Microsoft Research wants to take haptic feedback to the next level

Haptic feedback on handheld devices isn't exactly anything new but the folks at Microsoft Research Asia or more specifically, researcher Hong Tan, found that by adding in haptics to add tactile sensations to screens, users could benefit dramatically.

Tan essentially wants to create sensations that people can experience when interacting with their daily objects. Rather than just touching and looking at your devices, Tan would have you interacting with your devices in new ways and have them touching you back.

As she notes, studies have shown simple changes to everyday products such as adding a 'click' to Surface keyboard cover enabled users to not only type faster but more accurately. Check out the video above to get a better look but let us know in the comments, would you actually like your devices to have more feeling? Would you actually want to feel textures and resistance from your devices?

Source: Engadget

Chris Parsons