Microsoft releases another "Surprise" ad for Windows Phone

Looks like Microsoft (with AT&T) is rolling our yet another ad, continuing the same theme with close-ups of the OS on the Samsung Focus. This one is called "Surprise" asking "When was the last time your phone surprised you? In a good way." Going by the label, it looks like this will also air on TV at some point, so keep your eyes open.

So far, we like this new campaign and think it does justice to the phone and OS, as much as you can in 30 seconds.

Source: Windows Phone (YouTube); Thanks, justivisting

Daniel Rubino

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  • I like it, they are focusing on 2 key features of WP7 with Xbox and Office. I'd have to look again but I'm pretty sure the video is the same as their other video. With just the voiceover being different.
  • All these new ads carry a similar theme though. No, or nearly no, mention of Zune or music, one of the best features of the phone IMHO. Certainly more important than Office to most people. If they plan on rebranding the Music Hub, they picked an awful time to do that.
  • I don't think it's due to the rebranding rumors or whatnot, I just think that they're working on their strong points, Office and Xbox, two things everyone in the US already knows very well compared to Zune.If you're going to market the phone and boast about a service few people know about then it won't be as effective as using one that the majority do know. That's the way I see it anyways. People who get it for Xbox and Office will then discover Zune, and Zune will thus grow in turn.
  • @Jimski...I think Office is in a class all by itself, not to mention that nearly everyone (teens, adults, students, business people, etc.)have been exposed to Office at some point; it simply makes sense for Microsoft to sear the Office brand (as well as XBox)into consumers minds. Zune on the other hand, not so much so, as there is no widespread brand recognition. Besides, there are other platforms for streaming music (, Pandora, etc.) that have more of a presence with current smartphone users as these services are on more than one platform. Zune is that gem that will be discovered, once consumers not familiar with the service, after they purchase the phone.
  • Ok, but I don't think it hurts to let people know that they can download and stream music on their phones. Can't assume anything today. Who would have thought that you couldn't load a custom ringtone on a WP7 phone.Oh, and I think most people would be surpised if a Microsoft phone "didn't" have Office installed. So not really a feature to feature.