Microsoft to release Switch to Windows Phone for Android, to help owners find apps in their new store

Microsoft is set to release an app for Android to help consumers on Google's mobile platform to switch to Windows Phone with less hassle. "Switch to Windows Phone" will locate identical apps or valid alternatives for Windows Phone 8 to replace existing Android apps. The plan is to make switching to Microsoft's platform as painless as possible.

The app will then store the list of apps on SkyDrive and when the consumer logs in to their Microsoft Account on the Switch to Windows Phone app for Windows Phone 8, the stored list of apps will be loaded. As noted above, should no exact matches be available, the app will recommend similar apps in the Windows Phone Store. It should make 

The service will be powered by Quixey, an application search firm. The engine utilised makes use of app descriptions, reviews, trouble reports and other metadata gathered from the Windows Phone Store. The system seeks out direct matches (Windows Phone Facebook for Android Facebook, etc.) but will also find apps that perform similar functions.

Microsoft is said to have delayed availability of Switch to Windows Phone and the app is reportedly set to arrive sometime next week.

Source: Network World

Rich Edmonds
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