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Microsoft wants to help you learn math with its latest Windows Phone app

Microsoft has released a new app for Windows Phone, called Microsoft Math. The app is developed for students to help out with math exercises, reading theory and taking exams. What makes the app rather interesting is the social element to the development, enabling students to collaborate and even compete against one another.

But it's not just students who can make use of Microsoft Math as teachers are able to motivate, monitor and track learning levels, leading to more individual feedback that can be passed to students. It's a neat idea by Redmond to offer new tools both inside and outside the classroom. Now, back to tackling Algebra.

QR: Microsoft Math

Rich Edmonds is a word conjurer at Windows Central, covering everything related to Windows, gaming, and hardware. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a device chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Sweet. Could be useful for some review before sat/act.
  • It said on the app details that this has been out since 1/19...?
  • And...?
  • Yeah, I've had it installed for a while now.
  • I hope it's only for WP/W8/W10 at the moment
  • Why wouldn't it be?
  • Microsoft has been busy making apps for IOS and Android instead of improving the ones for WP
  • You'd think this app is that important to be available on all platforms?
  • Ya, because those poor souls using 8.1 don't deserve nice things :P
  • I'm dumb at math
  • Nobody is dumb bro. As someone used to tell me, maths is not difficult, its involved. You just have to work hard at it.
  • There are no dumb math students, just a lot of really horrible math teachers. Find good teaching resources online and you will find that you are not nearly as dumb as you feel.
  • "If you want to learn something, curiosity is your best teacher."-Albert Einstein.
  • CaedenV is so correct about bad math teachers.
  • I disagree with your main idea.
    It's true that there are some teachers that have a weird way to teach, they don't make themselves clear enough for the students, but there's always someone who gets it. The main problem with math is comprehension, believe me. I'm an engineer student coursing differential equations and by this point, I have clear that.
  • You are just lazy not dumb
  • I agree with everyone else
  • Rich, you're British, right? If so, why are you calling it 'math'?!
  • Algebra, geometry? Its all a subject within Mathematics. No big deal on the name.
  • How they calls Math in UK?
  • Maths.
  • Because even in Britain, Mathematics is Mathematics. Or, abreviated, "Math". ;)
  • I believe he means Math vs Maths
  • Nope. Mathematics in the UK is 'maths' not 'math'
    The US and Canada favour 'math' for some reason....the rest of the world uses 'maths'.
    Since Rich is a Brit, I am wondering why he is deferring to the American way of saying things?
  • Because "math" or "maths" ISN'T proper spelling in either country. "Math(s)" is a colloquialism. You should never even write down colloquialisms for a start. Also, there are plenty of Brits opting for "Math" instead of "Maths". Rich isn't the first one doing it, and I'm damn sure he won't be the last one ;)
  • I do not know ANY Brits that use 'math'. I'm not that surprised Rich uses that word though...he also uses words such as 'folks' when addressing us in his articles. I always associate that word with George Dubya when he was trying to persuade you all to sign up to his form of madness ;).
    I'm happy for North American people to use that word...I am just genuinely interested why a Brit who has been taught 'maths' now switches to 'math'.
  • More recently, the word "folks" has been associated with the current president.
    On this subtopic, I guess I have seen "maths" used before, but I've not really noticed particularly.
  • The rest of the world? Most countries don't use ither of the words.
  • Wrong. Mathematics is always abbreviated to maths, in all the UK countries, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc. AFAIK it's only the US that say "math" and therefore it's wrong :P
  • When I was in class 2 ... I was using Maths .... But later on we used Mathematics....... I think that name got elongated after students become capable for pronouncing long words
  • Great idea! Downloading and checkin' out!
  • Sweet.... I'm on it!
  • Good
  • I'm an engineer. Love this stuff!
  • I'd die if I had implement large amounts of mathematic algorithms into my app... Just couldn't stand it.
  • My maths teacher needs it badly....
  • Hahaha :D
  • Mine too
  • Saw this app a while ago
  • It's not opening showing network error after signing into Microsoft account!! Help me??
  • As someone who's already taken all three semesters of calculus, I really wish this app had more to offer :/
  • An alternative title could be "Microsoft wants to make you nauseated and give you nightmares" XD
  • Thank you for correctly using the word "nauseated" instead of the objectionable but common use of "nauseous" instead. #Respect
  • Not bad, but I wish it was more like the old desktop "Microsoft Mathematics" that seems to be basically discontinued.
  • That's exactly what I though it was, it's ok though.
  • See guys Ms is keeping the metro panorama(whatever you guys call it). So no need to be [insert insult here] about how Ms is abandoning it and opting for the android design with W10
  • I have math phobia ,can't remember formulas
  • +1
  • App design is "so metro", I like it. Guess some people at MS are still loyal to WP design language.
  • That was my first thought too: "This looks like a WP7 app!" I miss Metro design. #ScrewYouHamburgerMenu
  • 'Maths'
  • Is this part of Bill's Common Core agenda?
  • I like this app i hope it helps me with my N3 electrical math subject
  • I'll learn "math" if you learn "maths". Deal?
  • Lol i thought it was Microsoft mathematics
  • Ooh, new shiny app from Microsoft :) This could be really helpful app to excersize my math skills 'cos I suck at math.... :P 
  • Stucks on loading screen
  • Have the application and is very good even have financial math basics thing that don't expected to find here, I'm accountant I found, most of my financial math class just I wish goes to, advanced math subjects as, the found in math website like Fourier transform the loading splash screen don't care it's not a vedette application it's it's about functionality about
  • Wow jus today I had desire to workout maths and Microsoft step up to help me.. Thanks.
  • More data harvest for Redmond... our IQ ;)
  • Loving the single review. 1* because of permissions...... Didn't like Cortana's permissions either.
  • Good stuff. MS rocks!
  • Why is it not a universal app?
  • If you dig just a little deeper, you will find this is actually based off of the website This site is optimized to run on mobile screens. Therefore, no apps for the other platforms are actually needed. All functionality is there on the website. As a math teacher, I like this app and idea that students can go online to find worthwhile examples, explanations, and practice problems.
  • This app looks like it was taken of the shelves. It is old work from Microsoft. Metro design from 2013. Thank god they are dropping those ridiculous big headers. It looks ridiculous. A lot of wasted space.
  • Cool.
  • Old fashioned metro Style. Whoohoo!!!
  • ​really like the math app but found an error almost immediately. The question asks how many ways there are to create 98 as a sum of primes. The answer includes 11 + 87, but 87 is not prime!