60 AAA game, not some mobile freemium game. Two: Loot boxes are gambling. 3: Its pay to win, paying real money gives you an advantage over people who just bought the stock $60 game. Why do I think you are about 7 when you actually support loot boxes in AAA games. The fact that you can support a amoral business practice like this just shows how brainwashed you and people like you are, its pathetic. Its because of people like you that support it, that this cancer of lootboxes are now the norm in games.
  • You'll be able to purchase them with money on Oct 3.
  • One: As stated in the article, they are going to implement the ability to pay for them. I can only assume this is a move to try and garner less media attention around them, this doubling down on being scummy.
    Two: If they didn't want you to buy them, they wouldn't exist. They also use techniques otherwise reserved for gambling to emotionally manipulate people into feeling like they need to buy them. They build the game around the microtransactions as to make it as much of a grind to progress as possible, unless you pay. It's not gambling though. Kids aren't allowed to gamble, they are allowed to play this game.
    Three: If seeing scummy business practices as what they are, scummy, then count me in as a 15 year old.
    Four: The game is already $60. They don't need the extra money. As shown by the 6 previous games in the series that survived without them.
  • > One: As stated in the article, they are going ...e series that survived without them.
    Are you the emotional, easily manipulated one? If not, why care?
    I'm not. I've never bought any DLC or in game transaction.
    loot box instead of spin wheel, same thing literally.
  • World of RaceCraft.
  • I thought it is hard to change, but it should be better if they change it as weekly mods in FM7. P.S. I pre-ordered Deluxe Edition because of F&F car pack, Hoonigan car packs (FH3 & FM7), and, most importantly, VIP membership because I always use it in every Forza. Although, this is such a bad, bad move from Turn 10.
  • If a game forces you to buy loot boxes stuff to 100% the game then yeah its bad. But there is absolutely 0 issue with a game like Halo 5, Forza 7 for example. I've never spent a single penny to obtain an item in Halo 5 and I won't in Forza 7. Because ill want them as I play. Only the gambling mugs out there will spend loads of extra money to get stuff earlier. And for what. Bragging rights? It won't help you win online either. All your doing is emptying your own pockets and filling someone else's. With absolutely no gain whatsoever. sorry to be frank but dumbasses. 
  • So how is this good for gaming and gamers? You got to stop defending a company doing this just because you're a "fan" of that company and you care more about that company than gaming and gamers.
  • I wont change my 1 star review of the game or VIP until this is changed.
  • Im so upset that turn 10 has gone this direction.Im looking at my unopened ultimate edition waiting for any change in the next 2 weeks if not shes going back to amazon.Of all the games i care about and its not many forza was the one constant i could count on to not jump the shark.Sad part is it wont change.The money wont break me eitherway but knowing everytime i fire this game up im ripped off burns my enjoyment out of it.
  • So glad I canceled my ultimate edition Preorder. FH3 was boring and repetitive, mods in FM6 didn't bring anything great to the game. Making a game beautiful isn't enough. Now, with loot boxes and no bonus by changing the difficulty and Assists, Forza lost all its interest to me. I'll play it when it gets in Game pass or free with GwG.
  • wow, what a bunch of complainers.   no one is forcing you to grind, or if you have to, why don't you tough it out... if you don't have time to play and are too cheap to buy tokens, thats too bad.   sure, if you're going after achievements, its going to take longer.... i just finished off forza 3 a couple of weeks ago, and am working on forza 4, and should be done in a few weeks... i don't care about DLC, or VIP packages ... if you want to just rush through the game, thats your own issue.    i'm actually enjoying the time i spend playing it (with the occasional hire the driver for a few races).   later -1
  • P2w is bullshit and all developers that put that crap in there games should be shot. But grinding is fine I enjoy the grind.
  • Many of you are trying to justify the unjustifiable. I was going to buy this game, but now I will wait like I did for others.
    Wait for deep discount or free and play them later or never. I bought FH2 on deep discount and 3 with the VIP and Season Pass (Great fun games, no real complaints).
    I bought Forza 6 on deep discount and got Forza 5 for free.
    I can wait and do the same with this. For the record, some of you should be worried, the NFL is finding out who the REAL Owners are.
    Gaming companies will find out also.
  • I don't care about buying items/cars with real money to speed up the process for people who don't have the time to grind. However I think loot boxes are a ****** way of doing it, because they are generally random, and if you aren't able to spend your hard won credits (or real world cash) on the actual thing you want, and it's merely for a chance to get it, then that system needs to die in a fire. I hope that Forza 7 still allows you to forego loot boxes and actually just spend credits on the actual thing you want otherwise I definitely won't buy it.
  • Forza 6 had randomised rewards. Still it was a very generous game with lots of content. Forza 7 goes one step further by making rare cars cheaper but not accessible all the time. I find a big pleasure with opening loot boxes (an instinct from Magic the Gathering) and as long as the fall frequently without spending money and the rhythm of unblocking is good (like Halo 5), I really like them.
    What I don't like is when you're faced with repetitive grinding vs spending additional money AND what you unlock gives considerablle competitive advantage (like Halo Wars 2. I love its blitz mode but the pay-to-win element harmed it a lot). Forza doesn't seem to have fallen into this trap.
  • Lootboxes? Really? Please, someone tell me that you still just can buy cars and upgrades, like you used to. I already hated these damn wheelspinns in the horizon series (just a waste of time), but now we have lootboxes? Oh come on
  • As far as I've seen, you can only get mod cards and the ocasional gear (suit for your driver, it's only cosmethic) Most of the cars can be bought with game money as always. Other cars can be get via DLC or events like Forzathon, tournaments or the auction house. IE there's nothing in the loot boxes which are really important for online gaming, the only mode which really matters, Worst case, there may be a super exclusive car you could only get via loot boxes, but everyone knows the car is not as important as the tune.
  • ok. Thanks for the info. Good to hear it isn't all that important, but basically just a nuisance like the wheelspins in the horizon series
  • Who really cares about any of this? It's a freakin' GAME, people!!
  • It's something that costs 60-100$. People who buy them do cneed to care about it's quality.
  • Forza's problem is it is trying to be too many things. At its core it is a racing simulation. Everything needs to build on top of that. Now we have random loot boxes, various driver uniforms for avatar display, online auctions, painting for money, and other MMORPG type activities that really don't belong in a game like Forza. Forza needs to focus on its core appeal of racing with a decent single player campaign to unlock the content. Hot-lap leaderboards and reliable multiplayer should be the only online components.
  • At the risk of painting a target on my back, I feel the need to mention the fact that a lot of video games today are sold at a loss. DLCs, season passes, loot boxes and the like, yeah they're ways of the "greedy" devs and publishers to try and make something of a profit off the $60 video games they sell that by inflation should be well over $100 by now. While I don't really buy into the whole loot box thing myself, I'm also not gonna skip a game (especially one that is a major series for me, like Forza) simply because they've been implemented into it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to their right to play or not play any games for whatever reasons they have, so I don't expect to change any minds here. Just trying to share some maybe uncommon info. 
  •  I gave the VIP pass a 1 star rating. Still like the game, but the VIP mechanics aren't worth the price. 
  • Cards were in Forza 6 and so many people are complaining about this now, 2 years later? I get the point about the credits VIP bonus shifting from an account bonus to only a limited set of cards but complaining about card as a whole? Wow. Welcome to 2015.
  • so loot boxes actually make your car better in online racing?
  • WOW I can't believe people are actually defending this!! There is a limit to being a "fan" of a company or a brand. This is anti-gaming, anti-consumer policies but people wants to defend them just because they are done by a certain company.  Gamers should be against this no matter what. No matter which company is doing this.  We find the usual excuses and damage controlling bs.
    So many people saying 
    1) "don't complain" it's "optional"
    2) I'm don't mind it, I just don't buy it.
    3) "Who cares, just play the game"
    4) It's so much fun opening random loot box If you want to hear great replies for all of these type "jimquisition fee to pay" or "jimquisition loot box". Company "fans" who defend these business practices are actually the worst. They are hurting gaming. They are even hurting the company they worship. Supporting this anti-gaming strategy encourage company to keep doing it. This is how image of a company gets damaged. 
    After that they'll be crying when their beloved company is getting criticised.
  • I think you're over reacting. I've never once bought a lock box or card pack in a game using real money. In any game where I've paid upfront I've never had an issue with progression or having access to items or content with what I've paid for. Even with DLC, I've never felt incomplete without it and gotten my value. If I feel something is too expensive I wait until there's a price drop or I just don't purchase it at all. In about a year and a half it'll be available as a bundle for under $20 anyway. It's all pretty simple, I don't see what the problem is. Don't like it don't buy it. If enough people do that they'll change. If not that means that people like what they are doing and they were right.
  • I don't think I'm over reacting. The problem is that it's not just a "I don't want it I don't buy it" thing. It's really not that simple. We have to go through video game history and see the growth of microtransactions and how it changes basic game design.
    The incentive is not just that you play a game and enjoy it, it's how to get more money from you. The concept of microtransactions is that the game is design in such a way as to entice people into spending. Something is done to try and tempt you, because that’s how freemium elements work.
    You don't have the choice to say I don't want it because they will always sell the idea that instead of grinding games you can pay to get the fancy content you don't have. Paying 100 bucks and fancy VIP pass isn't enough to make sure you get what you want.  And now with these baby-gambling loot box they are taking it to a new level. This is strategy used by f2p mobile phone games but the only thing is that you are now paying 60-100 bucks to have the right to spend more money. You really should look Jimquisition's videos.
    Here is a great video about the subject of microtransactions in general:  Here is a video of a Halo fan who talked about how things was with Bungie's Halo 3 vs 343's Halo 5. This shows the evolution and how things have gotten worse. MS and Spencer's strategy of game as a service shows how this has got from bad to worse. Games like Gears 4, Halo wars 2 and now Forza 7... I've gone though topics like this one:
    where people just kept saying "I don't mind it". Not many said they wanted it. No one can say that this is good for gaming and gamers.
  • Xbox has a real shortage of good exclusives so my decision whether to buy the Xbox x rests on good content. I have the money to pre order today and was thinking about it but with Forza stuffed up and the extra $100 for the console I’m leaning towards a different console. I have a PS4 Pro but with this news it just kills any incentive I had to buy the x. I’m leaning towards a Switch. Sick of M$ antics. Second hand games, cancelled games and now this. Just take our money ONCE and leave us alone to enjoy.