Microsoft releases statement on faulty Xbox One Blu-ray drives

All launches of new technology are usually accommodated by a few reports of problematic possibility. Following the release of Microsoft’s latest gamin console, the Xbox One, a small minority of users have stated that their consoles exhibited strange grinding noises from within. The problem, as many have already figured out, lays upon the console’s integrated Blu-ray drive. Microsoft has finally responded to consumer reports and will be taking action to correct the issue.

A spokesperson from Microsoft stated that the company is working closely with those effected and that they intent to send out replacement consoles to those, as soon as possible. “Rest assured”, stated Microsoft’s spokesperson, “we are taking care of our customers.

While the hardware failures are nowhere as widespread as the Red Ring of Death issues that plagued the Xbox 360, the faulty hardware can’t help but to bring back bad memories for some. On the other side of the pond, Sony is having better luck with their hardware and have released a statement stating that less than 1% of their consoles are affected by problems and that the figure is “within the expected range for a new product introduction.”

Xbox One

The debate between Microsoft and Sony fans have never been greater than before, with the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The companies are headed in two opposite directions, with two distinct visions of how their consoles will be utilized within the living room.

While the breaking down of some Xbox One consoles are nowhere near positive for Xbox One fans and add some fuel to the fire for Sony fans, Microsoft’s sales of the Xbox One are going extremely well.

There is a bit of irony and humor to the fact that the one part failing within Microsoft’s console, the Blu-ray drive, is a technology heavily backed and developed by Sony.

Are you experiencing disc drive issues with your Xbox One or is all working well on your end?

Source: Arstechnica, Lead image courtesy of iFixit (opens in new tab)

  • U just posted an article on overheating on the surface, surely I shld have waited a day before posting this one. Hehe!
  • The only one thing I don't like about XboxOne is that you can't use flash drive to watch movies.
  • Yet... But you can off of SkyDrive so its only a matter of time
  • I have movies around 2-4 Gigs each and it's faster by using a flash drive... Hopefully MS will make it if it's possible.
  • Does this include external hard drives?
  • What the difference?
    There is no option like we have on XBox360
  • I streamed movies from my external hard drive all the time...although it could be possible I dreamed it up, lol!
  • Yes you dreamed about it.
  • If you plug in your flash drive into your computer, play the movie on the xbox video app, and then hit share you should be able to shoot the video to your xbox one wirelessly through smartglass. Just saying...
  • Yeah, I know that. Works more flawlessly by using the flash drive on XBox.
  • Yes on my 5Mb broadband connection. Nice.
  • You can stream from W8 through the devices option. I've also got my HTC One to play movies and music on my Xbox One through Skifta.
  • Really? That still seems like a slap in the face, being forced to stream over the network or a cloud service, when you could right from a hard/flash drive on a previous generation system. Same goes for the PS4, I'm really surprised it can't stream video at launch. The way the front is slanted it's already looking like I need new thumb drives because they won't fit into that slim recessed slot.  It's good there don't seem to be many hardware failures, but until it has a bit more than basic functionality and maybe comes with a game, I'll hold off buying either system for a few more months.
  • Wait. Why do you have movies on flash drives? Are you watching illegally downloaded content or are you trying to watch digital copies of movies? Either way, why not just use Xbox Video or Amazon to rent a movie?
  • No illegal content. Don't have kids do you? I rip my kids dvds to a thumb drive (16gb), and they can plug it in and pick what they want to watch. The origionals are kept safe in their cases. I burn a copy to keep in a binder in my van so they are available there too to watch, and if one of the vehicle copies gets ruined, I simply make another. Just because somebody wants an alternative way to watch movies, does not imply that they are obtaining them in an illegal fashion.
  • There seem to be heaps of people having the problem with faulty drive. At least in Europe. Also green screen of death is quite common here.
  • People learn nothing from the past.
    Never buy a day-one hardware. Never.
  • So true!! Learned my lesson with my now junked ps3. 2014 ftw
  • Yes. Never buy day one hardware. Let it all sit on the shelf and get canned and then nobody buys anything, ever. Perfect plan.
  • Ok, you're right.
    You be the guinea pig, then we can buy fixed hardwares ;)
  • Mine works absolutely fine, as do the vast majority. :]
  • Really, I'm having so much fun with my PS4! There is such thing as a return you know..
  • The only exception is if you're planning on flipping it if there's low stock.
  • It's not as if the launch day wasn't known so they had more than enough time to throughly test machines. IMO there is no excuse for any company to have issues like this, simply because it's a 'day one release'.  
  • You're expecting something that no company or man in general can provide: Perfection. The blu-ray drive isn't even manufactured by Microsoft, none of the components that make up the Xbox One are. The only thing that you can trust is that our Sun will be around doing its job for a LONG time.
  • Heaps is a big stretch. Its much smaller than the blue light of death for the PS4.
  • There is no green light...on the Xbox One...sorry
  • Hmm as far as I know, screen and light are two different words.
  • Working awesome
  • I have heard more complaints about the PS4 than the Xbox One.
  • I don't know of any
  • How is that MORE then Xbox one?
  • Just my own observation from my social network feed. Two had PS4 problems. None had Xbox One problems.
  • Bing overheating PS4 then Overheating Xbox One, and tell me what the stories tells :P
  • Yeah, MS is under clocking due to heating problems. .
  • Lol they underclocked it by increasing the CPU from 1.60 GHz to 1.75 GHz and GPU from 800 MHz to 853 MHz. They sure have heating problems considering it runs cooler than the PS4. "In conclusion, the Xbox One runs about 15º-25ºF/10º-14ºC cooler than the Playstation 4, and much of this can most likely be attributed to its external power supply, as this is internal on the Playstation 4's smaller form factor."
  • That's neat
  • +One
  • Damn, beat me to it!
  • Of course you have, you're commenting on WPCentral
  • Same...
  • You must live in another universe. LOL
  • There seems to be more issues with the ps4 on Amazon, and that's with the verified buyers. I wouldn't say they're having better luck with systems
  • PS4 release day, nothing negative was trending on Twitter. X1, within 12 hours #xboxonebroken was trending.
  • And this is why I wait.
  • There are a lot of people affected by the faulty hardware with PS4 too.
  • PS4 Blue light of death: PS4 framerate issues with COD:   Both are new consoles. Both have some teething problems. I feel sorry for any of my gaming brothers who suffer faults. But both parties should put down their weapons, its Christmas, its time to rejoice we have a new generation of device, not resort to petty squabbles. Are you with me my Nextegen bretheren?!!!!   Hazaaaaaahhhhh
  • Yes!!! We are all friends.
  • Sure, but I still hate Apple. We can all rally behind that one, can't we???
  • Naa, hate Google more than Apple at the moment
  • Yes!!!
  • You've got the same name with my brother.
  • +1
  • Nope, I like good products.
  • Except it isn't christmas smart guy, it's still november
  • Thank you.
  • FYI, there is always a certain percentage of consumer products that will fail.  They know that the day they launch.  Go over to an AV forum like avsforum and you will see every make and model of TV set with issues as well as Bluray players, and audio equipment.  Even the iPhone and Lumias had issues. We are making a big deal out of nothing.
  • +920
  • Yup, on my 5th Lumia 920.
  • Yeah I think both consoles have had similar and acceptable defect rates. I know about 30 people with Xbox one. No broken drives for any of them.
  • Working awesome for me. XB1 FTW.
  • Xbox - please manufacture blu ray drives we want to put in our latest gaming console.
    Sony - Sure I'll do that..;)
  • I don't think Sony manufacturers its own BR drives, let alone Xbox's.
  • Dude the umbrella is still Sony, maybe they just.... let's give QC Failed drives to competition.
  • Have you ever seen a manufacturing contract?  The manufacture will have to pay for those faults.  There is no incentive to give anyone any bad part
  • Yeah... that's not how it works.
  • Lol dead true the real problem is the retail chain GAME it just robbing customers on trade ins i used to love the shops but now cant stand it now cex is the chain to use excellent trade in prices
  • Microsoft did not manufacture the BD drives. Phillips did.
  • If you catch a cold and go look for info on your symptoms in the internet, you'll start thinking you have cancer. Internet loves hyperbole.
  • There is one page at the very back of the interwebs that simply reads the word: cancer, and almost everyone seems to reach it :P
  • That's so true. Lol
  • LOL. I remember you all raising hell about how bad the PS4 units were and how Xbox One will be perfect. Oops. 
  • Directed at all as in everyone? You are one person against all that you oppose, and you seem to assume that the opposition is great in are either crazy, stupid......or a lover of Sony (who is definitely male) :D
  • Blu-ray drives are not built by Microsoft. They are either off-the-shelf item, or maybe with minimum customization.
    Nothing is perfect... are you, with that comment!
  • No mostly from Samsung
  • The BD drives are from Phillips.
  • Maybe MS tried to save on QC (testing the final unit would still fall on MS).
  • Testing each drive for 10 minutes doesn't mean it will for for life. It may fail after a day or two of extended use.
    And I am not defending Microsoft, I am defending technology in general. This is not uncommon.
  • Maybe I should have used /s, that reasoning was thrown around when news of PS4 failures surfaced, and used as an explanation of why the PS4 is cheaper, so I was kind of trying to point out how ridiculous it is.
  • I've always been an early adopter and have accepted the risk that comes with it. Overall my experience of doing that I would sum up as better than expected.
  • Ditto
  • I'd rather take that chance than wait...and wait, till the next device is out.
  • I and no one I know have any problems with our Xbox Ones. With the exception of 1 dead controller, all has been well so far.
  • RIP :( *sniff*
  • Me too one dead controller, works via cable but not wirelessly, keeps looking for console
  • Too soon.
  • "Sony is having better luck with their hardware" Not really true, there are plenty of report of broken PS4's.    
  • Don't know if it's due to PS getting more media attention, but it does seem that there are more complaints regarding Sony's console
  • yea, I was curious about that line as well.
  • ppl only need to look at amazon reviews to see both xbox and ps4 are having trouble about 33% of Sony users affected
  • Yeah, because the 100% of the people with no problems posted a review. DAE troll statistics?
  • My Xbox One is working great!
  • +one
  • My friend and I no issues so far.
  • "Gamin Console".... Lol
  • I have tested my blueray drive and all is well i am sure it still is a low number affected even if it may be more than Sony"s blueray problem's
  • Of a "million" units (more or less) of each sold, there l bound to be defective ones. The old saying "99% of the people complaining equals 1% of the population," applies here.
  • Its odd that I'm seeing so many different news vendors continue with this MS hiccup. What I'm saying is, they seem to be dragging it. Some have even, repeated the same news. Now with Sony, CEO releases statement saying only 1% affected and that was the end of it. Could I be wrong or maybe I'm saying out of fanboism. There, I admitted it.
  • It's how this generation looks to go, somehow the PS3.5 is the media darling and any tiny slip of the Xbox One is going to be jumped on for at least a couple years, while the PlayStation camp will get passes.
  • What did MS do to these people?
  • Around 25 years of shitty anti-competitive policies.
  • It's called...RROD last gen=Hardware problem this gen. I'm glad they're getting this attention, so they can 1) Lower the price 2) Recall and fix any inventory in the stores that are not sold and fix them and 3) Extend the warranty. Have faith in your product and so will the customer.
  • Because that 1% is probably real, same for the BD drives on XBone.
  • While I do appreciate the XBox issues as being newsworthy and that, judging by the number of posts here, WPCentral is frequented by gamers, I would like to know how game consoles managed to co-opt the Windows PHONE Central site and Twitter feed. Slow news day on the phone front?
  • Windows Phone Central has really become a site for fans and news of the entire Microsoft ecosystem, a large reason I still frequent even with a certain crack reporter finding any chance to be negative about the Xbox brand.
  • I strongly agree with supporting the whole MS ecosystem. I just thought I'd throw that out there as the lines between products blur and we're inundated with news about game consoles. I've been an MS evangelist since 1990, even through the WTF years. I confess, I'm not a gamer anymore. Both my mom and I sprained thumbs playing the original Mario Brothers and Legend of Zelda and I just can't afford the addiction in my schedule these days. I do want an XBox (I think Assassin's Creed would be my excuse/bane), but my own daughter is totally into PC-b