Microsoft releases statement on faulty Xbox One Blu-ray drives

All launches of new technology are usually accommodated by a few reports of problematic possibility. Following the release of Microsoft’s latest gamin console, the Xbox One, a small minority of users have stated that their consoles exhibited strange grinding noises from within. The problem, as many have already figured out, lays upon the console’s integrated Blu-ray drive. Microsoft has finally responded to consumer reports and will be taking action to correct the issue.

A spokesperson from Microsoft stated that the company is working closely with those effected and that they intent to send out replacement consoles to those, as soon as possible. “Rest assured”, stated Microsoft’s spokesperson, “we are taking care of our customers.

While the hardware failures are nowhere as widespread as the Red Ring of Death issues that plagued the Xbox 360, the faulty hardware can’t help but to bring back bad memories for some. On the other side of the pond, Sony is having better luck with their hardware and have released a statement stating that less than 1% of their consoles are affected by problems and that the figure is “within the expected range for a new product introduction.”

Xbox One

The debate between Microsoft and Sony fans have never been greater than before, with the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The companies are headed in two opposite directions, with two distinct visions of how their consoles will be utilized within the living room.

While the breaking down of some Xbox One consoles are nowhere near positive for Xbox One fans and add some fuel to the fire for Sony fans, Microsoft’s sales of the Xbox One are going extremely well.

There is a bit of irony and humor to the fact that the one part failing within Microsoft’s console, the Blu-ray drive, is a technology heavily backed and developed by Sony.

Are you experiencing disc drive issues with your Xbox One or is all working well on your end?

Source: Arstechnica, Lead image courtesy of iFixit

Michael Archambault